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S12.E10: By Accident or By Design

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Based on this week's challenge, Janelle should have gone home. Both of her tattoos were too dark and illegible. If they were basing their decision on a body of work, Alexa should have gone home because she's been "off"the past few weeks. 

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Janelle really dodged a bullet.

So now the judges are going to consider overall body of work?  Is that because all three at the bottom were the same level of bottomness?  I really wish they would explain their decision-making skills (or lack thereof).  Or maybe not.  It might make my head explode.

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5 hours ago, sunshine23 said:

If they were basing their decision on a body of work, Alexa should have gone home because she's been "off"the past few weeks. 

I think you will find it is the opposite, she has struggled most of the competition but has done well the past few weeks including getting a tattoo of the day 2 weeks ago.

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So is it the judges that are supposed to demonstrate these words of the day that don't seem to mean much? For instance, showing "adaptability" in judging arbitrarily with different rules depending on how even the teams are. Like the judges totally showed adaptability by switching up what they've allegedly been using for criteria.

I thought it was bad luck to have a horseshoe upside down in a tattoo. I thought Pon had done that intentionally to fuck someone over and would turn the horseshoe around when he tattooed it himself and yet...

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2 minutes ago, TVbitch said:

It might be best that Alexis went as the show seemed to be stripping her of any confidence she did have. 

Yeah, I just kept feeling bad for her every time they had any criticism because she seemed to keep getting more and more teary and broken down.

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Well it was obliviously another "girl goes home" week. Ever since they went up 6-4, and we can't be having that, we knew they'd get rid of two to even things up. So I knew it was between the two women. Personally I'd have gone with Janelle's too dark palate as worst tattoos but whatever Inkmaster. I'm so done with this season already.

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