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  1. I think Walmart has a four pack of them, but also sell them individually.
  2. Chipwich, king kona or chocolate taco
  3. 6 definitely. Love them burnt to a crisp.
  4. I can't. But I will try. I try to keep things stocked while making sure people are happy.
  5. jennifer6973

    MLB Thread

    The Orioles also. John Means had one. Unless you mean the three teams that got no hit. Then ignore.
  6. 1. Talk to animals - just sounds cooler.. Plus if they get hurt they can tell me what's wrong. I think that would be beneficial. 2. 1 squirrel, I tend to sneeze in three's and that would be way too many butterflies. 3. Never get a paper cut again. - those things hurt the worst, especially under the fingernail.
  7. 1. Guitar - I've always wanted to play guitar, so it would be awesome to play like a rock star. 2. Fainting - it's quieter 3. Clean one. - I hate dirty public toilets. So I could suffer a non poisonous snake hanging out.
  8. jennifer6973

    MLB Thread

    Thanks, I watched the game on ESPN, but wasn't really paying attention to the screen.
  9. jennifer6973

    MLB Thread

    Yankees, or ESPN? It could be just ESPN.
  10. 1. No eyebrow - if I can't make the on brow 2, then I don't want one 2. Both- no can't do that, fine travel, am I allowed to eat there. 3. Say what I'm thinking
  11. 1. Rewind - I find myself wanting to go back and do things over. 2. No more colds - I drive a mile to work, I'm never stuck in traffic much anyway. Unless there's a train Rolling through town. 3. Rat - by the time you've seen a cockroach, they have probably laid eggs. Bonus: the latter option
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