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  1. The episodes on Ransonware and Afghanistan finally appeared but still can't see the LukaShenko one.
  2. Have they stopped posting the main stories on YouTube? The most recent one I can access is the Sackler one. There was always a few weeks delay because I live in Canada but it's been a month and 3 episodes now.
  3. RE: The Things We Do For Love, Part 1, Season 15, Episode 1 I decided to take a pass on this episode and I'm glad I did. Let me know when we get back to the fun show I fell in love with.
  4. He's a friend of mine. I'm SO THRILLED!
  5. Got this in my email. I'm not planning to go but if anyone is interested I can give you my link. On Saturday 11th September at 1 pm, PT / 9 pm GMT join Stargate series co-creator Brad Wright, A.I. Lead Advocate at Google, Laurence Moroney, and Stargate Atlantis star and tech evangelist David Hewlett for a live video discussion and audience Q&A session. Witness the first experiment to put A.I.-generated lines into the mouth of the real Rodney McKay, David Hewlett. Plus, you’ll find out the latest on our innovative project to create a new Stargate script written by artificial intelli
  6. Just photos. Hoping he's still handsome. 😍
  7. The Changeling is right up there with my favourite episodes. So much Daniel/Teal'c goodness! Nice to know I'm not the only one.
  8. I heard Talion was Teal'c being not-Teal'c but if you approve I'll watch it.
  9. Let me join you in that pool. I was NOT expecting that. But damn.
  10. Ok, I'm convinced. Thanks guys!
  11. Wait - there's Daniel/Teal'c? Then yeah, I wanna watch. $175 to talk to MS for 2 minutes? Once upon a time I would have been tempted. I subscribed to The Companion, although I have no idea when I'll find time for it.
  12. You mean Bad Guys? It's the only one in season 10 that I haven't seen but was thinking about. Heard there was a lot of Daniel/Vala stuff which made me want to skip it.
  13. So much this! If this was where they were going, I'm glad it's ending where it did.
  14. Really appreciating all the work she's been doing to raise profile of issues affecting minorities of all types and giving them the chance to speak for themselves.
  15. I agree. Part of why I resent Vala is that she took time and focus away from Mitchell, who was the leader of the frickin' team!
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