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S06.E06: Smells Like Sweat and Fun

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I'm tired of the learning to dance or sing or sword fight comps.

Leanne and Mar are a couple right? Besides being teammates, I mean.

Don't hate any teams but the blond barrel racer has  a raging case of resting bitch face. I think her partner might be a little afraid of her. They are the ones who just met a few weeks or so before the show, right?

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I agree, this was the 4th? Dance challenge so far, and another next week it seems. TARCAN has been known for good but doable and fun tasks, but all these dance tasks are becoming monotonous. Hopefully next time will have more variety again. 


Then again, next week they are going to Winterpeg so a Ballet Dance challenge is a bit of a given there. 


Lots of product placements too, but I don't mind, the Dempsters part was surprisingly challenging when combined with fatigue. THe coffee task was interesting to some extent, but I'm glad more teams didn't do it. 


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I'm so sick of dance type challenges.  Watching multiple teams to the same routine over and over again is not enjoyable. What happened to the exciting tasks of years past?  I used to love TARCAN because the racers had to work for their wins.  Now they are dancing, making coffee, and packing bread.  I wouldn't have minded the bread task if it was done at the end of an exciting leg.  Someone has to pay the bills and if Dempsters wants to do that while helping out food banks, why not?  If only there had been some real challenges first!

I was glad to see the navy team go.  They were saved by a non-elimination and a TBC, so they deserved it.  Hopefully after the heat of the moment is over, they will realize that Adam and Courtney employed good strategy in a game rather than playing dirty.

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Attention [Annoying] Courtney: you're not fighting for last place, you're fighting to stay out of it. I think you only got a pass on the voguing because of how good Adam looked in his outfit.

Nice to see Sam & Paul again. I enjoy seeing former racers.

My love for the sibling teams continues...

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I'm enjoying the season so far.  As with the American Version, I cannot tell if me not caring about and not connecting with any of the teams makes the show any better or worse.  But that's just me, I'll still watch it.

In this episode, I became fascinated with the extremely specific pixelation of -some- brand names lit up in the bright lights of Toronto.  While other prominent advertisements in the field of view were left untouched.  Which ones get blurred out? Who chooses? All I could come up with that makes sense would be: pixelate something in direct competition to CTV (or CBS), or something the producers don't like.  There was a big sign for a beer(?), in which the brand name was blurred, but the catch-words were left untouched.  And there was an enormous "sign" for Reese's above the cars used for the "pack-it, drive-it" roadblock...  while it was not pixelated, it also was not featured prominently.  So while Reese's obviously paid for the huge promo at that location in the city, did they pay extra for CTV to leave it alone (but not enough to get lengthy direct shots of it)?  It's a rough world out there, and marketing/advertising seems to play pretty tough which makes me curious about what is in the rulebook.






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I believe the red logo on white background is for the clothing store Uniqlo, whose store is in the mall right at that entrance.

I am also impressed there's nary a shot of CityTv (a CTV competitor) whose studio is right behind Yonge Dundas square. You can see their Breakfast TV banner in the wide shot.

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Most likely they blurred signs of companies that are in direct competition with the show's name sponsors.  No other bread companies, only Dempster's, for instance. Nothing that would bring to mind any car company but the one providing their own cars. Given how companies are owned by bigger corporations owned by bigger corporations that do and sell all sorts of things, they probably have a whole list of brands from the get-go that have to be blurred out, but we only noticed it in a big way in the downtown Toronto scene because they chose to film some tasks "urban" instead of "historical" or "folk-cultural". 

The most egregious example of advertising-deletion that lingers on (bitterly) in my memory is a wonderful figure skating show I attended in person in the mid 90s. It had many stars, amongst them Kurt Browning, who did several amazing solos and also took part in the group finale.  On the TV broadcast of this show, all the other skaters had talking heads and at least one solo shown, but not only were Kurt's solos completely missing, but the group number had been filmed in such a way that you would never know he was there.  The TV broadcast was sponsored by Pepsi or whatever its parent corporation was at that time. Kurt (even though he wore no logos or any such thing during his show performances) was apparently so inseparably identified with Diet Coke at that time - this was all in Canada, btw - that he could not be shown at all in case his presence should generate some stray thoughts of not-Pepsi.  (Not just speculation, by the way - though my memory can be inconsistent at this distance of time, I am pretty sure that the advertising connection was confirmed quietly for indignant fan groups by Kurt's management).

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I'm a bit late to the party this week!  I enjoyed this episode, I always like it when the Race is in an area where I'm very familiar (in this case, my hometown of Toronto).  I got a kick out of watching the Racers navigate the TTC, which I do every single day.  I was actually surprised that they didn't struggle more especially with buying fares, but maybe that was edited out (or they were provided with Presto cards).  They certainly got a taste of how long it actually takes to get anywhere in this city, especially by car. I was surprised that they made them go from downtown, up to North York, and then back to the waterfront.  A LOT of travel time, especially in Toronto traffic. They really did look exhausted by the end.

My favourite racers continue to be both of the sibling teams, I just love that dynamic.  I get such a kick out of Martina, she's always so positive and upbeat.

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