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  1. And then there’s an article circulating where a woman who was CEO of a small business of 13 employees shut down her business cause her husband, who is unemployed, couldn’t handle the child rearing of their three year old. I wish that storyline was out of pocket but it was more true to life then we knew
  2. I read the book for the first time recently and just finished watching the movie. This is the only adaptation I’ve ever watched so my opinion may be skewed. I read some of the criticism of the film prior and kept that in the back of my mind. I do think if you haven’t read the book or seen the previous versions you *might* be lost in terms of the back and forth in time but honestly I think it’s relatively easy to catch on at least half way through the film. Florence Pugh really shined here imo. I think while having a younger child actress play amy would have been one way to go I thought Pugh was a believable 12 year old Amy March. She really captures the immaturity and brattiness of young Amy which makes the more refined adult Amy feel like a lot of growth has happened. I also buy more into Amy/Laurie in the movie then I do in the book. Although I wasn't a fan of how Jo was really going to be with Laurie out of fear of loneliness. In the book it came across as desperation that she quelled just as quickly as the urge came on. One thing the movie did that the book didn’t was make me feel Beths loss. The book infantiles and sanctifies her to the point that when she died, while I was sad, I just couldn’t feel very much about. And then when she’s gone she doesn’t get brought up much. Greta Gerwig made me feel the loss of Beth and how her loss does take something away from the rest. I also loved and thought this was a really good choice, to cut the Beth recovering from Scarlett fever and her death back and forth and make both moments an emotional peak in the movie. Worked really well imo. I cried so much about Beths death. overall I really enjoyed this movie. I liked the liberties it took, and the ones I may not have “liked”, i at least understood. I liked the ambiguous ending. From what I’ve read, I feel like this is prob more in line with what Alcott always wanted. Ill admit that in the book I wasn’t a fan of jo and the professor at all and I felt jo not ending up a writer cheapened the character. The movie ending with Jo clutching her novel just feels right. Even if I did like the professor and the possibility of him and jo ending up together.
  3. Finally watched this for the first time. I remember when the first one came out, I remember the bad boys 2. I remember the good word of mouth Bad Boys for Life was getting and how it was a surprise hit! Still didn’t expect much... But Dayum! This movie was hella entertaining!!! I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. It was funny without being too corny, the action was top notch, I appreciated when the directors knew a shot would just look super cool! (I’m talking about when mike and Marcus were on that motorcycle and mike whips his gun behind him In slow motion, it should have been cringey but honestly it really was just an awesomely cool shot!) They also had the mind set that this was prob gonna be the last one, so they really raised the stakes and I was pretty blown away by the risks and twists they not only pulled, but pulled off! When mike gets shot I literally went big eyed even though I knew he wasn’t going to die. Oh, and it really deserved it’s R rating, multiple times I said “oh shit!” When it came to the violence. I thought I was more desensitized then this, but apparently not lol. The AMNO squad should not have worked but they did! I liked them! Little police puppies who have things to learn but are very much capable of their job and super bad ass about it. There’s a throw away moment when they come to the abandoned house in Mexico and meet mike and Marcus, and as M&M shut the door they have this exchange: marcus: I feel better when they’re here mike: yeah I know, me too like damn that really hit me! It was sweet, showed growth! Maybe low expectations really paid off cause I wasn’t disappointed at all with this movie!
  4. My stance is heigl burned the bridge between her and Shonda. But so much time has passed and heigl has publicly been remorseful of how she behaved but Shonda and co are still being petty as hell when it comes to heigl and izzie. It’s like we can’t take into account personal growth over a decade.
  5. Also, I can’t get over him telling her: “you made me a better husband for izzie”... like it kind of sounds nice but honestly it’s horrible. that’s my biggest gripe. I can accept the izzie ending. I’m not even mad. But he ghosted his wife, cheated on her, then broke up with her and divorced her in a letter right AFTER she just got out of a mental hospital, gave him an “out”, and he remarried her ass. He was too cowardly to face her and didn’t respect her enough to do so. the nostalgia this episode was cranked up to dull that fact.
  6. The radio silence could be them learning from the Sarah/JCap fiasco...although at the time it was krista and Ellen being too much about the whole thing and not anticipating that people would be angry as hell. radio silence leads to speculation but if they don’t feed the fire it doesn’t get out of control.
  7. I didn’t care for the differences the movie made from the book, but when I realized the book was a sequel to Stephen Kings “the shining” and the movie was the sequel to stanly Kubricks “the shinging” I was able to accept it better and come to peace with it. That said I did like the movie a lot. McGregor was an excellent Dan, in fact everyone they got to play the key roles were perfect. The part with the baseball boy was tough to watch but fit the movie well, it created the stakes and made no qualms about how horrendous these beings were. The woman they got to play Wendy looks freakishly like Shelly Duvall and I didn’t even realize it was Henry Thomas as Jack till I looked it up, crazy resemblences.
  8. Didn’t amelia want a FWB relationship with link before baby? Wasn’t she literally about to proposition carina when carina mentioned her being pregnant? It’s not like either of them were entertaining serious thoughts of the other before she was pregnant and then they tried to build something when she was pregnant. Amelia has all the power and she’s abusing it imo. She’s holding valuable information hostage till she gets the response she wants and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But Amelia has always been like this, she’s always been incredibly selfish when it comes to the men in her life and while before it was blamed on her tumor, there’s nothing to hide behind here. Not everything is a fairytale And sometimes you have to deal with the choices in front of you.
  9. I feel like this really could have benefitted from an extra 30 minutes. But overall it has everything I liked from the first movie. Although I wish Jordan Fishers, John Ambrose could stick around for the third movie cause he was every bit as charming as I imagined John Ambrose to be. These movies are sold by the chemistry of Lara Jean and Peter but it rests on the shoulders on Lana Condor who is a damn revelation imo. It would be so easy to play Lara Jean as a type of “manic pixie dream girl” but Lana reflects all the introspection across her face.
  10. I just didn’t want “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” to win. It’s a good movie and I enjoyed it but imo it’s very overrated. I thought it would just cause of the nostalgia factor. “Parasite” I love because it’s a movie with a point to it, everything that happens and everything said has a point to it and it’s point was poignant and thought provoking. I wanted it to win cause I felt there was a lot of care and thought went into it as opposed to a lot of wanking off to its own greatness or just a rehashing of a genre. The Oscars are still too white and male but this win means something amazing! I’m so happy for all involved.
  11. I’m happy for “Parasite” but now I fear it’s definitely not winning Beat Picture...just anything but “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” please!
  12. Thank you! I just don’t get it! She’s so talented and I like her a lot but for this role I just don’t think it’s Oscar award worthy 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. I’m sorry something happened big time cause the silence is deafening. Ellen has power here and some responsibility. You want to be the highest paid female actress on tv? You want to be the only one on the poster? You want to be celebrated? You want to be a producer? You don’t get to throw your hands up and claim “it’s above my pay grade”, if she could retweet an article with two sentences, she could put out a statement. That goes for her, Krista Vernoff, Debbie Allen, AND Shonda Rhimes!
  14. I don’t know if the writer intended this but the article insinuates the environment at grey’s partially led Justin chambers to the situstion he’s in now
  15. Yeah I didn’t think she has anything about what’s happening now...but she at least thinks she knows something and she’s been a little shady towards greys for some years now.
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