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  1. Maybe she's watching her carbs and wasn't sure until she got there if she was going to eat the bread, or just snack out of the jar.
  2. He may need to be careful that he gets the right one each time. While shopping last night, I checked out the Clorox section at each store, and it appears that Clorox is selling a few different formulas with similar front labels. On the back, one doesn't even promise anything but disinfecting, while at the other extreme, there's a prominent warning about how caustic it is.
  3. Channels running old shows change their lineup to keep things fresh. Something with a lot of seasons, like The Andy Griffith Show, will stay put better than The Monkees, which only has two.
  4. BTW, the FETV channel currently runs four episodes of their show on Saturday mornings.
  5. I suspect there's a "for what they're willing to pay" involved. Reality shows are supposed to be cheap to produce and this one has the costs of a yacht and BTS crew limiting what they can spend elsewhere. In peak charter season, getting a qualified chef willing to be on camera and quickly enough not to disrupt shooting would have been expensive.
  6. Isn't an ongoing aspect of this show humiliating the competitors? Squirting the HG's, no matter what you call the stuff, is in the same vein as the Three Stooges;, I prefer something less slapstick, like the BB comics. It looks like they forgot about their theme again. Pigeons hang out around cities and cliffsides. You don't see them while camping. They could have easily picked another bird (and adjective if necessary).
  7. She probably meant for the experience the guests received. How many times have we seen guests get jerked around because Sandy hasn't figured out how the weather works in that area, or decides that the boat needs to be moved? And some guests care that the food is not being prepared by a real chef. If you're dropping around $100K for a charter (tips are customarily 15-20%), you want the best.
  8. If, as Buddy said, he and Cherie go back five years, to 2012, where's this episode been for the last two years? Are they clearing off the shelves rather than shoot anything new? I thought we were done hearing from Nev's wife.
  9. It wasn't working for me. I even tried mixing up a wall-washing batch, something that used to turn an old t-shirt into brilliant white shreds, and nothing. To be fair, It's been a few years since I last tried it, but the company stopped running any ads touting it as a bleach; it's only been pushed as a disinfectant.
  10. Since Clorox bleach has become worthless for traditional uses, like laundry, they need to come up with other reasons for people to buy it.
  11. How is it a good thing for a customer to have to spend so much time with her insurance agent that she's introducing him to her family? The ads used to brag about how quick and easy things were because of that pricing tool they had.
  12. IIRC that gets yelled at Jamie, who's been in a few ads, usually as the butt of a joke.
  13. TBBT changed radically over the seasons, as the characters aged along with the actors, so it was easy for someone to lose interest (or pick some up).
  14. At least they got the kid to pick up what he left on the floor without having to yell at him.
  15. The whole black box plot was ridiculous. Black boxes are designed to be as easy to find as possible. The ones on airplanes are painted bright orange. No way should anyone have been able to claim it was some mundane piece of equipment, and they needed a better explanation of why the group was able to find it when searchers couldn't. There was a line or two near the end of a previous episode suggesting that the Professor had arranged to let the group get away with "stealing" a ship. They're overusing the trope of bad guys using unsuspecting good guys for their own purposes. This ser
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