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S02.02 Signs are Small Measurable Things, but Interpretations are Illimitable

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I was expecting the grifters to be gone by the end of the second hour, but I was wrong.

I was disappointed Anne didn't do more digging, after insisting that she saw no gold in that soil sample.  

This episode was a bit better, showing a bit more of regular life.  It was nice to see Anne help that bullied boy out, but some of the dialogue on this show feels much too modern.  

I'm feeling a bit more sympathetic to Mrs. Barry now, what with Mr. Barry being such a gullible buffoon.  If he does lose money, that would explain why Diana never goes to finishing school.  Kudos to Minnie Mae for kicking Nate in the shins.  At least it was good to see more of the adults of Avonlea, though they are all still ridiculously gullible not to get a second opinion.

It was nice to see finally something from the books - the Haunted Wood.  But it wasn't worked in very organically.  

Likewise, the Gilbert subplot didn't fit in very well and its inclusion felt very clunky.  Gilbert seemed like a spoiled entitled kid going wherever his "spirit" moves him and feeling trapped in Avonlea.  

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Random thoughts :

Oh darn, that stupid grifters story is not over. 

I hate to see Marilla being flattered by some idiot half her age. It’s just ridiculous.

I find that the adults are potrayed as idiots. They should focus on the kids.

Gilbert seems to exist in a completly different show.

On the positive side, Jerry is adorable and Minnie May is badass.

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6 minutes ago, Future Cat Lady said:

I find that the adults are potrayed as idiots.

I don't see what about this is implausible.  Cons of this sort happen all the time in the real world -- think of all the people who fall for those phone scams.

I liked this episode.  Anne's story being mainly about spooking herself with her own storytelling was funny.

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I can relate to Marilla - I'm the practical type, not usually one to get all out of sorts over a man. But still, sometimes it is nice when someone makes you feel attractive. Just because you get older and more sensible doesn't make you completely immune.

Besides, these people live in a more simple time - a time before there are criminals trying to pull con-jobs on you every day over the phone and over email (and occasionally in person). Sorting through scams like these helps keep your bullshit meter finely tuned. They don't have this. I'm actually pleasantly surprised there were at least some townsfolk who questioned whether this is real. They were too easily convinced, but at least they didn't accept the con without question.

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I liked that Matthew and Marilla are sceptical about taking such a risk, despite actually living with the grifters.

If this show goes incredibly dark with Nate's bludgeoned body found in the lonely woods someday... I'll live with it. God, but it was satisfying to see Minnie May kick him in the shins. What an asshole.

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