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S06.E03: Sounds Like a Wild Boar

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6 hours ago, EllaDisco said:

The pie task was stupid.  Watching people eat pie until they get sick doesn't make me want any blueberry pie.

And it makes me not want to watch the Amazing Race. Blech.

Did all the Express Passes get used this episode? I know at least 2 did get used (one to skip the pie and one later by a team that would have been better off skipping the pie) but I wasn't sure if a second team used it against the pie as well.

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Admittedly, the pie task was a good way to burn through the Express passes given out the last round. I wonder if there was a slight miscommunication about the size of the pies and they ran with it anyway; because those were huge pies, especially to be trying to eat so early in a leg. Most of the teams ran with it at least, but 1 pie of that size for the two would probably have been enough. 

The fairy doors were cute and a neat little distraction to do while in a pie-coma. 

The race was there; neat to see the cars and probably a bit frustrating to have to keep them so slow, but not much of a shakeup there.

The knot tying, that was probably the real challenge of the leg. Had to laugh at the hubris of the horsewoman, who I think ultimately realized she was tying the wrong knot. (I think it was her wasn't it?) Those birds were gorgeous (but they weren't all falcons were they? Some looked more like owls, but I'm not really up on my bird types)

Speaking of gorgeous, the wooden bridge was a wonder too. Amazing that those structures were built, often in the middle of nowhere to bridge a deep valley, and they could support all the tonnes of a train. 

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I think it was just the two Express passes.  Yes, Melissa and Nancy should have used theirs sooner, but at least they decided to cut their losses on the next task and move on, instead of getting eliminated with an express pass in hand.  I did have to laugh when Mellisa said that she knew this knot and then proceeded to tie the wrong knot 20+ times.  That always happens though - someone brags they will ace some task and then they make a stupid mistake.

Maybe the pies should have been smaller and there wasn't time to re-make them, but they could have easily changed the task to sharing one pie.  I don't enjoy the "gross" eating tasks either, but if it's something that people eat in other parts of the world, that's not so bad.  Forcing people to over-eat in a hurry is not only gross, but unhealthy as well.  They have safety ropes for climbing tasks, but they don't seem concerned about unsafe eating tasks.

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I loathe eating challenges. The "gross" otherwise unusual ones are sometimes tolerable, but the overeating ones should just be abolished forever. At least this one wasn't in a place where significant numbers of locals didn't have enough to eat...

All three Express Passes were indeed used this leg. One team used theirs early in the pie challenge, another used theirs later in the pie challenge, and the third used theirs to skip the fairy door challenge.

Did have to laugh at the one who tied the wrong know at least 20 times. If it's a similar knot, I get making that mistake and trying it a few times, but when the judge tells you repeatedly that it's wrong (not too slow; wrong), it's time to reassess. I did notice that when she did get it, she got it in something like half the time allotted, rather than within a second like most of them, so I'm guessing that the knot she was thinking of was indeed very similar to the one required, and if she'd just paid a little closer attention to the details, she probably could have smoked that as fast as the firefighter did.

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The pie eating was ridiculous. I mean, I love pie and most food in general but I also have a tiny appetite, there's no way I'd be able to eat that entire pie in one sitting. And the worst part is that it was at the very beginning of the leg. Eating an entire pie would be bad enough at the end of the leg but to have to run around all day after eating that would be awful.  I thought for sure it was going to turn into that scene from Stand By Me.

I'm glad those guys got eliminated. They seemed nice but they were just sort of bumbling their way through the Race anyway.

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I was hoping Courtney's mistake on the Roadblock would have been the end for her and Adam but, alas, he had to be able to tie a knot. Grrr.

Were Joseph and Akash adept at anything? Except that one time they lucked into the first taxi at the airport?

I'm throwing my support behind the sibling teams - especially Taylor and Courtney, who seem like they're having the most fun [and, in typing this, I've realised there are two Courtneys - all the more reason for the annoying one to go].

I'm not a fan of the two Roadblocks/no Detour legs. Watching teams stress over the Detour choices/worry about what's happening at the other is part of the fun.

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