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  1. My thought after the episode was over was: I can finally let japril go. I hadn’t really been able to. Been bitter and resentful all this time. Now I have closure. Not exactly the kind I wanted but the best I was gonna get given the circumstances. Sarah Drew was amazing! Just slipped right back in as April Kepner like she never left. This episode gave me so much of what I always wanted: real self reflection from Jackson. Jackson asking the big questions. Conversations between Jackson and April that showed they actually really knew each other. So much of their time was spent just not
  2. Sam and Bucky wanted the shield. They didn’t want it in the governments hands again. That’s what I took away as the meaning of the fight.
  3. This episode was much more emotional that I expected. After the fight between Sam, Bucky, and Walker...when Sam tried to clean the blood off the shield...I don’t know if it’s meant to be interpreted like this but I def keep thinking of Steve Rogers when I see that shield and that scene just all of a sudden made me sad. Sad for the friend that Sam lost. Anthony Mackie is doing some of his best work here. They kind of touch on this later in the yard between Sam and Bucky. The talk they had was amazing and long over due. I love that Sam is going back to his counselor roots with Bucky, cause
  4. Am i the only one who thought the Dora Milaje were going to kill Not Cap and Lamar? That’s why Sam and Bucky intervened...literally when they are about to deliver the death stroke!
  5. I was mildly spoiled for what John did and I was still left gaping watching it. I didn’t hate John walker (still not my captain America) but man he is such the anti Steve. He’s so agro about how he deals with people. Thinking he can walk up to Ayo, a warrior of the Dora Milaje, and pat her on the shoulder and say they can come to an aggrement like he’s settling a tab at a bar just shows how so unqualified he is at this. Being captain America is more than being a solider. To be fair to him I think he knows that, and he also knows he doesn’t have that in him hence why his go to us aggressi
  6. I’m beyond ecstatic but I’m very cautious about what this will be. So I was 100% shocked that not only did Sarah Drew agree to come back, but that Krista asked her back. But anyway, honestly the only reason April would appear is for something to do with Jackson. It would be beyond ridiculous otherwise. The only character left that she has any kind of bond with is Owen and Owens got enough drama going on to have anything to do with why April is around. So that leads me to think, what on earth are April and Jackson gonna do this episode? Is Jesse leaving regardless if there’s another
  7. I am loving “Falcon and The Winter Soldier”. It’s just as emotional and intricate as “WandaVision” but in a different way and I applaud marvel for being different then their usual fare. What I love so much about the MCU is there is so much equity built in, we don’t need flashbacks or even dialogue to wonder why Bucky and Sam are so devastated about Fake Cap. We’ve seen it for ourselves how much they loved Steve and what they went through for him and Vice versa. It’s all just right there and doesn’t need to be said. Bucky is incredibly self aware here. In ep 1 he tells the therapist
  8. The best they can do is wrap up the characters in a way that seems satisfactory. Meredith shouldn’t die in the final season like this but it almost seems poetic I guess. She’s not the type for happily ever after. My thing is the show should get the flowers and celebration of its long standing success. The fans deserve to have that kind of closure. Especially the day one fans who have stuck around. Shows like this mean something to people, and there is a right way to let it go. Rushed in the middle of a pandemic isn’t it.
  9. I may be late to the party but this show has been been a revelation for Elizabeth Olsen. Just wow. She carried this show on her back! It would not have worked if she didn’t. WandaVision is making me hyped for Falcon and the Winter Soldier and LOKI.
  10. I never considered regular civilian consequences for wanda cause what can hold her? I also didn’t really blink twice about what Monica said to Wanda about westview never knowing what she sacrificed because it’s true, and it’s also true that the people of WestView don’t owe Wanda a damn thing. One of the risks I thought marvel took with Wanda here was toeing that line between what makes a hero and what makes a villain, which doesn’t correlate to “right vs wrong”. She’s very much wrong and she was wrong to turn a blind eye to selfishly live out her HEA, but when faced point blank with
  11. I thought this is where the movie was gonna go cause when akeem says Lavelle was his son, the camera cuts to Tracy Morgan’s character and the look on his face looks like he knows something. So from there I thought Lavelle and Meeka were gonna bond and hint towards being a thing and that’s how he would come to be the heir but it never happened.
  12. I didn’t have high hopes from the trailers, it already was looking like the jokes were the lowest common denomenator. I wish they went away from “long lost son” but I get they were going for the “fish out of water” vibe like in the first one. They wrung all the jokes they could from that thin concept this go around. I was surprised and disappointed that Akeem had an American wife, three daughters, and hadn’t decreed more rights for the woman of Zamunda and was binding himself to an archaic law that he barely followed in his own youth, which to be fair he realizes in the end. Th
  13. I feel like I’ll need to watch it a second time to watch it without waiting to see if the theories would come true. I was telling myself yesterday to try and not build this up too high with all the things I *thought* would come to pass because this show is gonna end how they want it to end and not how *I* would want it to end. I had always thought that Wanda is a tragic character who can’t get the happy ending and in that sense I was right. I knew she would eventually do the right thing and in doing so she would lose her happy ending. Seeing her come to terms with that and essentiall
  14. I’m blown away with how deep and meaningful this episode was. Others have said it better so I won’t recap but wow. Visions line: “what is grief but love persevering”...just a beautiful sad tragically poetic way to look at loss and how we deal with it. Coupled with wanda’s analogy with how her grief and sadness were like waves that just kept crashing over her. She never intended anything that happened. She never wanted to break vision out. She wanted to bury the man she loved. To say goodbye. Elizabeth Olsen is killing this role so hard. When she goes to WestView and se
  15. I liked this way more than the second one. I thought this was much better paced and thought out. I liked that we saw Peter and Lara Jean as a cute couple in this one and reminded us why we root for them. I loved that they went against type and Peter was super supportive of Lara Jean even if he was upset. He’s entitled to be upset since he was fully invested in Lara Jean going to Stanford, then pivoted to her going to Berkeley, and then she tells him she has to go to New York. But he doesn’t get angry and knows that he can’t hold her back and tries to go with it. Everything surrou
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