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S04.E13: Ink Master Live

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Artists & Judges come face to face as the final three reveal their massive tattoos and America votes to help determine the next Ink Master.



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sad that Sausage didn't win - Scott is pure asshat

next season sounds awful - I'd much prefer to see the show be less game and gimmick and more about the tattoos - I'd even be a fan of blind judging the tattoos with the inktestants hearing and seeing the critiques on a monitor though I am well aware that it won't ever happen :-(

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I missed what the big advantage was to whoever got the most online votes through the season.  Can someone enlighten me?

When they cut from three people to two, the public vote chose one of the people (Sausage) to go through. I think. But it's meaningless, because the judges picked the other, and it was Scott, who won. So the advantage was just getting to stand next to the winner


It's kind of like the judging throughout the season. If the judges pick a bottom two, what does it matter if the week's winner or the human canvas jury adds someone else? The judges already decided who was the worst, and they're not going to change their minds just because someone else is also there.

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What really bothered me was the fact that the two female master canvases had to show their asses and the male master canvas did not.

This whole show just bugs. I think I'm out. Only Mr. Yeldarbe likes it so I'll probably still be watching it next season.

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I really dislike Scott winning.  It was shown several times that he shredded up people's skin.  It was shown several times that he had poor customer skills.  It was shown several times that he disregarded what the canvas wanted and bullied them into what he wanted.


Actual artistic skill is only a part of the package.  I though Scott failed at some of the most important aspects of a true professional.


To me, he's a thug with good artistic sense.  That's it. 


I won't be bothering to watch next season. 

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While I still think he's technically a superior tatooer, I have to admit Sausage irrevocably made my shit list in the end.  While it's alright to be upset in a general way at being targeted, when someone is SO clueless about publicly labeling themselves "the good guy" (and incidentally also publicly boasting about their skill in such a heavy-handed way) then they lose me as a fan.  I know Sausage considers himself a man of god, but did someone drop "modesty" from the list of attributes people of faith are supposed to exhibit?  And yes, he DID whine.  Again, a few heated statements or a minor bit of resentment would be one thing, but when you carry that whining on to a Live Finale, it shows a monumental selfishness, a lack of grace and dignity, and blissful unawareness of the nuances of how it comes off to not be able to "man up" and shrug it off in the end.  You need to rise above it when given that opportunity to explain yourself, and Sausage not only didn't do that, he rehashed everything in a tone that showed no awareness at all of how childish he sounded.


Scott winning is no victory either.  It's true, it seems, he's a bit of a butcher.  I have far MORE of a problem with that than his gameplay (although that got tiresome, I blame the show and it's apparent values than Scott specifically, since they encourage this stuff).


Neither of those morons deserved to win.  Or at the very least Sausage did, for pure skill and consistency, but followed by a public shunning for being such a boastful, whining, un-self-aware toolshed.


Next season looks like they'll be taking EVERYTHING that's shit about this show and multiplying it by the number of pairs of contestants.   If this wasn't the worst competition reality show on the air before, it finally will be. 

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 Delurking with my verdict on this season's finale: the wrong guy won and the wrong guy lost. Scott may be a technically great artist, but based on what I've seen, he's a pretty shitty person and given much of the audience's reaction to his win, I'm not the only one who feels that way. Sausage may have been whiny sometimes, but Scott was a bully all the time. I know that the show is a competition, but the judges' blatant favoritism for Scott just rubbed me the wrong way, especially in the finale. As for Matty, while he's done some good tats, his allegiance with Scott cost him some big cool points with me and his finale tat sucked. It was supposed to explain the battle between good & evil, but I believe he should have put Satan in the background and given the angel a partially tarnished halo. As for Sausage's finale tat, while it was basically the same as Scott's but with less color, the difference was that Sausage's worked better with his canvas' body and even the judges agreed, which was why IMO Sausage should have won.


   Kyle's return was more bullshit. Having some issues with the judges is one thing; picking an actual fight with one is another. In last season's finale, Kyle claimed that he wanted to win for his kids, so he should have considered how fighting with a judge on TV would look to them. Chris Nunez may be a douchebag, but Kyle shouldn't have given him the satisfaction of being provoked by him. Chris May should have been voted back in instead of Kyle because not only was Chris' attitude was better, his snake/mongoose tat was way better. As for the so-called "Rivals" season, please. Given a choice, I would much rather see Halo return than Joshua Hibbard.

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Sausage was incredibly whiny.  I hate whiny.  I had a difficult time watching Scott tattoo because I just felt like he went way too hard on his canvases.  I think a lot of his line work ends up scarred and his color work ends up uneven.  I'd rather go with a lighter touch on my clients and have to make a second pass to pack in color than to hack my clients like Scott.

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