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S15.E05: Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Children of the Universe

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It's an all-singing, all-dancing X-Men spectacular on Graham's sofa as Aussie hunk Hugh Jackman meets Irish heart-throb Michael Fassbender and smouldering Scot James McAvoy. With music from Eurovision hopeful Molly, who performs Children of the Universe.
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What a fun couch. Accent overload! I laughed a lot. The fan stuff is always a bit cringe worthy, but I couldn't help laugh about it. Both the guys were very good sport about it, and they tease about it in interviews which how the rabidness started. Still, it was both funny and strange.


Graham should auction off the pineapple for charity.

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We only got the 45 minute version of the show due to BBC America's scheduling issues with the new season of In the Flesh. Loved the couch but wish Graham had more women guests.

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I think Fassbender really has twice as many teeth as your average human person. It's startling.


Me, I have no problem with Cumberbatch topping that poll. I don't know that I'd put him first myself, but I have no objection to the will of the majority. :)

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There have been some hits and misses this season, but I LOVED this couch.  It was a genuine joy. 


Love the dancing.  I'd seen a photo of Michael Fassbender and Bendict Cumberbatch dancing, and I wondered if we'd ever seen Michael F on video dancing.  Very cute.


To be very shallow, that is a pretty good looking couch.  Dayum.  But, Graham, you leave Ben C alone!  Hee. 

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