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S10.E07: Archer: 1999 -- Space Pirates

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We finally get a space heist and Ray is useless AGAIN. Well, he has an excuse, his Crisis Vest was on Deck Two. I'd like to think it's Archer's subconscious that's preventing everyone from going back to Earth.

"Stay here? with the liquor? Well, if you insist." Malory gets me, especially when she balked at the prospect of resorting to BEER.

Loved the Space Ocelots. I hope Archer names his baby Space Baboo because what's the point if he doesn't?!

"Why did we even bring him?" Seriously, Archer? SERIOUSLY?!

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"Benedict? Benedict who?"

Nice rebound from last week, even with the gang holding closer to their traditional roles than usual. Bright side: space ocelots! Apparently, the one on the uniforms' sleeve wasn't enough. A spit-ton of bright blue big kitties than can murder with force blasts. What's not to love? Also: subtitles! Well, when Krieger's gadgets actually work. Gotta love Cyril's failing, and Cheryl immediately trying to sell him out to save her ass.

1 hour ago, Galileo908 said:

We finally get a space heist and Ray is useless AGAIN.

'Tis better to contribute less than the bare minimum than to try really hard and fail so miserably. Cyril.

Remember . . . it's a death star. Lower case "d," lower case "s." Gotta love Archer looking directly into the "camera" while stating that.

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Once again it started on a melancholy note with Lana talking about leaving and returning to Earth and her real life and the comment about maybe it's time to hang all of this up and the return of the Crisis Vest and the space ocelots made me happy again. Weird all the talk about Lana and motherhood when AJ hasn't appeared in any of the coma dreams in any form. 

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I am enjoying spotting all the space references. Of course now I don't remember them all.

Firefly: Space Cowboys. Ray. The cargo hold full of ocelots (almost as good as black market beagles.)

Star Wars: trash chute/compactor

Firefly/Star Wars Rogue One/ETC: mainframe in the middle of a catwalk chasm

Every movie ever: knocking out the guards and stealing their uniforms

Having just rewatched alien/aliens, I'm waiting for Kreiger to get ripped in half and leak white goo everywhere. He did get ripped in half in the gladiator episode (Thor Ragnarok) but I thought that was a Threepio reference.

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I get the feeling this season and with the last couple of episodes especially, that were building towards Archer waking up in the season finale...I hope.

I liked this one better than last week. The Space Ocelots were adorable.

Cheryl continues to be the standout.

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I don't like Archer and Lana bickering *all* the time, so I liked them both going nuts over the space ocelots. 

Are they going to get the thirty million credits for blowing up the pirates? That's a big score. 

I did get the best laugh out of the cut from Ray asking "do you see a blinking green light?" 

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