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S02.E06: The Exception to the Rule

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Of course the first time I actually like one of Bull's exes, she's going to die in a year. 

Case was anti-climactic. Glad the residents got fair compensation, but it's kind of boring TV when the defense lawyer just says, we'll pony up and then cut to Bull and Allison "dancing" upstairs. (I wasn't sure if we were supposed to interpret the dancing to be horizontal or vertical, so I'll assume the former)

I liked the young lawyer, we can have him come back. All that at the beginning with Marissa and Bull could be a one time thing though.

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When Marissa was testifying on the stand, was that actually her testifying or was that just a lot of self-serving speech talk that was mostly Incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial? The opposition's lawyer objected, but the judge for some reason overruled him. Did the writers step out of their realm of believe-ability again?

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So they let MW loose a bit in this ep. That one speech he makes to her when says he's about to go to bed sounded like something DiNozzo would say. But this is the most likable Bull has been and I really liked him and his ex. Liked the young lawyer son as well. Would love to see more of them. It really was about those relationships and I enjoyed that much more than the case. Again, I'm approving of the retooling of the show.

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On November 2, 2017 at 9:21 PM, mythoughtis said:

Too little of the TEC team. 

I realize Chuck is now a law student- but has he totally given up his fashion duties? He seems awfully versed in Legalese for a first year evening law student. 

My in universe explanation is that he's spent a lot of time around lawyers and the legal system. 

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Soooo....  Was there some reason why this episode--which was a perfectly likeable episode--from last season was repeated last night?  Just a hiccup in the production schedule, or will there be a callback to this plot coming soon, so the network thought the viewers were too stupid to remember the plot points or characters so they repeated the episode?  Just curious to see if maybe the mom died, and the rookie lawyer son gets hired on at TEC, or if he has another lawsuit he needs his "could have been papa" Bull's help with?

Because if there wasn't a good reason for the repeat from a prior season, then all it really did was make me really miss the pre-angsty and pre-snotty Cable character.

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