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  1. It was a lot of fun, although things looked very dicey there for a bit, especially for Flo. Loved that Frankie fenced the earrings for a trip for all of them - such a great way to end the season. Hope they're back!
  2. It's the weirdest thing. I wasn't able to find the section on asylum seekers on YouTube, then it showed up on Monday, then disappeared again. I finally watched it on Facebook. I'm in Canada so I've very confused with what's going on with it. Is there some kind of lawsuit?
  3. The Chiijohn segment is up on YouTube if you want to see it again.
  4. Also an interview with Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor!
  5. The show has posted online the entire interview with Tarana Burke. There's some great stuff. Part 1: Part 2:
  6. So much this. You can't buy quality at a reasonable price anymore. The lower end is fast fashion and the middle end is now going to trend that way. Which leaves high end if you want to buy something to last. So was this the episode Tan suggested in the video posted above?
  7. I found myself feeling for Violet Hart this week. I don't blame her for wanting to keep some ammunition. She knows Murdoch is gunning for her. She also knows she wouldn't have the job she is eminently qualified for if she didn't try what she did at the end of last season. And I think that's why she agreed - she owes Brackenreid for what John went through. This was a chance to even the scales. She also had no problem supporting euthanasia in Dr Osler Regrets or covering up for Dixon in Bad Pennies. Maybe she's supposed to be the villain but I just see someone who though no fault of her own would not be considered for the job she currently holds. Fair play would have never worked for her. Brackenreid said as much. I keep coming back to, "what was she supposed to do?" I don't think Julia is going to have an affair with Dixon. But right now she needs someone to understand why she did what she did and help her through the aftermath and William made it very clear he's not going to be that person. She can do that without it becoming sexual. However, kudos to the writers for creating a realistic situation to create tension in the relationship. All season long, we've seen William struggling to understand the new world Julia is moving in and not giving her the support that she needs. We've seen Julia not cut him any slack or give him time to catch up. This is nothing new for either character, which is the great thing about it. Their love has always papered over the very real clash of values they have in some areas of their lives. (Not all, as they share a sense of justice, a willingness to do what it takes to get to the truth, a desire for betterment of society, and both love geeking out on finding solutions to riddles.) I know they will eventually get back together because otherwise would be suicide for the show but this gives the characters something to play that will hopefully lead to growth for both. And god, I hate Effie. She isn't aware of the feelings of others, which is fine. Just don't pretend that you do or try to make them conform to your ideas of what they should do. And poor Watts. Glad George has his back but I'm sure this isn't the end of his challenges. As for the previous ep, that was so much fun! As a theatre director, there was so much goodness there for me. I actually snorted when I heard, "directing can't be that hard". As a note, I'm confident that the critic character is based off of Richard Ouzounian, former theatre critic at The Star who was infamous for giving gushing reviews for people he liked, no matter how bad they were, and was vicious to those he didn't. Loved Watts questioning what he adds to the process!
  8. My roommate did some research after we watched it and we determined that he wasn't here. Another musician is listed as introducing Debussy to the city. I realize that I didn't comment on last week's episode but I really liked it. It was nice to see Trudy with other people who mattered to her besides her mother and the gals. And I'm always up for a cool political story. This week was lovely. I've been doing work for Music Toronto for that last five years and that has given me an appreciation of classical music and of violinists. Now my nephew plays the instrument. So this episode was catnip for me. And it was nice to see a side of Nora that wasn't trying to play an angle and was just enjoying life. Also great to see Mary finding confidence and Flo kicking ass.
  9. He did look familiar to me. Pretty sure I've seen him at a dance. What I'm seeing is her being attracted to an attractive man. I don't think she's going to have an affair (the way she's telling him to behave tells me that) but just because you're married doesn't mean you stop being attracted to other people. So she's wrestling with those feelings. That's an interesting note to play. Having said that, I agree that her having an affair would kill the show so I doubt they're going there. Just really hoping Dixon doesn't become another guy obsessed with her. That's played out. I'm not surprised he was playing bad cop for most of the episode. He's always used what leverage he has over suspects pretty heavy-handedly. His talk at the end showed some growth for him (and respect for the detective whose career he was ending) by not laying any formal charges but not enough that he was willing to risk his people for it. He does have a valid point that a lot more people could get in trouble if they covered for him and it got out. The station house has to be his first responsibility. I'm also sure he felt some degree of betrayal about his butcher. After all, he prides himself on his observation and he didn't see it? Had to have shaken his world a little bit. In the end, we're still talking early 20th century and being gay was illegal. Brakenreid has always followed the laws even when he hasn't wanted to. So I didn't find him really over the top here. Really nice to see Watts again. I missed him. And I'm also not surprised by the ending. As my roommate put it, "He's always been a character on the margins. Now we see why he's on the margins."
  10. A well done episode. Did notice they needed to add a "not all men" coda so they wouldn't get ripped apart. I did like that we got a see a moment where Frankie wasn't in control. I loved all the Flo and Mary scenes. Nice that there was some sense of justice but just like real life, not solving the problem. Maybe some eyes get opened watching this.
  11. They've been doing a new YouTube piece each week leading up to the next season which starts soon. You might find this interesting.
  12. Appreciated that it wasn't as weird as last year's episode but I was kinda bored. Is it me or is it the series? I've been having a hard time being invested in it.
  13. I was cringing at Mary listening in on the calls but the payoff was great! The whole episode kinda dragged for me. Just wasn't into the story at all. Was better than Murdoch, though.
  14. So I recieved an email saying that Stargate Command is shutting down and moving most of its stuff to YouTube. Not the episodes though. Wonder what will happen to those? Back on a streaming service?
  15. Thanks @Lantern7! Thanks to my local library I have been getting somewhat caught up on the Titan comics and I really have enjoyed the run of Thirteen stories. Glad you got to meet Jody and the new story sounds fantastic. (Although what is it with 1969? Stargate SG1 did an episode going back there too.)
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