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  1. FYI, I had some trouble with the links to the visual aids. Both from the episode page on Acast, and the Againwiththis90210 page, I got an imgur error message. Could see them on the previously.tv page though.
  2. Granted, Tamal's cake was pretty crazy, but if you've never had sticky date pudding, you are missing out. This recipe is the standard in Australia: https://www.stephaniealexander.com.au/what-to-cook/recipes/sticky-toffee-pudding/ Warm, sweet cakey-pudding, toffee sauce, vanilla ice-cream melting into it... so god-damn good. My favourite reality tv final moment - the first season of Australian Masterchef, when adorable little pepperpot Julie sees her bean-pole husband and sons after winning.
  3. Pretty sure that 'REWARD FOR RAPIST'is not really what you want that sign to say, Dylan.
  4. Someone mentioned the Hawaii 5-0 theme, and my Pavlovian response kicked in, requiring I post this.
  5. Tara didn't mention that Julia Davis wrote the original UK version of Camping. Former housemates were obsessed with her work, so I've seen more of it than I'd like - I find her far too misanthropic and cringe-inducing. Not my thing.
  6. I work for the public service in Australia (state level) and Utopia is equally loved and hated around the office for its accuracy. Second the recommendation of The Games too. John Clarke and Gina Riley are so wonderful. My favourite is when they realise the running track is a hair too short, which people will notice due to all the records getting broken. I believe you meant to say it was https://giphy.com/gifs/623IwdEdIQnGduK8RN
  7. All the River's Run! It is an Australian mini-series, historical drama stuff involving shipwrecks and riverboats, and was a huge sensation at the time, but I was not allowed to watch it.
  8. Remember when 21 Jump Street did a gang episode, but couldn't directly refer to the Crips and the Bloods?
  9. I searched quickly and trusted google. Should have learned by now...
  10. Isn't ice-skating a rich person's sport? Maybe Gina's family is only "poor" in the same way as the Walshes in S1.
  11. Thank you. Will now be calling fireplaces flame houses.
  12. In a rather neat coincidence, today is Jason Priestley's birthday.
  13. There was a real estate sandwich board sign inside the front gate - like it have just been taken off the market.
  14. It's horrifying! Her eyebrows and lips are the same colour as her fake tan. Perfect! Should have gone with that...
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