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S02.E10 Go Pirates!: For That Experience You Paid Fifty Grand?

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Logan degaussing the tapes makes perfect sense. Remember this is a kid who was certainly told over and over to hide his Dad's abuse and likely his mother's drinking. Hiding the Echolls's dirty laundry is probably the family motto and we do see him act like this is one of his strong personal values. 

When his mother passive-aggressively attacks his father she leaks information about Aaron's infidelities to the tabloids. Airing dirty laundry is hitting him where it hurts. When Logan passively aggressively attacks Aaron he arranges the bum fights, which tells the world that Aaron is a bad father who can't control his son. 

The thing I think people may forget is that Logan thinks Aaron having sex with Lilly and then killing Lilly is a failure on Logan's part to hold onto Lilly's affections and protect her from harm. Logan is burning the tapes to protect himself from looking weak, which is probably what he tells himself, as a teenager, about the physical abuse as well. He isn't protecting Aaron. He's protecting himself.

Yeah, he needs a therapist.

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The bit where they write on Veronica's car window and she says she is right back where she was at the beginning of last year? Was necessary. Last year she cared, it hurt her and if she had a do over (she just did!) she would go back to being with the 09ers and back with Duncan. Now, having had that do over she really doesn't care any more.I think that's the point. She has changed since the first season.

I also think Veronica says she realizes she isn't the love of Duncan's life and she believes it. Still, highschool is ending and there is a bond and everyone is just hanging in there. I don't think she'd fight him if he went to his parents for Christmas. 

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I usually feel like you guys are too hard on the show, but this episode is just so bad. Someone needs to Nonac this one now. 

The jury stuff is just ridiculous.  I don't think it bothered me when I watched it as an 18/19 year old but having watched so much true crime stuff now it made me angry.  They should never have convicted. not because they thought they were innocent but there was a ton of reasonable doubt.  I wonder if it would have worked better if instead of trying to prove two 09er boys are guilty they were trying to prove two PCHers were innocent. Still seriously who was trying this case? And all the other jurors were so annoying whiny.  Are people generally this whiny on juries? I have never actually sat on a jury so I don't know. Although my mother never fails to get put on the jury and I could not imagine her behaving in such a manner. 

I agree it makes no sense that Leo would steal the tapes. I can believe Logan would buy them and erase them, but I just don't believe that Leo would steal them in the first place. This is not the last we will see of Leo though. He does show back up in Season 3.  

Yay! Wallace is back! 

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I can see Logan erasing the tapes, even if I think he would care more about putting his dad away than protecting his girlfriend's reputation. I don't think it would be fatal to the Haaron case, though, as so many people could testify about them (clearly, testimony isn't as good as the tapes themselves) but that's the least of the legal problems with the episode.

"The Todd" was in this!?

Shirtless Lamb did nothing for me, but i can see others might see it as a highlight.

It had never actually occurred to me that the father might be a Manning, but I guess I should have considered it (Ewww).

Just bad.

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