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Friendship Is the Best Medicine - "Alexa & Katie" Launches Globally on Netflix March 23, 2018


Alexa & Katie is a funny and heartwarming show about two best friends eagerly anticipating the start of their freshman year of high school. Despite the fact that Alexa (Paris Berelc - Mighty Med, Lab Rats: Elite Force) is undergoing cancer treatment, her outgoing personality and enthusiasm for life never falter, especially with her loyal, quirky, and awkwardly adorable best friend Katie (newcomer Isabel May) by her side. At times they're left feeling like outsiders, during a period when what seems to matter most is fitting in. Tiffani Thiessen (White Collar, Saved By The Bell) also stars as Lori, Alexa's determined and protective mother. Created by Heather Wordham (Hannah Montana, Reba) with comedy veteran Matthew Carlson (Malcolm In The Middle, Samantha Who?) serving as showrunner, the show's star is Alexa and Katie's friendship; whether it be at school, at home, or in the hospital, they are by each other's side through thick and thin, serving as role models for modern-day female friendships.

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I watched the whole season and mostly liked it, but I wish for once a parent on tv would not give in when their child wants a pet. Especially when the kid had just hidden another pet in the house even though he knew that it was making his neighbor sick.

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I enjoyed the first season.  One thing that I think the show needs to tone down is the mooch aspect of Katie's mom.  There is a fine line of funny mooch and then mean mooch. Stealing wifi - funny. Taking a sick man's lunch - not funny.  Eating snacks at the neighbours - funny.  Taking stuff home - not funny.

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So, I'm working my way through the season and I'm almost done. I think it's a cute show and there are things that work, while other things don't. For example, who agrees to let their fourteen year old kid cook a huge Thanksgiving dinner by themselves? I mean, feel free to have them cook a meal for the family on any other night, but not on Thanksgiving. That's too much pressure for any kid to go through, especially since turkeys take way longer to cook than Alexa put it in for. 

Also, I was a bit bugged by The Play, Part Two, followed by the Support Group episode. For the record, I liked the Support Group episode, but I feel like they made Katie look to be the bad one in both episodes. She had to apologize both times. I think the former episode, especially, that was on Alexa for almost ruining Katie's play all because she was jealous...but then they had Katie apologize for focusing on the play? Sure, she wasn't entirely nice to Alexa on the night of the play, but Alexa was the one who was out of line. 

Otherwise, I do like both girls and I think the entire series has been decent for a kids show. Though, yeah, Katie's mother? They have her mooching a little too much. 

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I was thrilled to see a kids show where the adults aren't all morons. I can't stand the shows my kid watches (looking at you LabRats, Mr. Young, MightyMed).  In general I love the show, it's sweet and the friendship shown between the girls is admirable. I was moved to tears when Katie shaved her head- that's a huge move for anyone, especially a very conforming incoming freshman.   Also, I'm Asian-American and LOVED the casting of an Asian-American male (rarely seen in mixed race couples on tv I feel) and how he isn't some super nerd.  He doesn't have an accent, has quirks, etc.  Also liking the age appropriate parent casting! I'm about the same age at TAT and have a 13 year old.  I could see her having a 15 or 16 year old- vs women who are often cast as the moms who are only 28. 

A few nitpics- 

I was surprised that the girls didn't just talk to the principal and tell the truth afterwards and try to remove the suspension. 

I felt very bad for Jennifer with the wig price and thought Alexa's parents should have offered to buy it as a thank you. 

I didn't like how Jennifer and the younger brother acted while watching the game.  I thought the whole thing was tacky, especially eating all the food.

Between the two, Alexa is a more self centered friend.  You can see it beyond the Play II episode.  She didn't care about her friend's scholastic record and tried to get them both expelled.  She was fine with ruining the play.  I don't think Katie was too bad- she just asked Alexa to help fix the lighting cues.

I was watching it alone and then my husband offered to watch- he saw The Play II and the Support Group and wasn't impressed.  I hate it when two dud episodes come and you have to tell the person that the show normally isn't that bad.

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Finished Season 2.  Liked the running gag about the hole in the table.

Seems that TBTB listened and toned down Katie's mom's mooching.  

Was surprised that Katie didn't hit up her dad for the $2K. Does he even pay child support?  Because the mom seems to be struggling alot. Would like to see her have finally finish schooling and and have her dream job so that they can get the storyline of the girls being financially inbalanced out of the way.  

Wonder if they will make a season 3.

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I don’t usually go shows like this but was intrigued by the cancer aspect. It grounds this show from being too cutesy and zaney which a lot of these teen shows tends to lean towards, in the extreme. 

The two female leads are fantastic. So much presence and charm and they have great chemistry together. I totally believe their level of devotion to one another. I hope the show has Alexa and Katie grow and mature that devotion and don’t turn it into something toxic. 

I like how the families have blended into one large group whom genuinely love one another. I like how the parents aren’t being portrayed as too stupid, I like the brother and how he’s vain and a little simple on the surface but he actually cares very deeply. His subtle reflections about his sisters cancer is very touching. 

Ive caught myself laughing at the gags which don’t normally happen. I like how things carry over from one episode to the next. Nothing is really forgotten. The hole stayed in the table for a few eps which I thought was hilarious. Heck I loved that it was pointed out at all. 

The one oopsie I caught: they repainted Alexa’s entire room blue but in the next episode the part of the wall that had “after this we’re getting pizza” was there with the old color as background. 

I honestly really enjoy this show and I hope there’s a season 3. 

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I watched the first eight episodes. 

Wouldn't Lucas be in serious (legal) trouble, if not expelled from his college for the TWO fires in his dorm room?? And the school is an hour away? So, he's commuting the two hours every day? He doesn't have a job, so, his parents are paying for the car and related expenses? This should have been fleshed out more, or they could have had Lucas at a local community college, so, he could figure things out. I know it's just a way to keep him on the show. 

TV never remembers the option of student loans. It's always "scholarship(s) or bust." Annoying. 

I don't blame Alexa at all for not wanting the binder and trying to put cancer in the rear view for good. I hope she can get the official all-clear when five years hits. I like that she's supporting Spencer during his treatment; I like seeing her on this side of the cancer equation. 

I'm glad that they made up; I would have been okay with them not dating and just being friends, but, that almost never happens on TV. 

One thing that bugged me was when Spencer was in the hospital with low immunity, and he didn't have a mask on. 

Is Katie's mom still in school? I guess not, since she got the job as a counselor. 

I don't think Jen and Jack mooching off of the Mendozas, with the anniversary wine, food, and dumping Jack on them because of a date is cute or funny. 

So, Lori can just quit her well-paying, corporate job because she suddenly hates it, and become an assistant for a party planner. Okay. And they can still afford all of their expenses, their lifestyle hasn't changed at all, they can afford Alexa's therapy (maybe it's covered under their insurance, but, it doesn't explain Katie's sessions/participation), and a dinner for their family, plus Spencer, Jen, Katie, and Jack. 

I like that they acknowledged the hole in the table again. lol

Jen and the handyman are cute together. 

Overall, I got a few genuine laughs out of it, and it was good. I like how the different phases of cancer weave in and out, and how Spencer's character brought a different dimension to it. Looking forward to the second half, and the girls' senior year. 

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I’m tired of Jen being a mooch. It’s not funny anymore. Still love the friendship between the girls. This is one of the few shows that don’t irritate me when the girls are watching because besides Jen, I like everyone else. 

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Part 4, Ep 1:

I knew that when Alexa's lunch was on the table that it would end up with Jen or Jack. 

Poor Jen having a horrible first day, though not believable. lol

Lucas: Google is your friend. 

I liked A & K trying to redo their first days, but, they would have been caught earlier. How many classes did they skip? Plus, the school would have called their parents once they were marked absent. But, I love their friendship. 

Ep 2:

I love Barry, the coffee shop owner. 

I liked seeing Lucas' cooking skills. 

I get Alexa on the "inspiration porn" crap that the Internet is full of. People make your struggle your whole identity, and it's annoying. 

Of course the party Lori does the catering for is cancelled, so, Jen and Jack get to eat the food. More mooching...

Okay, why would they invite Brian over when he's sick? Birthday or not, the germs, gross. Especially in these times. 

Ep 3: 

Of course A & K have to get involved after seeing that Yelp review on Joe, and of course, they were wrong. Them not knowing what a video store, VHS, or VCR were made me a little sad. lol

Lori and Dave at the dinner were so annoying. 

Ep 4:

I remember feeling that pressure of knowing what my major was going to be in college. Alexa wants to make it count, because of her cancer diagnosis. 

I will not miss the mooching by the Coopers. 

I actually liked seeing Jen getting a taste of her own medicine with the Mendozas being over. 

Nice twist of Katie auditioning for an acting program. My cousin originally majored in Theater Studies, but, stopped when she realized how competitive it was, and what it takes to make it. 

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Ep 5:

I love the plot of a SU2C fundraiser. 

Jen pretends to have a shellfish allergy to avoid buying it, and takes advantage of free food. Of course. 

I don't care about Katie liking Aiden, and the 'enemies to lovers' trope. 

Why is Alexa avoiding her speech...? "Talking to Spencer has helped," telling, and not showing...

Lucas' song for Alexa was sweet. 

It's okay that Alexa isn't ready for a speech like that, and I'm glad that she's not being pushed to do it. 

Okay, Aiden winning the laptop for Katie was nice. 

I figured Alexa would end up speaking. 

A pretty touching episode. 

Ep 6: 

I'm surprised Katie hoped to get into her top choice, an out-of-state school, UNC, and applied to NYU's acting program, that's surely even more expensive. She was fretting over the prices of things for a dorm, but, doesn't mind the extra costs of an OOS college? She would save money/loans by attending in-state. I believe the series takes place in Virginia, which would make sense that Dave might fly planes out of DC. 

I'm with Dave, smoked meat is awesome. But, he doesn't have to watch it the whole time. 

The bromance between Dave and Joe. lol

Awww, Jack will miss Katie when she goes away to college. 

Gosh, Spencer accidentally ruining the cake wasn't foreseen or predictable at all... /s

Stop picking at the damn brisket, slice it, and get plates! Sheesh!

Ep 7:

Katie got wait-listed for NYU...

I still don't care about Katie and Spencer. 

How did the parents not take prom pics of the kids? That was strange.

Why would they let Lucas ride in the limo with them? Why would he waste time going in the other direction from his gig? 

I like seeing Jen and Joe beating Lori and Dave. 

Spencer showed up to prom, surprise. 

Why would Katie decide to ruin their prom by telling Alexa about NYU then?? Stupid. Of course, they made up.

Ep 8: 

How is Lucas moving out? He's never had a job. 

Ooh...her doctor called...maybe he's just congratulating her on graduating high school. And, I was right. 

Katie will obviously end up going to NYU...

The plot of A & K purposely staying apart was dumb.

Not surprised Katie didn't tell Alexa about her almost-panic attack. 

Awww, what a sweet scene with Dave and A. Very well done. 

Good that A is embracing her cancer and the binder. 

Lucas got kicked out of his apartment...

Goodbyes are hard. 

Sweet montage. 

Okay, I knew the show took place in VA.

Awww, the reunion. 

Overall, a nice series. I liked how the cancer element set this show apart from other tween/Disney Channel/Nickelodeon-sequel shows. It made me laugh, so, I'm sure I'll revisit it.

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