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    Well, super late on this one - I watched the first couple of episodes when they aired, and then kind of forgot about it and it was way it was way down at the bottom of my DVR list. I burned through the final four episodes today, and wow. I didn’t know or had forgotten a lot of information. The siege started on my 24th birthday (and the series ended on my 49th, my how time flies) and I always felt like I’d paid close attention because of that weird link, but there was a lot that was new to me. At the time, I was a newly employed journalist (in a very small town very far away, I didn’t cover it or anything) and I guess I bought into the official government story without question, because I honestly wasn’t expecting this series to humanize the Branch Davidians to that extent, where I wasn’t always sure who I was sympathizing with. Just an awful outcome and the government agencies definitely don’t come out looking good. It’s scary to think that now, a quarter of a century later, this could probably still happen due to beaureaucratic egos and temperaments and hothead agents who prefer force over reason. (Not to mention religious zealots willing to die for their “cause.”) I am disappointed that the show don’t receive more Emmy noms - if only because this die-hard FNL fan would have loved to see both Taylor Kitsch and Jesse Plemons nominated (and in the same category, I think?).
  2. Irish Mermaid

    S02.E01: No Family Is Perfect

    Pretty much everyone’s delivery cracks me up, but “Our kitchen looks like the inside of a shark” had me on the FLOOR. Also loved the morgue guy saying all deadpan that “surprisingly” his clients are mostly men and Eric wanting to hear “less than that” about the handcuffs.
  3. Irish Mermaid

    S03.E11: Kimmy Googles the Internet!

    My mom is also 70, and I swear all her friends growing up were Linda, Barbara, and Bonnie (she's one of those three as well). She thinks more recently popular names like Emily, Emma, and Hannah are the old lady names. ? I'm in my late 40s and I can't recall ever meeting a Linda in my generation or younger.
  4. Irish Mermaid

    S12.E01: The Crimson King

    I hope this play on words was intentional because it's awesome, but if not, best typo ever!
  5. Irish Mermaid

    S01.E12: The Audit Couple

    I am a HUUUUUUGGGGE Matthew Perry fan girl, dating back to when he was Carol's boyfriend who died because of a drunk driving accident on a Very Special Episode of Growing Pains. I think I have watched every TV project he has ever done, and I have always thought he was pretty talented, so I'm baffled by what must be deliberate choices in how he plays Oscar. Because I love him so unconditionally (LOL) I actually find it really uncomfortable to watch at times, although I have stuck with it (mostly because Thomas Lennon is a FRICKIN' GEM) and it seems like he relaxed a little as the show went on, so hopefully he'll calm down even more next season.
  6. Irish Mermaid

    S03.E14: Dead Or Alive / S03.E15: The Reckoning

    As it was ending I said out loud (to nobody) "how very Dexter of them." Also, can't believe nobody has mentioned how much Special Agent Casey Novak's hair grew since last week ... just how much of a lag WAS there between shooting her scenes???
  7. Irish Mermaid

    S03.E03: I Can't Get Over You to Save My Life

    I've lost track of all the comments I wanted to quote or respond to. :) I think I have a different take/feeling about Luke than most. I don't think he's evil, abusive, or even manipulative ... I think he's flat out scared. He's wanted Rayna forever and now she's finally with him and says she's in love with him, and he wants to believe it but probably deep down knows she'll never love him as much as she loves Deacon. He's lying to himself, thinking that pressuring her into a quick marriage will somehow make it true that she really does love him most and it will all work out. He's wrong, but I think that's his motivation. I can't even really blame Rayna, because while I also love Deacon - and I honestly don't think she'll never really be happy with someone else - you can only be burned by someone so many times before you have to grow up and give up the "bad boy" that you adore but never feel safe trusting. Also, I am sick of how Maddie is acting. In my opinion, Deacon is not her "dad," he is her father. Those words have very different meanings in my world, and while I sympathize that Deacon never was given the chance to be that, he brought it on himself. As Rayna pointed out, how were they supposed to know that the 13th stint in rehab would be the one that took? Teddy has aleays been there being her dad, and I think the way she has kicked him to the curb for her shiny new daddy toy is appalling. She's 15, not 5. (I may have some personal baggage around this considering my bio father was an angry alcoholic for much of my growing up years, while my so-called "step" father was the most wonderful, amazing DAD anyone could ask for.)