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  1. generate789

    S17.E17: Woodstock and Show Stoppers (2019.05.05)

    Adam Lambert broke AI for me. No one will ever be as good as he was. I do wish Dimitrius had stuck around longer, though, because I think he had potential. On topic: I like Laci because I'm a sucker for people who make happy songs sound sad. I liked Jeremiah, but I agree with whomever upthread said his voice will be tough to market (reminds me a bit of Elliot Yamin in that way). Laine is fine but super dull. He's basically just doing dutiful covers of rockabilly songs and I've never experienced a dutifully-covered-rockabilly-song-sized hole in my life, so I'm cool without him. I think Alejandro is a great musician, but I'd rather see him do his own stuff than churn out Idoly fodder. (Kind of want to see him doing a terrible coronation song though). I don't love belty female pop, so I'm probably not in Madison's listening demographic. Wade is ... just ... is votefortheworst still happening? Maybe that explains it?
  2. generate789

    S04.E13: The Seam

    Yes. But also: it's exactly this sort of thing that I would have been all "IDK IT HAPPENED BECAUSE REASONS, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT, BRAIN" if the ending hadn't been what the ending was.
  3. generate789

    S04.E13: The Seam

    I really appreciate all of y'alls thoughtful posts. I did not want Q to die, both because I really like him as a character (SO much better than BookQ) and because I was riveted by his relationship with Eliot. I'm a cis straight person and a grown ass woman and when he and E kisssed in ALITD, I gasped and clapped like my teenage self did when watching Joey and Pacey. I also completely agree with what a bunch of you said upthread: killing a protagonist just because he is male and white is not, in and of itself, progressive storytelling, especially considering that Q was not an aggro-bro-dude, but a sensitive, thoughtful, damaged, queer, three-dimensional character. But yes, as others have also said, despite all of this, Jason Ralph acted the HELL out of that episode. I am going to miss his presence in S5. I'll still watch it, because I just don't quit TV shows, even when I really, really should. (::cough::watchedall8seasonsofthevampirediaries::cough:::)
  4. generate789

    S03.E18: Her

    Sorry to have missed it. An all-time classic TV death. RIP Flash.
  5. generate789

    S04.E11: The 411

    I think my favorite line was when Penny dropped Quentin and Alice off in Antarctica and complained about it being cold because he didn't have his scarf. Awesome snark on p-40s wardrobe choices.
  6. generate789

    S03.E18: Her

    Anyone else get flashbacks to Dawson's dad's ill-fated ice cream cone in that scene?
  7. generate789

    S17.08 : Top 20 Solos (2019.04.01)

    Evelyn sounds like someone doing a bad impression of a female singer doing a bad impression of a male singer.
  8. generate789

    S17.08 : Top 20 Solos (2019.04.01)

    Katy Perry's baked ziti necklace wsa very disconcerting.
  9. generate789

    S4.E10 All That Hard Glossy Armor

    I was glad the Fairy Eye got some action. I really want to know what else it does!
  10. generate789

    S04.E09: The Serpent

    I was just coming here to say that. I've never seen AG in anything else, but I could watch him make out with anyone and totally buy it. I've always loved Margo/Janet's desert story from the books and was wondering when they'd get to it on the show. Can't wait to see how they do it. I knew they were going there the second they called the lizard a "sand lizard." So glad they're linking it to the quest to save Elliot.
  11. generate789

    S02.E11: New Beginnings

    I love how this show just owns its ridiculousness. The first few episodes that I watched I was rolling my eyes and going "seriously?" but then I realized "duh, not seriously," and now I just giggle through the whole thing and unabashedly love it.
  12. generate789

    S04.E05: Escape from the Happy Place

    This is by far my favorite show on TV right now. I haven't been this emotionally invested in a ship in a long, long time. HA and JR have amazing chemistry. I was afraid this season was going to turn into an extended plot-driven "big bad" type of story arc, but I love how much character development we're getting so far. Someone else said it on a different episode's comments, but I'm so impressed by the acting all around - the way the actors play nuanced variations on their characters is riveting.
  13. generate789

    S06.E01: Rookies vs. Vets

    I have a friend who was on PR and he said that producers were practically BEGGING alum to be on this show.
  14. Although, upon rewatching S4, I think most of a DC podcast for that season would just consist of repeatedly shouting "IT'S CALLED A STUDENT LOAN, JOSEPHINE."
  15. I would 100% listen to a DC podcast. One.Hundred.Percent. Been skulking around y'all since Dawson's Wrap and I never, ever get enough of hating on DC. (or rewatching it, apparently, because I'm currently in my 8th rewatch of the entire series ) (only God can judge me)