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S25.E09: Chris Hemsworth, Gloria Estefan, David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Jonas Brothers.

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The guests on Graham’s sofa are: Thor star Chris Hemsworth, playing Agent H in the new Men in Black: International, music legend Gloria Estefan, talking about her musical On Your Feet, and Broadchurch and Doctor Who star David Tennant, and Welsh star Michael Sheen (The Queen, Underworld, Twilight), acting together in Good Omens. 

With music from Jonas Brothers, performing their current single Sucker.

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What a delightful sofa! Three extremely handsome, charming men. An Anglo/Austrophile's dream! Yum.

Chris Hemsworth's pants were a bit too tight—I kept expecting to hear them rip every time he moved. Heh.

Gloria Estefan's mother sounded like a handful. Twelve years of testing Gloria's husband? Yikes.

The second story deserved the flip. 

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4 hours ago, dubbel zout said:

Gloria Estefan's mother sounded like a handful. Twelve years of testing Gloria's husband? Yikes.

Yes, but the rapping in Spanish was fantastic. She'll "make you an offer you can't refuse." Ha!

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good couch. though i'm still uncomfortable with david tenants daughter's naked drawing of her father. do they walk around the house with no clothes on ? cause, yuk, and not a good thing to do in front of you daughter. 

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I don't think he actually does walk around naked in front of his child.  I think it's just one of those things that children draw that looks like one thing to the child and another to adults.  There are LOTS of pictures drawn by children (many of which have appeared on this show) that seem to show something weird or naked or scary, but it's just a young child with imagination and not the best drawing skills.  I would hate to have people think they are being "not good" with their kids because of a drawing offered for entertainment on a chat show.

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I don't even know why walking naked is supposed to be "bad" but seeing your parents naked happens. I also think it might be a situation where they're introducing her to the differences between boys and girls so she's incorporating them. Barring any other worrisome symptoms, it's funny.

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19 minutes ago, Bruinsfan said:

I was surprised to find out that Tennant has an older child from a previous relationship—never heard a peep about that when he was on Doctor Who.

Ty is not David's biological son, he is Georgia's (David's wife).  David adopted him after they got married.

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