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  1. Hope it's ok to post this. I ended up writing a short story from Steve's point of view. It's not specifically this show's Steve but was inspired by him. https://archiveofourown.org/works/23386822?
  2. Newsweek tracked down the guy doing the commentary on the art auction. Yes, they all knew. They were trying to keep it clean. https://www.newsweek.com/last-week-tonight-john-oliver-rat-erotica-brian-swords-painting-furry-art-auction-1495063
  3. That's why I am here. Didn't find out until yesterday, so I watcher the first few episodes of season one. I have never seen a man more beautiful passed out than him. That scene in the pilot where Diana is at his bedside in the hospital literally took my breath away!
  4. I like this idea. Hugh certainly referred to this when he mentioned they were still slaves, just to a different Queen. I hope that they rise up and deal with the Romulans. Elnor can help them so we can have more Hugh/Elnor team ups. Loved seeing Hugh and Picard again so much. I, Borg is one of my faves and I'm thrilled to see Hugh again. Don't kill him, show! If you think about it, kidnapping Picard to be the face of the Borg is a similar concept. In every way, it's about interfacing with societies outside of their own. Now I'm trying to remember, the Queen concept originated with First Contact? Because Voyager sure used the hell out of it.
  5. @Florinaldo, thanks for the link to the Canadian vids. I've been going nuts trying to find them!
  6. I've waited the whole season for this. I'm finally getting Imzadi. Don't mess 'em up, show.
  7. Just had a discussion around what's happening with Julia with my roommate. He's not seeing it as a problem. He thinks that if Julia has a one-timer with Dixon before he leaves and then carries guilt and have no one to talk about will give them some tension to play with in the marriage. For me, I get it. A hot young doctor who is madly in love with you? This is why I'm poly. Wish society would allow her to have both. Having said that, what the show has been doing really well recently is highlighting the differences in values that William and Julia have always had - Julia being a progressive feminist and William being a traditional Catholic. Their love papered over these but that's not something that will remain buried forever. Part of Dixon's appeal is that he shares Julia's love of medicine, something that William struggles to understand. Whether or not anything else happens, I can see why Julia would feel pulled to him. He's been her champion in a very misogynistic world, just as William was when she was coroner. In fact, the deeper I look, the more I see similarities between William and Dixon. I understand her temptation. I also acknowledge that a lot of people carry the belief that once you're in love with someone you'll never desire anyone else again and to do so is a failure of the relationship. And through that lens, the showrunners are playing a very dangerous game here. I am also completely gutted about Parker. When he turned up dead, I audibly said "oh no". I liked that we had a re-occuring black male character that was also a great cop and that the show had found a way around to have him there. I utterly hate that they had Violet kill him. I liked the edges that she has - like someone said above, I think it's good to have characters who aren't perfect and have to fight for what they want. I really wanted her to struggle with reforming herself but ultimately come down on the side of Murdoch & co. And to do this while some white guy who is a murderer goes free? I'm guessing this will be addressed next week but it's not sitting right. Mostly, I really loved Parker and I'm going to miss him. Yet we're still stuck with Clegg and Myers? Really bad call, Powers That Be. Another bad call? This whole Misery storyline with George. WTF? What is with this torture characters every season towards the finale? Can't we let George just enjoy his damn book?
  8. I loved Icheb too. 😭 Awful watching what happened to him here. I initially skipped ahead in watching this because I don't like torture, then had to go back when I realized who it was. J/Cer here too. I hated the whole Seven/Chakotay thing and was thrilled when the first thing the novelizations did was break them up. Emotionally, Seven was a teenager. Chakotay being so much older, it was creepy on so many levels. It played as "Ï can't have Janeway so I'll settle for her protege". It was such utter bullshit so I'm glad it's been put canonically into the dust bin along with Worf/Troi. (Yes, Imzadi is my other pairing and I can't wait to see them!) Where Seven ended up makes so much sense to me. She wasn't much for the way Starfleet did things but she always had her own internal compass, so becoming a ranger feels like a logical progression to me. It's also so good to see her out of that ridiculous catsuit. (Brannon Braga was such a perv.) I'm coming to completely love Rios, and what incredible acting by Michelle Hurd this week. I'm also really enjoying Elnor. Really wish we had kept Maddox around. This better have one hell of a payoff because Aggie killing him looks really stupid right now. I also didn't miss being on the cube at all this week. Back to it next week. *sigh*
  9. "No, I'm on the pig's side now." This episode was just so much fun. I'm sure Yannick Bisson was happy to have a light week and it was great to see the ladies shine. I am on Miss Hart's side on this though. It is her space and Julia does not have the right to just pop in whenever she wants. Very cool about how we see her similarities to William in how things are handled. And for the first time, neither Effie nor Miss Cherry bugged me. Progress!
  10. This is what Jack warned about. So will we get to see him?
  11. Life got in the way of continuing to be a Prevert, but if that still counts you're not alone! This is what I wanted when the show was announced. Space battles bore me. I wanted a character-based show and I'm thrilled I'm getting one.
  12. My roommate thinks that's setting up Baker hitting on him next time. God, I don't want there to be a next time. I'm tired of Myers and Clegg's nine lives. I'm tired of all the spy stuff. But with the end reveal, we're getting more. Uggh. For a clip show, this was well done. Just wish it was another subject.
  13. I loved the bit about the Iowa caucus. There was discussions around the inherent undemocratic nature of them last cycle (especially after the Nevada mess) so I'm glad the show got in front of it early this time.
  14. I really enjoyed it but was unsettled that after asking that guy to watch the birds, they completely forgot about him. Like splitting up the team to get answers faster, hope they use that more often.
  15. Why would we need to do anything? Jack has always been consensual. His style of flirting is saying hi, not being crude about someone's body parts. He backs off when he gets a not-interested signal. And despite the Doctor's bitching, he doesn't flirt in serious situations unless it's to lighten a mood.
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