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  1. I grew up in CA and have vivid y2K memories since I'm old. Heck, the law firm I worked at had a y2k practice group. We were basically ambulance chasers who scared board of directors to think that they will get sued if they don't do y2K "stuff". And I do remember partying on NYE and worrying a little that I'd be stuck without BART. And Arnold fever was not in 99 to this extent. It was when EVERYONE ran for Governor in 02. It became a total joke (poor Gray Davis). I had to cringe at this road trip- similar to the recent one in The Goldbergs. No one is this awful and expects the cousin to house 3 adults, 2 teens, and a kid in a dorm room. Though I will say that I grew up with a Tiger Dad and he only saw value in the Ivy's (we were too poor to apply) or whatever school a family friend's kid went to (so mostly UC Berkeley). I remember him thinking all other schools were "low class". Some of Jessica's arbitrary ranking of schools rings true. Maybe this would happen if they did a show about me, but I wish Eddie would just have a final breakdown with his mom's pushing... where he finally stopped caring since she would never be satisfied. He hinted at that in 8th grade and I think the younger boys have had something similar (where they became bad for an episode).
  2. I saw a very cool news piece of Eddie- it had to do with his restaurants and his family. I wonder if Louis' dad was really what the real Louis Huang was like (distant, disciplinarian). As for Constance- eh, I think she's fallen into that trope of playing a character too "one note" and yes, the success of the movie has changed her. Not sure if CRAII will be similar to the original book (which doesn't focus on Nick/Rachel that much). Something bugged me about this episode- then I remembered- didn't we already have a "Jessica learns that acting is ok" story line with the little boys and directing their play? I get it that she's a dragon mom but this is crazy.
  3. I had a slow day at work and went through a few of the topics... yes, lots of good reading. My parents came here in the early 70s as immigrants so much of my understanding of parenting in the 50s/60s is limited to stories from my MIL. But even my mom left me alone. On a side note- I had a very interesting discussion with a man (who's sort of a quasi step dad to a friend's 3 kids) about helicopter parenting. I was telling him that while I am not helicopter-y, I find myself constantly worried that someone ELSE is going to view me as neglectful and call CPS. Or, how if you co-parent with a divorced partner, the worry that something will happen "on your watch". It reminds me of a throwaway line from Sex and The City where Miranda tells Steve that they are just basically making sure their kid stays alive until it's the next person's turn to watch him (like a game of hot potato). My almost 9 year old and a friend wanted to scooter to our neighborhood school (4 blocks away) and my husband told me that I had to accompany them. It's 100 degrees now, so the answer was no.
  4. I wondered that too! Is Midge supposed to be a genius? I didn't understand how EVERY job could be done better by her. And as the beauty contest, I call total BS on this... she's very cute but to win 8 years in a row would cause a LOT of complaints from that group. In the beginning, she leaves the baby alone in the car with the luggage while they go to the cabin. Was this normal back then? (ie, he's safe in a car since he's strapped in?)
  5. I wish that Honey had said something like "Emery being in drama can give him an edge for college applications". That would have ended the fight. Jessica is just a downright bitch. I like it when Honey tells her off (like in that Stephen King episode). I loved the flashback to Eddie's talk (if you pretend you have a bad back, she'll do all the work). And the watering can and flowerpot. Speaking of which, where are Eddie's friends? I did appreciate how Evan took it upon himself to become a sex expert from the library. My mom handed me a book- there was no talk.
  6. My 8 year old son loves this show and I try my best not to ruin it for him... especially with the horrific timeline. Now, the kids are just 1-1-2 years apart? And, now they are just caricatures of themselves. This formula is getting so incredibly OLD... I wish they would try to be a little creative with Beverly's smothering. Final nitpick- was Star Tours even around in the 80's? I remember Captain EO but I thought ST was way later (we went in 2013 and I thought it was still on the newer side). Adam wearing the cloak would have to have been when Disney bought Star Wars, right?
  7. Good catch. It would only be Minnesota, right? My guess is that's a joke since he just lost to Regan.
  8. I think Bow is exactly a year older than me. I grew up in CA during this time and I had two classmates who were black dad/white mom. I only remember the biggest thing being that everything thought they were black and they'd always talk about being white too, and wearing a "kiss me I'm irish" pin. This brings up another in continuity. In an earlier episode (I think the one where she's mad Junior has a white girlfriend) there is a flashback where Bow doesn't know what to list herself as for a test (as what looks like her being in 3rd grade) and the teacher saying "you're black, baby." So Bow did go to school before the commune and had been struggling with this before. I also find it hard to believe that a school in CA did not have any kids who were mixed. Most friends of mine who identify as African-American also have various bloodlines.
  9. - I thought that Brian should have talked to his son about whether he felt ok about the reveal... especially Zach said something like he didn't want to look like he's benefitting from nepotism. - There was a line where Jennie says something to Tori about how she's got six kids, so it isn't like she isn't getting any. But then also says something like "if you are having a lot of sex, just stop". It was funny and well timed. -Even though I heard the AWT recap, I actually laughed at how annoyed the bar patrons were when The Gang sang.
  10. That had me laughing at work. I think the idea (not that I agree) is that the sexual orientation component is almost something that she can't control. This is the part that makes me upset. She should separate from this guy while exploring.
  11. I think that Gabby is trying to make her husband see that her exploration really has nothing to do with him and he isn't deficient (well, except for a few things). Just like someone else mentioned, it is exactly like Frankie and Gracie where because the cheating/dumping are for a men vs say, younger women, it's more like a deep need she can't ignore anymore. Not sure how less of a sting it is for Mr. Curly to go after a guy vs a younger woman. Both would suck. Speaking of which, Mr. Curly watched half the episode with me and LOVED it. He hates all teen shows but did go to school with Jennie. I think he liked seeing her play herself. Nate vs Brian. It is gender biased but I think there is a sense that when a family is having financial problems, all members (especially the man) should try and fix that. He didn't seem thrilled to watch the kids or work. Brian seems to have a relationship where his contribution is child rearing and the home. Is his wife on the same level of Beyoncé where everyone freaks out and would only want to ask questions about her?
  12. It was Teen... I remember having that subscription. The "Great Teen Model Search" and it was the first year they had a tie... a Tiffani and a Tiffany. I think TAT is exactly my age, which I thought was so cool and also made me feel like a dork in comparison. Again, this info is in my head but helping my son with his chemistry... I think that part of it is that someone like Tori isn't going to get a job at Trader Joe's like a normal person would. I don't know what I'd do if I saw Tori trying to ring up my Cookie Butter. I have friends who are normal people and they get botox and fillers. I never have thought of it, partly because I hate needles, am cheap and luckily have a baby face. But I think Jennie and Tori have had too much done. I don't get why Tori looks so puffy though. Maybe Jennie is too thin and that's affecting her? Hubs went to school with her- so they are exactly the same age. She looks older, IMO. My lower teeth have shifted too (they didn't use that permanent wire bracing like they do now). It's like each year they shift more. But I've got two kids who need braces so I feel like my window has passed. But if every time I posted on Instagram people made fun of me, I'd be upset.
  13. I think for most women in the industry, it's really hard to look young and have zero body fat. Jennie has had some work done which is too bad, since she was one of the best looking of the bunch. I wonder if the blonde for Tori is a Hollywood push- which is too bad. I find the less "bottle blonde" to be more attractive. However, motherhood isn't always kind and Tori has been aged by all those births. She needs to choose her haircolor very carefully (nothing too extreme)
  14. I am trying to savor it... only one episode at a time. So-hard. Luckily, there are enough graphic parts that I can't wait it during normal hours (since I have kids). I've been trying to avoid spoilers too.
  15. a few things that left me scratching my head/annoying hubs with my thoughts. 1. I get that the congressman was jonesing for a cigarette but given the fact that the he's already almost been attacked why would he bother to leave? Can you postmates that stuff? 2. Messing up the congressman would have some serious repercussions to the Hillbilly Twins. And it wouldn't give them their ultimate goal of the money. Why didn't they just extort him for cash instead? 3. I'm not liking Gabriel's vengeance squad at all. They are just too reckless with who they kill. Do they really think they should kill every suspect? 4. What level of movie star is Dick? Why would spring breakers care about him?
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