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  1. heartsaperkin

    S25.E08: Week 7: Halloween Night

    A fried of a friend of a fiend of his told me he was a zombie in2008 ,and that’s why his contemp hit all the bases.
  2. heartsaperkin

    S24.E09: Week 9: Semi-Finals

    I think they should removed the judges and let the show become a popularity contest only!!! Yes!!!
  3. heartsaperkin

    S24.E09: Week 9: Semi-Finals

    Are you sure?
  4. heartsaperkin

    S24.E09: Week 9: Semi-Finals

    One did that and one gave the finger to Len.
  5. heartsaperkin

    S27: Sasha Farber

    Sash'll be there next season!
  6. Still charm and niceness--not mor, it's dr less.
  7. heartsaperkin

    Jeopardy! Season 33 (2016-2017)

    If they don't shape up soon, they won't be on the board ever again and we will give pause before calling them ours, also! ;) Jamie snuck in another W, and had the swaying all to himself today.
  8. heartsaperkin

    S27: Gleb Savchenko

    May he never be seen in the US again!
  9. heartsaperkin

    S24: Nick Viall - Giving A Rose To DWTS

    Great and fun dance from Nick and P tonight. First one I've watched as I care zip about either. Still say touché, and he got my votes.
  10. heartsaperkin

    S29: Tara & Joey

    Go you two. Good vibes!
  11. heartsaperkin

    S29: Becca & Floyd

    Can't beat nice! More nice, more nice. On tv, on tv!
  12. heartsaperkin

    Jeopardy! Season 33 (2016-2017)

    Adam looks like the Property Bros. brother. He's short--er than they! Mr. H. thought he resembled Al Gore. And now he a gorener.
  13. heartsaperkin

    S24: David Ross - Can He Catch A Mirrorball?

    David and Rashad--and Linds and Em, the last four standing. Sounds like a plan! :)
  14. heartsaperkin

    S24.E02: Week 2

    What you said again and again!