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S15.E08: Dame Julie Andrews, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Pharrell Williams

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In a rare appearance, Graham welcomes to his sofa the legendary Dame Julie Andrews. Plus Hollywood stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, talking about new movie 22 Jump Street; and iconic singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams, who chats and performs Marilyn Monroe.
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I enjoyed this one. Of course, anything with Julie Andrews is 100% better. She's always charming, kind, witty, funny, game for anything, gracious… Well, you get the point.


I had read that some British viewers felt Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum were too crass. I don't know. It didn't seem to bother Dame Andrews at all. She seemed to enjoy Jonah's running gag about their getting married. 


One problem I had with the show was Channing. He seemed self-conscious or maybe over-medicated. He was fine when Graham was talking to him, but when he was just sitting on the couch and listening to others, he looked unnatural when he laughed and just, like I said, ill at ease. It was weird.


I'm also not a fan of Pharrell interviews. 

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I don't think I've ever seen a Pharrell interview before; this one struck me as benign. I did like Graham trying to get some Madge dirt from him. Perhaps he's still a bit sore from how badly she performed on the sofa last year. And I imagine the stage manager and PAs were beside themselves when he beckoned all the girls to dance.


Dame Julie is the best. (She certainly was more patient with the Engaged to Jonah gag than I would've been. I'd've made some crack and used it as an opportunity to sit on Channing's lap!) I could listen to her tell stories all night. Too bad I'm not near any of the theatres she's booked into.

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I didn't find either of them especially crass, certainly not more so than I'd expect based on what were clearly pre-interview questions (ie I think every anecdote was exactly what they were expected to say).

I couldn't exactly tell whether Jonah was being serious that he didn't realize Dame Julie was married to Blake Edwards. His initial reaction seemed genuine, but I also found it odd how he kept going on and on about it; I thought it made him look like an idiot, or at the very least, poor at reading a room.

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Ah, Julie Andrews ... I'm really dating myself by admitting not only can I say it backwards, I can probably still sing every song from Mary Poppins (albeit not with the dulcet tones of my youth).  :-)


I thought she and Jonah Hill got along smashingly.  I doubt Julie Andrews is one to clutch her pearls at any bawdiness.

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I loved the running joke of Julie Andrews and Jonah Hill being engaged. 


I doubt Julie Andrews is one to clutch her pearls at any bawdiness.


I'd love to hear her and Florence Henderson (a.k.a. Mrs. Brady) in a swear-off. You know they'd both have a huge vocabulary. Hee.

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Thanks for the link. Here's one excerpt:

Tatum: [Laughs] I’ll tell you how surreal it was for me. I had a migraine that day. I was so sick I couldn’t even really move. It was the most out-of-body experience because I was so jacked up on medicine.


I thought he was kind of stiff and unnatural. In fact, looking back at my post I see that I wondered if he was over-medicated. Nailed it! 

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