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  1. Your first paragraph answers your question. They weren't happy being the boring filler.
  2. I left the stuff in my drawers when I moved. It seemed like extra work to move them from one container to another and back again.
  3. Well if the guy who dresses his cats and lives with his mom is desperate enough for a wife, it might work out for awhile with the woman who just wants him to buy her things and bring her to the US. The 32 year old with the 19 year old from Mexico - well he has the maturity of a teenager, so they match up. The woman with the 20 year old from Jamaica - every boyfriend she's ever had has cheated on her. I think she feels like that's what she deserves and is drawn to men who will cheat. Even if he doesn't cheat, he's creepy! The military guy and the rich beauty contestant / teacher / doctor - there's something that doesn't make sense about this whole story. The woman who had the baby with the guy from Samoa - I hope it works out since they have the baby already. Her family and friends need to support them, because if they are going to try to make it work with the baby, the family should not try to mess that up. Was there anyone else? If so, they were too boring and I forget them already!
  4. He gets rid of his furniture, but not old underwear. The 19 year old is more mature.
  5. He didn't buy her boobs until she got the visa, because he didn't want to be an idiot.....
  6. Yeah, this situation seems even sketchier than usual.
  7. Yeah, why even bring it up? He was hoping the ex would take pity of him. Glad she stood her ground.
  8. All day today, I was like, "I'm not getting caught up in another round of this show." Then two minutes before it started, my resolve fell apart and here I am again.
  9. Dear Americans: If you don't want your foreign fiance to think you are made of money, maybe spend enough time to get to know each other properly before you get engaged.
  10. She's 19, he's 19 maturity-wise. They are a great match!
  11. I understand your argument. I just don't agree with it.
  12. Jesse, if Darcey was cat fishing you, it doesn't say much for your intelligence that you kept returning, does it?
  13. Ricky - you are not a good person. The way you disregarded all the females in your life, including your daughter, is the exact opposite of what a good person would do. I think his continued demands for people to tell him he's a good person, despite all the crap he's pulled, is his conscience telling him he is a total jerk. Rachel was not backing down from Angela. Seeing this side of Rachel helps me understand how she is not concerned about Jon's past. They both have the "I'm going to put you in your place if you mess with me/ my family/ my friends" attitude. She may not have his arrest record, but I think she agrees with his approach to life. Tarek probably is one of the more reasonable people on this show. Yes, it is gross how he basically looked at photos, picked the hot woman, and decided he wanted that. However, he seems to be able to afford what he's planning and he seems to have made a compromise with Hazel that works for both of them (she will move to the US, but he will take her back there periodically to see her son). Because this is basically a business arrangement with Hazel, I don't see the concerns others do with his daughter. Will she love her as her own? Maybe not, but that's Tarek's and her mom's job. Being a reasonable caregiver for her, I can see Hazel performing that role. Angela is the most unreasonable person. She wants to control every aspect of Michael's life and do whatever she wants. No one embarrassed her on TV except for herself. As I said about Ricky, she is not a good person. Angela easily wins the most disgusting person on the show award from me. It's not even close.
  14. I have no idea, other than what the "lawyers" on this show say, but I got the impression that they had a better chance, even if it took longer. Apparently they can't even afford to apply, so I think it's going to take a long time, whatever process they choose.
  15. On a previous episode, she met with a lawyer and they decided that it was better to go through the spouse process rather than the K1 process. Plus, I think she just did it because she wanted to.
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