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1 hour ago, heckkitty said:

So they fixed the Maddie’s pic showing up for both her & Madeline problem & replaces it work the a Madeline’s pic showing up for them both??  I swear it was the other way around a couple days ago ????

Seriously, how hard is it for the individuals loading photos/bios/info to the web to recognize that Maddie & Madeline are two different people? I think my cat could do a better job with the website.

22 minutes ago, SmpIsimon said:

I too think Kelli should be fired, but even if she's allowed to remain, they need to hire someone else to supervise the photo shoots and select the photos.  Kelli sucks at it.

I've been a defender of Kelli over the years, but at this point, they need to hire someone else to supervise the auditions/training camp and select the actual team. Kelli sucks at it. :-)

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