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  1. I feel like there's an inherent advantage to whoever won the previous lip sync because she knows what's about to happen and is already mentally prepared, whereas the newly eliminated queen basically hears about the Game Within A Game (GWAG? is this acronym a word or did they miss a chance to make a pun?) and has to instantly be ready. That's a lot of emotional whiplash to navigate. I'm still not a Silky fan but I was entertained by this episode at least.
  2. I don't really understand why Ginger won but it's Ru's show, not mine. I, too, thought Kylie did a better job. However, the person I actually laughed at was Ra'Jah. I think it's because the weirdness felt more organic to me than one liners.
  3. You can glue down short facial hair with a glue stick basically like they do with eyebrows. I don't know that this is what she's doing, but that would be my best guess.
  4. I'm personally kind of glad she didn't win, in a way. If the first (and probably only, unfortunately) trans man on Drag Race won, there'd be an unspoken asterisk next to that win for a large percentage of cis people who think that for some bizarre reason, things are easier if you're trans because they believe people want to give things to you undeserved. I don't know if there are a lot of trans men doing drag with the kind of resume that Gottmik has, though, so I would be really surprised to see another get as far. Sometimes I entertain the idea of doing drag, but I'd have to shave off my bear
  5. They showed up in a video, being supportive on camera, but that doesn't necessarily translate to being actually supportive. One thing Gottmik said in reaction to the video was that they were using her chosen boy name, which led me to believe it's not something they usually do. Again, I could be projecting my own experience here, I know if I was on drag race and my parents sent me a video and were suddenly really cool about everything they aren't normally cool about and calling me their "son" and not their "daughter," I would be suspicious and would assume it was being done to make them look be
  6. I'm assuming the rupaul koozies (roozies?? brb, copyrighting) are being used to hide that they're not using a beverage who paid sponsor money. Bubly is probably a sponsor so they were allowed to show them in full. I noticed the "vodka" too and spent at least ten minutes unsuccessfully trying to figure out from the font on the can what brand of pre-mixed drinks they had. The bossy rossy/cops/whatever improv challenges seem really uneven, and I always feel like I'm on a different planet when the judges find some funny and others unfunny. The impromptu Maury skit was a funnier idea than any
  7. Lmao I haven't. I only stumbled into this scientific breakthrough because I was at the wiki looking up to see if someone was older than me and clicked on the "queens by zodiac sign" because I was curious and noticed the discrepancy.
  8. The UK hasn't done all that well in the contest for about twenty years, so I am not sure that the UK really gets Eurovision, either.
  9. Not really a conspiracy theory but something I think is super interesting when it comes to Kandy: RuPaul is a Scorpio. On the US drag race, there have been a total of 6 Scorpios cast, which is way below any other sign. There have been more closeted trans women cast on this show than Scorpios. Furthermore, on versions of the show where RuPaul has been a judge, no Scorpio has placed higher than sixth, and there has never been a Scorpio in the final three on any version of the show. This season, two Scorpios were cast: Kandy and Tina. HMM. Is Ru biased against other Scorpios?
  10. I know I personally would be suspicious af if I got a video where my parents were suddenly not stubbornly calling me my legal name (my chosen name is literally the nickname my mom used to call me pre-transition, which I did so she'd have an easier time, but she refuses to call me that now lmao) and being supportive, or at least pretending to be. I don't know Gottmik's relationship with her parents, but if they're not usually supportive and suddenly they are when cameras are rolling, she probably didn't know how to react on camera. Do you call them out for being fake or try to seem appreciative
  11. I've watched this preview a few times now to give it a chance and I'm not sure which part brings me less joy: all the tension in the beginning or the mini challenge theme. The first act almost makes me want to skip the premiere tomorrow night and just wait for amazon to add it to my season pass so I can fast forward through this stuff.
  12. Yes. Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman. I just didn't want to type out his whole name because I'm lazy, lol. He's one of the judges on Drag Race Canada and is also the guy from Snatch Game of Love and various other cameos.
  13. Something I forgot to mention, was anybody else thoroughly annoyed that JBC was wearing loafers in his Prince costume? I realize it was a party city level costume but at least wear something with a heel.
  14. I don't know who told Kandy that red and black are her colors but they were wrong. This episode was tedious to me. So far this season, we have already sat through a full episode of "Where are all the other queens? okay now lip sync! Haha, you're going home!" times six, then the same "make up your own lyrics to a rupaul B side and dance" episode twice, and now an episode with essentially the same dumb skit three times. I get that the joke is that hallmark movies are all the same plot, but it only works to make fun of them like that if you're not boring the viewers in exactly the same way.
  15. Not really an appropriate question to ask.
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