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  1. Just watched this a second time and I think I’m more accepting of woodys journey and end then I was the first time. I walked away the first time seeing this being really stuck on a toys “consciousness”...these are toys and I easily accepted a toys “purpose” and woodys dedication to it made since. In “Toy Story 3” (which I consider to be a more satisfactory ending) I loved how woodys loyalties kind of sepersted from his “kid” to Buzz, Jessie, and the rest. Considering that development it’s not a stretch to get to the events of “Toy Story 4” but that uneasiness really throws me existentially cause like, what the hell are these things if they are developing a since of self outside of their purpose? Woody is putting himself first! It’s still mind boggling to me, lol. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of is how dumbed down buzz was. The same toy that didn’t have to press his buttons to go after woody in toy story 2 couldn’t make a decision on his own all of a sudden? His entire make up is “hero”. The OG toys And Jessie being more background was sad but I get why. The last scene between all of them and woody broke my heart. While saying goodbye to Andy was sad in 3, I liked how woody and the gang chose each other, and saying goodbye to that was hard. Especially considering woody and buzz. That last line between the two of them always brings me to tears. I like the movie a lot but I still stand by it wasn’t needed.
  2. I wanted to throw something at him! Like dude, you copped to committing a crime and the person you taught to do the right thing did the right thing and fired your ass! i hurled a big FU at him when he went on about how bailey didn’t apologize to him. You’ve got to be kidding me!
  3. Saw it today and it held up to the quality standards the previous films held. I feel like Woody has been heading this direction all this time, so even if it was never the intent some 20 years ago, it all gelled really well. I loved that the gags were genuinely funny. I was laughing out loud at forky and I didn’t think I’d like that character at all. At first glance it felt too “Olaf” for me but I liked how he was important as a catalyst but wasn’t over used and didn’t keep the gag going too long. I legit cried the last 20 mins of it. It got so bad by the end I was making gurgling noises breathing in, you know what I’m talking about, lol. It was ugly! Lol. But damn, that last line between Buzz and Woody BROKE ME!!! I enjoyed this a lot and so did my kids.
  4. I get how what Jackson said to her would be taken as condescension but I really don’t think it was meant that way. Maggie’s CRUTCH for why she feels stunted, why she never developed emotionally, why she runs, is cause she’s never experienced things cause she was bullied/younger than her peers/a genius. She falls on this all the time. jackson discovered something he loved. He wants to share this new thing with her and maybe help her experience something new. But no, she doesn’t actually want to do anything outside her comfort zone. She wants to forever use it as why you should feel sorry for her and give her allowances for when she’s a shitty partner or when he constantly needs a third party to help steer her in her role as Jackson’s girlfriend. Last season I didn’t see why Jackson really fell for her and this season I don’t understand what Maggie sees in Jackson. Besides dick honestly. She claims he made her feel safe when her mother died but it’s such a retcon, he was there for her but made her feel safe? Whatever. That’s not what was shown. She always looks like Jackson is someone she has to put forth effort in and she would rather not but she feels she has to. I just don’t get it and Debbie Allen’s TV guide interview further proves how out of freaking touch this show is from its audience.
  5. Jackson didn’t deserve what Maggie spewed at him. All this finale showed me was Maggie isn’t equipped to be with anyone much less Jackson. Doing something he likes to do and you may not is not a sign he wants to change you or that he doesn’t like you. He wants to share something he loves with you, but she can’t handle thinking of someone else separate of her own wants. And camping isn’t a dealbreak. Saying you’re a privileged rich boy whose never experienced consequences should be though. I can’t believe she actually said that to someone whose been through what he has. she can’t even fathom what he’s been through and she wouldn’t have dealt with it with a fifth of the resilience that he did. Jackson just didn’t deserve that at all! And japril was the toxic one? Give me a break! For all their faults April’s always believed in him and took up for him. She did it to Richard and had to be the first of many to give Jackson a chance cause he’s worth it. Japrils issues were external. Jaggies issues have roots! She doesn’t respect him. She thinks very little of him and definitely think she’s better than him all around. This behavior isn’t new for Maggie at all but it’s been a while where her own entitlement and bratty behavior was this blatant. Everything rlse, Owen and teddy, blah. This ending for them was so sloppy and not put together well over the season. Owens been such a toxic individual but he’s magically cured. Teddy’s arrival and pregnancy have barely been told from her perspective. Amelia is bi-curious...okay then. Deluca is too much with the gestures. Mer did the right thing going there to confess, but the I love you too...meh. Bailey actually firing Webber, Meredith, and Alex was a truly surprising moment but it’s hard to feel like anything will really stick. But it’s nice for now that they aren’t being bailed out. Save that for the premiere, lol.
  6. This post brings up an interesting dynamic between certain age groups of fans and this show. It’s gone on so long but refused to grow up with the fans that have watched from the beginning. Because there are a lot of viewers who loved what Deluca did and have all kind of heart emojis to express themselves (nothing against emojis, love them myself), and it makes me question the age groups of fans and the similarities and differences in what we are enjoying from greys anatomy.
  7. You’re not the only one. It’s bugged me from her PP days and got worse on greys.
  8. Let’s keep things in context though, back then Alex was horrible. He tries to shame her for being a lingerie model and he cheats on her with a nurse on top of the time he was verbally an ass to her. Alex grew but it’s not like he didn’t deserve some of the treatment he got back then.
  9. The question isn’t he about if Meredith will get in trouble, it’s “who will fall on their sword for Meredith this time?”
  10. Who will Owen give his rose to? #teamamelia or #teamteddy tune in next week for the exciting conclusion!
  11. This would be really interesting especially since we know of how Alex feels about women hitting men and he seems the type to just take it and not tell anyone. This may skew a little more grey than Krista wants to go in terms of survivors of domestic abuse but this would be an interesting way to go with jo and something not only grey’s has ever done, but something you don’t see on network television often.
  12. I feel like Sarah Drew was immensely under appreciated by krista and grey’s anatomy. People who didn’t even like april felt for april during her spiral last season, and I think it was for a few reasons: 1. We had a firm grasp on who april was so when she was acting so very out of character, when she broke down in the supply closet and just cried out of despair, we felt that! 2. A loss of faith is something that is a little more tangible to grasp even if you don’t have faith. The notion of losing something that was the core of who you were, people can get that. 3. Camilla is fine but Sarah Drew is a better actress imo, and has a way of conveying her feelings on her face and exuding outward what her character is feeling. 4. April was alone in part by choice cause she was pushing the one person who tried away and by circumstance cause no one was “oh man, april is looking bad, let’s notice and try to help” like they are doing for Jo. Jo has already had triple the amount of people trying to help and notice her plight than April so we the audience end up feeling exasperated (at least I do). I cant imagine the mind f*** jo experienced learning what she learned. What I’m having a hard time with is the, pardon my terminology I can’t think of a better one, the psycho look in her eyes. It felt like at any moment she was gonna get physical with someone, and she tends to look mad more than anything else. I think that’s where some disconnect comes in. Finally, I do think this is Krista thinking she can get the same result as April’s arc with an actor and a character she actually likes. The arrogance in that notion irritates me to no end.
  13. Yes. With the addition of actually making multiple people notice and give a crap.
  14. There’s some weird vibes from the situation between Ramirez and grey’s. Honestly what would they even do with her in this iteration of grey’s? Callie is such an iconic character for the show she would immediately take up a lot of space, it’s a lot like when Addison would make visits.
  15. I’m beyond done with the oedipus vibe between Catherine/Debbie Allen and jackson/Jesse Williams. The penis joke thing to embarrass Jackson was funny in season 8. Exclaiming “my baby bought me a penis!” Is just bordering on gross. Stop it! Meredith and jackson are NOW somehow exchanging dialogue (cause it did not feel like a natural convo) about how Richard is their father more than their own fathers? Meredith, we’ve known this for years. Jackson? You're screwing his biological daughter. Stop it! No Megan, Owen and teddy shouldn’t be a thing. They shouldn’t be coparenting. Owen can def benefit from therapy but they better not try and link his crap behavior to his PTSD. Also a grown woman shouldn’t be saying “dum dum” if you’re not talking about the candy. I wish this show actually cultivated friendships. Heck I wish they hired better actors. The actor who plays Link just has such a fake delivery. Like he’s saying things as if he rehearsed. It’s weird and distracting. Plus we are 20 episodes in and NOW we are giving context to their friendship. Be better krista! Jo is getting a similar downward spiral arc that April got last year except this time people will actually give a damn and be proactive. What a concept! I dont have too much comment on jo’s actual spiral cause I couldn’t imagine learning what she learned. If anyone needs to be in therapy it’s her.
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