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  1. I don’t dislike it but I wanted to like it more. Just felt like they took too long to get to safin and then they don’t really do anything. Credit to Rami Malek who does the most with what he had but it felt like the potential there never gets achieved. Feels like there were a lot of things they wanted to hit but none of it really hits hard. It’s all just meh and then the end, while emotional, and Daniel Craig is great…but the tragedy of being poisoned against Madeline and Matilde is kind of irrelevant cause he’s going to die anyway. He couldn’t have gotten off that island anyway. So what
  2. I watched this recently from beginning to end and I couldn’t believe how differently I feel about the ending. Before I always, 100% felt that Dottie let go of the ball on purpose. I thought it was so obvious. On rewatch I was like, “oh my god, she didn’t, she got it knocked out of her”. And the movie actually lays it out clearly that Dottie wanted to win. She wanted to win that game. Kit just beat her. Changed the entire movie for me but not how much I still adore it.
  3. My kids and I just watched tonight and we were all BUZZING! This is easily in my top five and honestly it’s battling Black Panther for 1 and 2. Im so excited for this movie, it’s own series, and how it fits into the larger MCU universe. This is the first time in a while I’ve been this excited after a marvel movie. I could feel how much every single person involved cared about this movie. It was so apparent all through out. Disney does not deserve Simu Liu. He’s a gift to marvel and they should be kissing the ground he walks on.
  4. I didn’t follow much of the speculations but I did catch on to Solomon Goode being the one who stole the book and set a curse on the town right before Sarah did. someone else said it perfectly, just because it’s a little predictable doesn’t mean it’s not satisfying and when it’s written and portrayed well it still works really great. So many horror movies try to surprise the audience, it was nice to have a story just unfold with character we cared about. I liked how even in 1666 some things were always the same, like teens sneaking off and partying and drinking and taking s
  5. More and more Sophie is blossoming as the leader of this group and I am loving it. Brianna is such a wonderful addition and I wasn’t sure I would be open to her cause I love Hardison and the core group but I love how she’s is the newer viewers stand in. I also love that the writers aren’t *trying* to make us like her. Other shows would have her be vastly better then hardison and making him look dumb to prop her up, but she doesn’t need propping. She’s just as smart and her individual talents make her a stand out. Plus she makes mistakes and learns and the others love and appreciate h
  6. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a cast gel as well as the Leverage cast. Leverage is the show I still rave about when asked what my fav tv show ever was. It’s just such a damn joy to have new episodes. I love that they loved the show enough to come back. im assuming we are sans Nate cause of Hutton’s sexual harassment accusations from a few years back. I think the show did a good job of setting it straight that he’s gone and what happened to him. I completely believe and accept it. Nate punished himself for a long long time. It’s a tale as old as time. My feelings about his
  8. I…really enjoyed myself, lol. Look the FF franchise isn’t here to reinvent the wheel or being the next great American cinema and I love that they know exactly who they are and what they want to do. This franchise started with stealing blu ray DVD players and now they are in outer space, I mean what?!?!? And it works for me! I’ll always be in awe of a major block buster franchise that isn’t marvel, Star Wars, superhero or based off books. They just kept going at it and upping the ante every time and we are all in for the ride. I wasn’t bored for one second and that’s not something I
  9. My thought after the episode was over was: I can finally let japril go. I hadn’t really been able to. Been bitter and resentful all this time. Now I have closure. Not exactly the kind I wanted but the best I was gonna get given the circumstances. Sarah Drew was amazing! Just slipped right back in as April Kepner like she never left. This episode gave me so much of what I always wanted: real self reflection from Jackson. Jackson asking the big questions. Conversations between Jackson and April that showed they actually really knew each other. So much of their time was spent just not
  10. Sam and Bucky wanted the shield. They didn’t want it in the governments hands again. That’s what I took away as the meaning of the fight.
  11. This episode was much more emotional that I expected. After the fight between Sam, Bucky, and Walker...when Sam tried to clean the blood off the shield...I don’t know if it’s meant to be interpreted like this but I def keep thinking of Steve Rogers when I see that shield and that scene just all of a sudden made me sad. Sad for the friend that Sam lost. Anthony Mackie is doing some of his best work here. They kind of touch on this later in the yard between Sam and Bucky. The talk they had was amazing and long over due. I love that Sam is going back to his counselor roots with Bucky, cause
  12. Am i the only one who thought the Dora Milaje were going to kill Not Cap and Lamar? That’s why Sam and Bucky intervened...literally when they are about to deliver the death stroke!
  13. I was mildly spoiled for what John did and I was still left gaping watching it. I didn’t hate John walker (still not my captain America) but man he is such the anti Steve. He’s so agro about how he deals with people. Thinking he can walk up to Ayo, a warrior of the Dora Milaje, and pat her on the shoulder and say they can come to an aggrement like he’s settling a tab at a bar just shows how so unqualified he is at this. Being captain America is more than being a solider. To be fair to him I think he knows that, and he also knows he doesn’t have that in him hence why his go to us aggressi
  14. I’m beyond ecstatic but I’m very cautious about what this will be. So I was 100% shocked that not only did Sarah Drew agree to come back, but that Krista asked her back. But anyway, honestly the only reason April would appear is for something to do with Jackson. It would be beyond ridiculous otherwise. The only character left that she has any kind of bond with is Owen and Owens got enough drama going on to have anything to do with why April is around. So that leads me to think, what on earth are April and Jackson gonna do this episode? Is Jesse leaving regardless if there’s another
  15. I am loving “Falcon and The Winter Soldier”. It’s just as emotional and intricate as “WandaVision” but in a different way and I applaud marvel for being different then their usual fare. What I love so much about the MCU is there is so much equity built in, we don’t need flashbacks or even dialogue to wonder why Bucky and Sam are so devastated about Fake Cap. We’ve seen it for ourselves how much they loved Steve and what they went through for him and Vice versa. It’s all just right there and doesn’t need to be said. Bucky is incredibly self aware here. In ep 1 he tells the therapist
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