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  1. I'm still mourning Khalyn. If she had stayed one more year, I would have started a GoFundMe to skywrite "Khalyn for point" right over the Star during auditions.
  2. Maybe I'm just a cynic... I have a hard time believing that there were actual DMs sent to VK that were truly hate-filled. I know there were comments on her IG posts about her lack of dance skill and her poor treatment of Jinelle. Frankly, I see that as a consequence of choosing to be in the limelight (If you don't want to be viewed as an #$$hole, then don't act like an #$$hole on national television). But actual hate and bullying on social media? I'm skeptical. Feel free to reply to tell me how mean and unsympathetic I am; I'm ducking as the flames come hurling towards me!
  3. It's a pretty low standard if you're falling out of turns and still make SG, but I guess the standard is all relative (pun intended).
  4. "Hit & run" is the perfect way to describe that post. Going about my day and then, WHAMMO, I'm on the floor. I guess we all can now relate to how it feels to dance next to VK. Just going about the routine and then, WHAMMO, she takes you out.
  5. Agreed 100%. They can make it easy by starting their decision-making process with anyone who falls out of turns. There. Done. Decision made.
  6. Maybe talented dancers watched the show last year, caught wind of the so-called "beautiful storm," and figured they'd rather take their talents elsewhere. Awwww, that's okay. It's a free country and those other boards have every right to maintain their wrong opinion if that's what they want to believe.
  7. Too bad they didn't keep Gabby for another year. She added to the beauty of the team, even with weight warning.
  8. Agreed about different strokes for different folks. Everyone has their own perception of beauty. For me, I think Briana is the most beautiful girl on the team, overlooked far too often.
  9. No way! I thought that Victoria Kalina walked on water. If that isn't "great," then what is?
  10. I might have to start heating the tar, plucking the feathers, and digging out a pitchfork if Kat is in danger of being cut. If Kat doesn't make the team when Miss Can't-a-Turn gets on the team AND on SG, then it's really going to get ugly.
  11. I guess SG choreography will have to be turn-free for the next 5 years.
  12. Amen to that! I absolutely loved Gabby. She is beautiful, a strong dancer, and I am still not over her being cut. After seeing a certain candidate fall disastrously out of a basic turn in preliminaries (who we know was not only taken to finals and training camp, but then put on show group), nobody will ever convince me that Gabby should not have been taken into training camp.
  13. Thanks so much for your thoughtful answer to my question. I agree with you 100% about Amanda. I got the exact same impression. I also appreciate that you recognize Kat may not be "desperate to be famous" like Amanda, but that she would be wasting years if she stayed with DCC for a lengthy tenure.
  14. Yikes! Somebody has gained some weight. It's evident in her face, neck, shoulders, and what's hiding behind the tee, and even more obvious with the contrast of Slim behind her.
  15. Thanks for sharing. I saw that as incredible confidence and an "it" factor vibe, but I understand how it could also be perceived another way.