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The bolded part is not a complete sentence.  You would, what?



When writing prose it is permitted

For proper grammar to be omitted

What cruel critic has the heart

to grade cummings' and Walt Whitman's art?




R.I.P. Goblin King

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Mehh.. I don't see all the appeal there.  Would we even know who she was if she hadn't married Willy Wonka? 


Also, just the monthly PSA that I'm not Jason Momoa. The More You Know! 

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The last time Alan Rickman died, Jeremy Irons went fookin' crazy and stole all the money from the Federal Reserve...  I hope that doesn't happen again. 




He has bigger targets he can work now... how about stealing all the money from Wayne Manor?

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It's been Night for so long I'm worried Athena's just filling the liquor bottles with colored water until she can restock. 


I'll have a Green, please. 


Working for weeks without break really does a number on a girl!


Lots of booze at my bar. No history of prohibition in Canada.


*passes a Green over to Drogo*


*kicks bottle of rubbing alcohol under the bar*

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Reposting from Fbook:


I once heard a story that J.K. Rowling was on set during shooting for the first Harry Potter movie (at least 6-7 years before the final book), and she whispered something to Alan Rickman before his first scene with Daniel Radcliffe. I wonder if it was the big secret revealed in book 7. Regardless, what a fantastic actor and person. What should we do now that he's gone?

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Reposting from Fbook:


I once heard a story that J.K. Rowling was on set during shooting for the first Harry Potter movie (at least 6-7 years before the final book), and she whispered something to Alan Rickman before his first scene with Daniel Radcliffe. I wonder if it was the big secret revealed in book 7. Regardless, what a fantastic actor and person. What should we do now that he's gone?



Yes, Alan Rickman knew before anyone what would happen to Snape and his motivations. She did this so he could act all the movies with that knowledge and background.


Oh, Metatron!

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The Alan Rickman stuff is killing me. People are leaving flowers at Snape's office door at Disney World, someone left a lily (SOB) at the Potions door apparently too. But what's really killing me is Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes' posts. Kevin Smith's instagram has a couple and Mewes just links to the youtube video of Kevin telling the story of how (then) junkie Mewes memorized the entire Dogma script because he "didn't want to piss off that Rickman dude." I watched the first Harry Potter movie last night (which I had been lobbying my husband to do for weeks since I finished my first re-read of the series back right before Christmas) and will probably watch the rest of them this weekend, but for me Rickman will always be Hans Gruber and the Sheriff of Nottingham, because I'm an old. Also y'all should check out the movie Bottle Shock. It's so good! 

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Next mafia story is approved and I'm in the process of posting.

Guys, I sincerely apologize for the slow cadence on these, and appreciate so much your patience with me.

When I originally volunteered for this, I thought it would be fun, and I was right! What I was wrong about was the amount of work and creativity and outright mental energy that goes into writing and running one of these.  My hat is off to the mods who ran the games before me - y'all made it look easy!


Your first-time, last-time, only-time mod,

photo fox

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Day 5

The Final Answer

A cottage in Sussex Downs

Mary dropped her coffee cup back into its saucer with a clatter and jumped up from the patio table. “Oh, no,” she groaned.

Her friend Janine looked up, startled, from her newspaper. “Mary, what are you going on about?”

Mary pushed some papers toward her. “Someone sent me this. At first I thought it was just a blackmail note – don’t ask – but it’s not. It’s a first-letter-code.”

Janine looked uncomfortable. “Is my old boss after you again? Because if he is…”

“No.” Mary shook her head impatiently. “Well, maybe. But I don’t think that’s what this is about. Look here. Each note has one paragraph that doesn’t seem to fit the writer’s usual style. If you pull the first letter from each of the words in that paragraph and put them together, you get a word. P-I-G on this one. And here, H-O-G. It seems too coincidental. I have to call Sherlock and have him help me find the others.”

Snatching up her phone, Mary stepped down off the deck and wandered out into the orchard. She paused next to an abandoned beehive as her call went to voice mail. “Sherlock! It’s a code. I’ve found a code in Magnussen’s letters. I’m certain I’ve found a clue about a pig. I know it sounds crazy, but I think it’s a clue to who killed John and the rest. I’ll scan the other letters and send to you.”

Clicking off, Mary spread the first letter on top of the beehive and activated her phone’s scanning app. “My dear,” purred a voice behind her. “I really can’t allow you to send those.”

Mary turned toward the voice and sucked in a breath. She had never met Irene, but she’d seen her photo when poking through Sherlock’s flat. The beautiful woman had disguised herself as a gardener, but even that humble costume couldn’t hide her glamour, or the deadly little pistol in her hand. Mary narrowed her eyes. “It was you. You killed John and the others.”

Irene gave a throaty chuckle. “I can’t take all the credit. Had a bit of help. Jim Moriarty sends his love. Thank God for the consultant criminal. Didn’t even ask for anything. I think he just likes to cause trouble. Now that’s my kind of man.”

She fired the silenced weapon into Mary’s chest. “You’re done now,” she said softly, and walked away through the trees.

Mycroft’s car

Mycroft sighed deeply as he relaxed against the leather seats of his towncar. Anthea sat beside him, as always engrossed in her Blackberry. She looked up briefly. “Sir, shall we go?”

He nodded, gesturing to the driver, who gently pulled out into the street. Myroft stared pensively out the window at the passing street. “There’s an east wind coming, my dear. We’d better upgrade their surveillance status. Grade Three Active.”

“Whose status, sir?” inquired Anthea, pausing her typing.

“Sherlock Holmes, Mary Watson, and all their little playmates,” replied Mycroft. “I need to know what’s going on with them.”

She typed the information into her phone, and threw a glance at the driver. The locks on the doors depressed and the car accelerated rapidly. “Sir, what I’m about to do… I need you to know that it’s not what I wanted.”

Mycroft looked at her with resignation in his eyes, realizing instantly what was happening. “My dear, calm yourself. I’ve always realized it could come to this. Such an intelligent woman did not come to work as my assistant by chance. Any point in asking where I’m going?”

“None at all,” she squeezed out through her tightening throat. “I’m sorry, sir, but Magnussen knows. He knows who I am, what I am, or at least, what I have been.”

“And what are you?” replied Mycroft in fascination.

“It doesn’t matter now, none of it matters. But he’s threatening to expose my organization, and others will die. One of our men died already. All the chatter, all the traffic, concurs that I must do this. It is better for us both to die today rather than live with the consequences of my past.”

She typed a code into her phone, then waited in terror, staring at the briefcase at her feet.

Seconds later, the streets rocked with the blast.

The cellar of Jabez Wilson’s shop

Sally Donovan huffed in disgust at the spiderwebs clinging to her hair and clothing. “Sir? What are we doing here again?”

Lestrade mumbled a curse at his phone. “Billy Wiggins phoned, said we’re to meet him here. Something about Sherlock.”

She rolled her eyes, muttering under her breath. “Freak.”

He swiped at his phone again. “Molly, why aren’t you answering?”

“I can tell you that, Inspector,” said the man walking down the steps with Wiggins behind. “Miss ‘Ooper played a little game with me and lost.” He pulled out his weapon and pointed it at them. “Now you’re going to play it, too. Billy, tie ‘em up.”

Lestrade looked at Wiggins in disgust. “Why are you helping this maniac?”

“It’s the drugs, Inspector,” replied Billy morosely. “I was never free of ‘em. Not really. He gave me the good stuff, got me hooked again.”

He secured Lestrade and Donovan with plastic ties, then went to stand sniffling in the corner.

Jefferson Hope slid his gun into his pocket, then pulled out a bottle. “I don’t have time for my usual routine,” he said sadly. “My sponsor wants this done today. It’s got to be timed right.”

Greg and Sally struggled but could do nothing as he forced the pills down their throats.

Deep beneath the City and Suburban Bank

Sherlock paced back and forth as he waited for the hunched elderly gentleman to open the vault door. “Mr. Spring, it’s imperative that you hurry.”

The bank manager slowly tried another ancient key from the chain at his waist. “Nobody’s been down here in years. Who is the man you’re looking to find?”

“That’s your first mistake,” returned Sherlock impatiently. “James Moriarty isn’t a man at all – he’s a spider; a spider at the centre of a web – a criminal web with a thousand threads and he knows precisely how each and every single one of them dances.”

The locked snicked. “Aha! There you go, my boy.”

Sherlock pushed past the man, stepping quickly into the blackness beyond the door. He spun about as the door slammed shut behind him.

A light flicked on, and he found himself staring into the dark eyes of James Moriarty.

Jim stretched to his full height, pulled the gray wig from his head, and looked disdainfully down at the ill-fitting suit he wore. “Ugh. This should be burned.”

He smirked at Sherlock. “Ah. Here we are at last – you and me, Sherlock, and our problem – the final problem. Have you figured it out yet?”

Sherlock eyed him with the wariness one affords a hissing snake. “Mr. Spring. Richard Brook. Rich Brook in German in Richen Bach – the case that made my name.”

Jim nodded, smiling gleefully. “I’ve beaten you, and in the end it was easy. Now I’ve got to go back to playing with the ordinary people. And it turns out you’re ordinary just like all of them. I’m disappointed in you, ordinary Sherlock.”

“This tunnel, where does it go?” asked the detective, pacing away. "Who are you working for? Drug cartel? Terrorist network? Rogue government?”

Chuckling, Jim shook his head. “I knew you’d fall for it. That’s your weakness – you always want everything to be clever. Sometimes it’s just daylight robbery. Now, shall we finish the game?”

Sherlock stared at him. “You’re insane.”

“You’re just getting that now?” Jim laughed. “You don’t want to play? Okay, let me give you a little extra incentive. Your friends are all dead.”

“I know you killed John.”

“Not just John,” Jim whispered. “Everyone.”

“Mrs. Hudson?”

Jim smiled. “Everyone.”


Jim nodded. “I didn’t forget Molly this time, either. Or your brother. All gone. Right day to die.”

Sherlock stared at him in horror, seeing past the insanity to the truth in his eyes. “You’ll pay for this, I swear. No matter what I have to do.”

Shaking his head, Jim dismissed the threat. “Nah. You talk big, but you’re on the side of the angels.”

Sherlock’s voice became more ominous. “Oh, I may be on the side of the angels, but don’t think for one second that I am one of them.”

He pulled John’s service revolver from his coat pocket, leveling it at the Irishman.

Jim looked softly, almost lovingly, into his face. “I see. You’re not ordinary. No. You’re me. You’re me.”

He nodded at the gun. “Well, good luck with that.”

Stepping back, he hit a switch on the wall, cackling with glee as a huge steel plate fell from the ceiling, crushing Sherlock beneath its weight. “A little ‘fall’ even you can’t survive, Sherlock.”

He looked down at the blood on his clothing. “Well, I wanted to burn these anyway.” Whistling, he strolled off down the tunnel, texting his assistant to bring him a fresh suit.

Still on the Battlefield (in alphabetical order):

Lady Calypso - Bill Wiggins, Villain (Hero, Recruited)
You've been clean for awhile, but you're more susceptible than most to the machinations of Jefferson Hope. If he finds you at Night, he will recruit you to become a villain.
Oinky Boinky - Jefferson Hope, Villain and Recruiter
Each Night PM the name of one player to attempt to recruit them. If you find Bill Wiggins, you will turn him into a villain.
SilverStormm - James Moriarty, Supervillain
As the spider inside a vast criminal web, you have more influence than most villains. Each time you vote for a David Lynch, your vote will be counted double (cast as an anonymous final vote for any DL you are involved in). You are also a two-kill, as your first death will be revealed to be faked.
stacey - Charles Augustus Magnussen, Villain and Blackmailer
Each Night, PM the name of one player to "blackmail", and the person you want to force them to vote for during the following Day. But since you prefer to remain in the shadows while you force others to do your dirty work, you don't get to cast a vote yourself.
SVNBob - Irene Adler, Villain and Roleblocker
Each Night PM the name of a player to block them from performing their night action.

On a slab at St. Bart's:
egavasc – The Hound, Villain
Well, you're an animal. You're scary as hell, but you have no special abilities.
Machiabelly - Mike Stamford, Hero and Weak Doctor
Each Night PM the name of a player to protect. Since your role is Weak, if you target a villain with your protection, you will also die that Night, along with any hero the villains have successfully targeted.
CuriousParker - Philip Anderson, Hero
You used to be a good detective, but your penchant for conspiracy theories has discredited you and gotten you kicked off the force. Therefore you have no special abilities.
Lisin - Mrs. Hudson, Hero and Hider
Each Night PM the name of one player to hide behind that night. If you hide behind a hero, you will be untargetable for all other roles. However, that does not mean you are entirely safe: should the person you hide behind get killed, you will be killed as well. This is a Weak role and as such you will die if you try to hide behind a villain.
caprice - John Watson, Hero and Doctor
Each Night PM the name of a player to protect that player from a single kill made during that Night. You will not be told if your protection was successful. Protection from a single kill means that if multiple players try to kill someone, they will not be saved by your protection.
MarkHB - Molly Hooper, Hero and Coroner
Each Night PM the name of one dead player to learn the names of everyone who targeted that dead player since the beginning of the game. For instance, if Player A investigates Player B on Night 1, Player C protects Player B on Night 2, and Player F attempts to recruit Player B on Night 3; you will receive a result saying that players A, F, and C targeted Player B at some point.
Drogo - Mary Watson, Hero, Protector and Assassin
If John Watson is David Lynched, that kill will be blocked and you will automatically assassinate the person who cast the first vote. (Sent after the Night kill of John - Seeing your beloved husband killed by a sniper before your eyes was your worst nightmare come to life. You've been trying to be the good little suburban wife and nurse, but with John dead, there's nothing to stop you from returning to your old life... and your old ways. Out of loyalty to his memory, though, you'll only be using your skills for good, to try to exact vengeance on those who hurt him and to protect those he loved. You are still a HERO but now also a VIGILANTE, who can make 1 kill each Night. You still win when all threats to England have been eliminated and there is at least one hero alive (even if it isn't you).)
Hanged Man - Mycroft Holmes, Hero and Mason Pair with Anthea
You can communicate privately with your PA, Anthea (The Crazed Spruce), at any time.
The Crazed Spruce - Anthea, Hero and Mason Pair with Mycroft Holmes
You can communicate privately with your boss, Mycroft (Hanged Man), at any time.
TJtrack99 - DI Greg Lestrade, Hero and Cop
Each Night PM one name to find out if that player is Mafia or non-Mafia.
Jesse - Sally Donovan, Hero
You are a detective, and a good one, but when Sherlock is around you let your dislike of him get in the way. Therefore you have no special abilities.
aquarian1 - Sherlock Holmes, Hero and a Potential 3-Kill with Extra Detective Abilities
The first time someone attempts to kill you during the game, you'll fake your own death. The second time, if John Watson is alive, the strong connection you have will impel you to fight your way back from the brink of death. Each Night you will receive an additional clue to help you find the clue in the previous Day's story. (Sent when the villains tried to Night kill Drogo (Mary) on Night One - A special power has been activated because there has been an attempt on the life of fellow hero Mary Watson. You hold the power to either save her one time, or let her die and hold the power in reserve for a future one-time save of the player of your choosing.)

Thanks so much to Ms. Biz(Buzz) for all the help and advice!

Awards and such to come, but don't wait the next game for them. I can post them in the Night.

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Thanks for an interesting game PF & Biz and my first ever time as a villain I got to be Moriarty...AWESOME!! 


I salute the fallen heroes and join my fellow villains in a victory toast! WOOT!!!!



[Does victory dance]

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The game mods can attest that, as I lay dying, I thought that the egavasc vote was a setup.  She was not only powerless in the game, she didn't feel well at all in RL (I hope you're better, btw).  Bob was able to establish his phony credentials by turning her over with very little harm to the villains.


SilverStormm - James Moriarty, Supervillain



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FFS, just as I found and sent in a kill on our first Villain...?! 


And Bob, you're dead to me.  I had your back! 




We suspected your vigilante status which is why we blocked and Nightkilled you last night ;)


The game mods can attest that, as I lay dying, I thought that the egavasc vote was a setup.  She was not only powerless in the game, she didn't feel well at all in RL (I hope you're better, btw).  Bob was able to establish his phony credentials by turning her over with very little harm to the villains.


SilverStormm - James Moriarty, Supervillain





It's not what you know, it's what you can prove... also, thanks Drogo!! :p


Man I've been dead (and absent!) for a long time. But it was delightful to watch the villains crush y'all. That opening gambit didn't work how we intended but man was it useful!


Your sacrifice paid off and your death was not in vain comrade.

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MARK!   I was going to send a kill on Silver once I found out you were a hero... but then I figured she'd be protected that Night so I went with Oinky.  Unfortunately they used all their powers on me last Night.  Villains were all like "Drogo, through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER US." 


But Mark buddy, I really thought you were a Villain.  That was a hell of a clue I found. 



I better win the Villain MVP Award; I did a lot for you donkeys.  

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But Mark buddy, I really thought you were a Villain.  That was a hell of a clue I found. 


Yes!!!  I must offer public apologies to MarkHB for the most unfortunate and completely unintentional red herring OF ALL TIME.  When you sent me your clue, Drogo, you could have knocked me over with a feather!  lol


Mark did indeed see the truth as he lay dying, and he also realized something was "up" with stacey and her weird pattern of non-votes.


But the "I told you, but did you listen?" award will go to Hanged Man, who realized almost from the beginning that the egavasc DL was not what it seemed, and in fact he threw out the idea that SVNBob might be a villain... and was almost DLed that Day for his trouble.

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Open bar on the house for heroes and villains!

I do notice that when you are observing the game and not actually playing, it's easier to read people's clues about who they are.

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FFS, just as I found and sent in a kill on our first Villain...?!

And Bob, you're dead to me. I had your back!

I'd say I feel guilty...but that'd be a lie. It's all part of the game. Although I was surprised from the beginning that y'all actually believed in me. I started an unsupported and seemingly random DL on Day One! Why did you go with it?

Silverstormm and I will be posting the intro and start the sign-ups tomorrow.  I may or may not have had a slight panic attack when I found out PF's & Biz's mafia game was over.  Silver calmed me down and now I'm just excited!


I still can do a round of One Night Werewolf if you need more time. We can use the same sign-up list, except for me, naturally.

**Wonders how to spell Xena's battle cry**

According to an old Maxim interview, "The correct pronunciation of Xena's attack whoop, says Lucy, is "alalalalalala", though writers always spell it yiyiyiyiyiyi."
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Sorry I haven't been around as much - I've gotten out of the habit of checking in on this site as much as some of the others. I was even an investigator and tried to save my Markbro...to no avail. Sad times :(

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I started an unsupported and seemingly random DL on Day One! Why did you go with it?

I can only speak for myself, but I went with it Day 1 because we had nothing else.. and I like a little Day 1 moxie.

I didn't doubt it afterwards because I found out Magnussen was out there forcing Heroes to cast votes against Heroes within a certain time period - so I figured you were his first blackmail victim.

Definitely a great game played by the Villains. Well deserved.

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All I've got at this point is harebrained idea to just preemptively DL @SVNBob, because...well...because?


stacey, DL me?  What have I done that would warrant that?


I'm certain stacey was joking about a pre-emptive strike against you Bob,

a little callback to that time you f**ked us on Day 1 in the Sherlock game.



@Drogo speaks truth here, @SVNBob. Nothing more!

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