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  1. CurlyATX

    Unpopular Opinions: The Cheese Stands Alone

    Did both Tori and Jennie's (ex) husbands cheat on them? I know Dean did but there seems to be hints that Peter F did as well.
  2. CurlyATX

    Seasons 4-7: The College Years

    This is a very fuzzy, but I think Kelly's dad bailed on moving back to LA to be with her. I think the check was earnest money for a house or apartment. What's surprising with the coke addiction is that Kelly saw how it ruined Jackie (and her) life. You'd think she would do something else. I don't even know if when Kelly rehab'd if anyone brought up the correlation of Jackie's addiction. NO.ONE looks like a college student. Dylan is wearing a vest and linen suit most days. I went to a CU btw, and almost every day, I wore a pair of jean or shorts and a Haynes beefy white T. One year I decided to buy some cute clothes from Contempo (I know!) and everyone grilled me if I was going on a date after class. The Indecent Proposal made no sense. I don't even know why Ginger and Val had that stupid scheme. It seemed that Ginger was jealous that Val was seeming to fit in.
  3. CurlyATX

    Unpopular Opinions: The Cheese Stands Alone

    From what I gathered, Jennie and Tiffani were very close after Jennie stopped being a bitch about it. Even Jennie's other show featured a character named Valeria in homage to TAT. I'm not sure what happened, but my guess is that it had to do with taking sides during Jennie and her ex hubs' divorce (I think TAT was on the same show). There is some clip from I think a drag show where Tori and Jennie are total bitches about TAT. I'm embarrassed that I know this readily, but had to look up how to do quadradic equations when helping my son with algebra.
  4. CurlyATX

    Unpopular Opinions: The Cheese Stands Alone

    There were very few real male-female friendships on the show. Andrea seemed to have the most- not sure because she had more life experience or because she was considered "sexless" so none of the men liked her? My UO is how the heck was every man or woman not in love with Valerie. That girl is gorgeous and light years ahead of Kelly or Donna.
  5. CurlyATX

    Seasons 4-7: The College Years

    I'd like to think there was some depth and underlying threads that the writers used regarding the relationship between Dylan and Kelly. However, I think it was more to add some soapy goodness and have a bit of a rivalry brewing (esp since minus Rique Brenda spend most of the time pining for Dylan). In my mind most of the issues between Dylan and Kelly came because Dylan didn't really respect her. He didn't think she was intelligent or thoughtful. He seemed very attracted to her and I think he loved that she came with zero family drama. For Kelly, Dylan was a wonderful prize that validated her desirability. She had a long-term crush on him, didn't really date anyone in the beginning of the show (after suffering through her bad-girl reputation), and then had a very humiliating break up with Jake on Melrose Place. Neither seemed very committed either, as they were quick to get their flirt on or even let the other assume they had cheated (like Dylan/Kelly in Paris during the summer, or Kelly with John Sears). The "what about my feelings" rant from Kelly regarding the proposal is very true to form. She's extremely selfish and self centered. Plus she was just 21 (even if she looked 28). I can see how a girl who is that young would want some type of separate conversation with her "great love" about how he's moved on, still will love her, hopes she's ok with this decision.
  6. CurlyATX

    Seasons 4-7: The College Years

    College season one had a few classes where they all were together (the women's studies class I think). It would have made more sense that everyone had a similar part time job (like the campus café or book store). I guess that is what the PPAD was supposed to be, until it became a showcase for musicians and Fox. The show had some potential areas like the radio station, newspaper, and sorority/frat to have mixing with other people. But it seemed limited to the special episodes only vs actually expanding the cast or making things more realistic. Is there a show that did the high school to college jump well? Maybe Veronica Mars but that was only one year of college.
  7. CurlyATX

    Season 10, episodes 13 to 27

    Thank you to all you smart LAW-yers out there. This was 10X more interesting than the episode. Granted the writers and cast didn't care anymore but I like the one running thread that whenever a Hillster (or Hillster adjacent) gets called out for acting incorrectly they immediately act like my 8 year old and start giving excuses of why THEY should be given some type of loophole. Client- you stole my money! Give it back Matt- it was for an engagement ring Client - (in Matt's world)- oh, well, then, just pay it back whenever you can. or Judge- please tell your clients you can't work for a month Matt- I'm a small practice, I'm not a big firm Judge (in Matt's world)- oh, well then, nevermind. That wouldn't be fair.
  8. CurlyATX

    Season 10, episodes 13 to 27

    Can someone explain the retainer portion to me? I've only dealt with it when I worked at a PR firm when a client was super slow to pay. In our case, they paid us $5000 and we billed against that and then when it was close to being done, we'd ask for more money. However, I heard on TV shows that an attorney is "on retainer". Does that mean that attorney is collecting a specific amount even if no work is done, just so he will be certain to jump at a moments' notice? I'm not CPA but wouldn't you need to use funds from your company for company expenses? If Matt had earned the $15K doesn't he pay himself a salary or use the money for company purchases? And if Gina just hands him a check for $15K and he deposits it into the bank account, will he need to show how the hell he got that money?
  9. CurlyATX

    S10.E12: Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly

    I love it when the actual attorneys (which I'm assuming you are) chime in about Matt! Here is what I don't get. Matt is basically broke. Buying at over the top engagement ring for Princess Kelly is basically setting them up for a lifestyle that he can't afford. And at that time, $15K is a LOT for a ring... Mr. Curly proposed in 2001 I think and he paid about $2000 for it.
  10. CurlyATX

    World Of Dance

    We haven't been watching this show since we didn't realize my husband hadn't cancelled our DirectTV subscription. My son is a young dancer (age 8) and even he said that the Crazy8 sob story "was fake". I wish they had said the dance was a story about how the girl got over her selective mutism. It just seemed so fake to have her say "Hi" just at the very end. I was happy and surprised at the ending for The Kings. I figured when Ne-Yo finally had feelings that it would impossible for anyone to compete after. All in all, great dancing. I wish we could have NO backstory- I don't need to know you've got anxiety, or don't speak, or just got married. JUST. DANCE.
  11. CurlyATX

    Melrose Place (1992)

    I forgot that the Kelly- Jake thing lasted for more than one episode. When she tells Dylan how she "really embarrassed herself with Jake" she wasn't kidding. Even back then, $1000 bail is crazy for someone who keeps telling you that he only wants to be friends. I know it was illegal, but that type of devotion really should have been meant for a teenage girl who was in a relationship with a grown-ass man. This humiliation does give some more depth as to why Kelly and Dylan both hooked up. I can see why Kelly felt vulnerable and having her crush validate her was probably more than she could stop.
  12. CurlyATX

    S10.E11: Sibling Revelry

    Am I crazy but this isn't Donna's secret to tell Gina, is it? It should be something that either Dr. Martin or Bobbie tell her. This is the crap honesty that people do to make themselves feel better. Wasn't it just a little while ago that Donna was calling Gina trash? The hood on the shrug is longer than the shrug. This reminds me of that cutoffs trend where the pockets are longer than the shorts itself.
  13. I really love season 2- especially when Imily Valentine comes in. We have a lot of "peak Dylan" where is a funny and charming- still faithful to Brenda. I do like some bits of the college years (namely David's drug problem, then Kelly's drug problem). I didn't mind as much the summer of deception but later when Brenda is reduced to pining for Dylan, I just feel so bad for her. I wish that Stuart wasn't such a dork.
  14. Just before LP's passing I was listening to some OLD podcast episodes when were in "Peak Dylan" (TM @Sarah D. Bunting, and shoutout my birthday twin). These were episodes like u4EA and when Emily tries to burn down the float. All good Dylan. Gina and Matt had great chemistry- especially when he tried to negotiate for her. I wish they had gotten together when they found out that Kelly and Dylan and hooked up. Melrose Place! YESSS!! But heaven help those first season episodes. I wasn't a fan of Rinna but I loved that redhead from "Just the Ten of Us" who joined around the same time (Lexi I think) and the girl who later played the mom on GG. @TeeVee329 The tuna salad line made me giggle... was that from ExtraHotGreat? I remember everything else about it.
  15. Even I forgot about those dorks. Do we ever see them again? Even at the birth of the baby? We never saw Joy at the non-wedding (but then again, Brenda couldn't be bothered to go). And on that note... can they ever just say what freaking country Dylan was in? Was he in France? England (my thoughts). It's always Europe... like that's a city or something.