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Sarah D. Bunting

S15.E15: Comic Perversion

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Jonathan Silverman as a gross misogynist comic is kind of weird casting, though I guess any ACTUAL gross misogynistic comics wouldn't do it. And Daniel Tosh is probably mad the guy playing him is so old.

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"One of those rape-joke comics?"

I can't decide whether the depiction of a comic who makes pretty much *only* rape jokes or the depiction of a campus feminist organization was worse.

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I just have to throw out that this episode had the "most ridiculous line" of the season for me:

Nick: Just ignore him Liv, he's baiting you"

Finn: "Yeah...masturbating"

Ice-T is a national treasure.

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I didn't like this at all. I get that the show doesn't want to make someone who's schtick is very vile humour too sympathetic, but they laid it on pretty thick by making the comic a rapist himself. An opportunity was lost to make a bigger statement about free speech and that things aren't always what they seem- they could have made the comic a good, wholesome family man who just has a penchant for "bad" humour.

After 15 years, I would expect the show to do better than just a lazy strawman with this kind of issue.

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I didn't really care for the episode, because of several reasons.

1. what kind of college books a "rape comedian?"  yes, yes, free speech and all, but colleges usually have at least a little bit of standards.

2. Why start the episode off as "do performers bear any responsibility for their acts," and change it almost immediately to he's actually raping women himself.

3. The way it played out, it was obviously assault, but I think entrapment of rape is a pretty risky thing and a fine line.  If you know what I mean.  

4.  On the same vein, that girl was lucky she was able to fight him off.  She could have gotten raped again, for real.  

5. I never really understood how the swag bags equaled proof of rape.

6.  The other victim wanting to sue just puts the whole thing into question again, even though we had the clear-cut assault on the entrapper.

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