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S24.E08: Nicole Kidman, Stephen Fry, Joe Lycett, Geraint Thomas, Take That

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Guests include Oscar winner Nicole Kidman, who stars in the new crime thriller Destroyer, Stephen Fry, who talks about his latest adaptation of Greek myths, Heroes, stand-up Joe Lycett, as well as Olympic, and Tour de France and world cycling champion Geraint Thomas.  With a musical performance from Take That.

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very good show. just my opinion, but i wish they didn't have musical guests and just kept talking on the couch. 99% of them i ff'd. nicole still looks like a doll (not in a good way) face but she is a good actress. stephen fry is very interesting and intellingent, joe lycett seems funny, even the cycling champ did well. graham has the best talk show. shame on the father of the groom for firing the then 14 year old woman in the big red chair for her mistake. no sense of humor. in my family we would have made a humorous announcement and told the poor girl all is ok. asshole.

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So how are we feeling about the fact that the show nowadays seems to consistently hold back one guest, and only brings him or her on in the second half? In the past (and with Emma Stone a few eps ago), this was supposedly because the guest couldn't arrive on time; there have also been occasions when the late-to-join guest is the Big Name who perhaps wants undivided attention. But now neither of those things have to be true about the second half guest; are they just picking people who they don't think will do well in a large group?

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