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S24: Bonner Bolton - Does His Hat Go With Dancing Shoes?

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It looks like professional bull rider, Bonner Bolton, will be trading in his cowboy boots for a pair of dancing shoes as he joins the cast of ABC hit show, Dancing With the Stars this season.

Just over a year ago, the 29-year-old Texan suffered a near-death experience after landing on his head and breaking his neck while competing in Professional Bull Riders. Since then, Bonner’s dance card has been full — pun intended. His rugged good looks and innate sense of style have landed him multiple fashion editorials and a contract with modeling agency, IMG.



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PurgatoryDad, the world's biggest Rodeo and Bullriding fan (former athlete too) was super excited to see this guy pop up in the cast. He was apparently super legit as a cowboy, and was a rising star in the sport right up until the injury. The PBR article linked below has an embedded video of one of his rides so you can see what he was capable of at his old profession.


We know he's easy on the eyes and probably will develop a female fan base pretty quickly. I also think the Rodeo/Western sports community will get behind him and buttress that support like they did with Ty Murray. I'll be mildly surprised when all is said and done if he doesn't make it to at least 5th place overall. And yes....I'm expecting the showmance level to be set at medium to high heat for the pair of them lol.

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He seems lovely. But as someone who actually has paralysis, I admit I'm not looking forward to how the show will inevitably frame his story.  I'm glad he made such a great recovery, but the way this show clutches pearls over any type of challenge, I feel certain they will make it seem as though his life would have been over had he remained paralyzed.  They'll play up the "may! never! walk! again!" angle (cue dramatic music), likely throw in some "confined to wheelchair" BS, when in reality walking is among the least of the worries with an injury that high.  While his situation and mine are very different (mine is from birth and very low on my spine so I have a lot more function than he would have had with a C2 injury), they will probably paint with broad strokes and freak out over how awful paralysis in general allegedly is.  I'd love to be surprised, but that would require a big deviation from the way they've handled people with challenges in the past.     

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