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  1. It's funny how Molly seems to find Jon so immature, while I've never seen him act nearly as immature as she did in that video and when she got called out. I remember Jon saying during one of their previous fights that if they're so similar, yet Molly doesn't like him, then it means she must not like herself. Or that was the gist of it anyway. I found it a bit presumptuous then, but now I think he actually has a point. Molly is very immature, but recoils whenever Jon shows any signs of immaturity, or even just youthfulness. It's quite fascinating. Jon might be a bit passive-aggressive (though w
  2. I can't stand Ryan. Maybe it's because I'm the kind who'd rather work as little as humanly possible to survive, but his type just grinds my gears. His whole identity seems to revolve around how much he works and how busy he is, and he definitely thinks it makes him a superior human, seeing as he can't stop bringing it up around jobless Jon. I get exhausted just hearing about his life with two full-time jobs, various hobbies and nights out with the boys. I wonder when's the last time he stopped to think about anything other than what to do next. I feel like getting a wife is just another item o
  3. Why do they insist on marrying every single AA woman on this show to a younger man who's nowhere ready to get married and/or is expecting something else entirely? It has never worked and it never will. If they can't find any black men who are marriage material, then they should stop trying instead of recruiting random young guys from dating apps. It's so unfair! Shawniece might be a bit much at times, but she's clearly serious about this whole marriage thing and wants to make it work. Jephte seems to have no idea what he signed up for and has already given up. There's taking things slow and th
  4. You can be adventurous even when married, but if you marry someone who's not into adventures anymore then it's a drag. Sounds like Arie prefers being comfy these days. Or so he says. Bekah should find someone who still has that lust for life.
  5. Not gonna lie, as someone who could never understand the appeal of Arie and found him kind of suspect, I feel pretty validated right now. The guy doesn't have a clue what he wants and can't be bothered to find out since he's too busy thinking with his little head. I'll be shocked if he's still with Lauren when all this airs.
  6. I do think they fell in love, they just weren't compatible in the long run which was obvious during the season already. He's a minimalist hippie who doesn't want to be tied down by material things and refused to even discuss the issue of kids, since apparently it was too early to think about such things despite the fact that he'd just married a woman who definitely wants them. Lily, on the other hand, sells luxury real estate, wants to live in a nice house and make as much money as possible and have kids within 5 years. Nothing wrong with either lifestyle, they just aren't compatible in any wa
  7. The site must be Raya of the "Jordan still has a Raya profile" controversy during JoJo's season. Poor Amanda desperately looking for another "celebrity" to date, so she can stay IG relevant. How dare they cockblock her?! Raven already had fake boobs during Nick's season. I think she said on Twitter that she got them at 21. I think they're too big for her frame. I find it a bit sad that Danielle got implants, especially since her chest is still barely there. I guess she just didn't want to be completely flat but not chesty either. Or maybe she's planning to go up a size once her skin
  8. Is it just me or did this episode feel about 7 hours long? This coming from someone who watches the Bachelor/ette every week. They could've shown the worthwhile bits in half an hour max. Not that they even need a decision show, since these decisions have no bearing on what happens in the future. They might as well just leave the couples alone after 8 weeks and then ask what's been happening 6 months later. There's no need to act like there's some imaginary deadline, when they can get a divorce any time. I would understand it more if they could get the marriage annulled after 6/8 weeks and not
  9. I thought Nick and Heather only really started communicating in February? That was months after the season had finished airing, so I doubt it affected her opinions on the aftershow. Or are we talking about this season's AfterBuzz? I read so many comments from Sonia's fans about Nick going on the show to diss her and it turned out he posted some emoji on their live chat or something, that's it. I don't know what Heather said about Sonia, but I doubt it was anything that bad. I only really watcher the Bachelor AfterBuzz, but many of the hosts have connections to the show and the contestants and
  10. He only retweeted that mean tweet after Sonia had been going on and on about him and Heather on her Twitter for like two days, and I'm talking dozens, if not hundreds of tweets. How much is he supposed to take before he can strike back? If I was him and my ex was slut-shaming the mother of my children and insinuating I cheated etc. I would be way meaner. When is she going to move on? She'd said she'll stop talking about Nick 395834589 times, but then he posts something she finds hypocritical or announces a pregnancy and suddenly she's talking about him 24/7 again to anyone who'll listen. How i
  11. Sheila doesn't seem to realise that there are only so many times you can make a man the villain in a fight you yourself started for no real reason, before they retrieve their balls and go find someone who appreciates them. She threw a couple of fits and instead of running for the hills, Nate groveled and apologised, so now she's taking him for granted and thinks she can train him by punishing him for every little thing he does wrong. That's not how it works though in real life. She may be feeling chipper now since he proved his love and loyalty, again, but he's worn out and starting to see jus
  12. I'm not even a native English speaker, yet it's clear to me that Eric is speaking a dialect and I have no problem understanding him. I also find it simply incorrect to compare a dialect to obvious grammatical mistakes like "Rachel and I's". The whole point of a dialect is that it has its own rules (unlike an accent), so saying it's still grammatically incorrect and a sign of poor education makes no sense, because if the standard written version of a language is the only acceptable one, then that means dialects shouldn't exist at all. And guess what? They do. And I for one am glad they do, beca
  13. I don't buy the editing excuse with Sheila. I think she's suffering from a massive victim complex and blaming editing and producers is par for the course. It can't possibly be her fault that she looks bad, it's the cameras/producers/editors/Nate who are to blame. *eyeroll* I don't even care what Nate said to her, he owned up to crossing a line and apologised, over and over. That's more than you can say for Sheila ever. I also don't believe he was throwing stuff around, probably just threw his bag on the bed forcefully or some clothes on the floor while getting changed. I doubt he was throwing
  14. Good for Nick! He clearly has his issues, I mean clearly, but at this point I prefer him massively to Sonia and it kind of tickles me that she's so butthurt. Not that that's anything new, since she's been whining and shading and acting like a victim for months and months now. I liked her on the show and wanted them to work out, but I honestly can't stand her anymore. She is such a mess. SO hypocritical, so attention seeking and so bitter. I can't even begin to compare her to anyone else. Last time I checked she was tweeting like 50 times a day, posting on IG every day and every few days I get
  15. I agree. If you don't want to argue on camera then the smartest thing to do would be to act civil until you get some privacy, not storm off and ignore your husband completely while a camera crew is following you. She's the one always picking fights as well, apart from the Donnay thing. It's pretty idiotic to start an argument on camera and then refuse to talk things through while the cameras are there. I'm sure talking things through won't make you look any worse than starting an argument in the first place and being super rude and condescending to your husband. I'm starting to really think sh
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