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S03.E13: This Land Is Your Land Speculation and Live Chat

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Feeling properly chastised for posting a spoiler in last week's thread (should have read those guidelines), I promise not to do so here. I do predict, however, that it will suck, which I don't think is a spoiler.

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4 minutes ago, MrsRafaelBarba said:

Here we go!

Check and see who was bitten Alicia?

You're back from deep space!  How was it?

Just now, chick binewski said:

Um, isn't Troy's brother dead because of Nick?

No, it's because he was better than us.

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Just now, Gobi said:

At this rate, they'll run out of oxygen before they kill anyone.

No shit!  Plus all the damn talking they're doing is using it up too.

Still, morphine sleep before the kill, not the worst way to go.

Alicia, get your shit together.  Don't gasp, you're using up oxygen!!

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