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Special: The Profit In Cuba

Tara Ariano
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I really enjoyed this ep. It was a refreshing change to not have all the dramz and pushing back against %100-in-charge' and so on. Learned stuff, pretty pictures, fun DIY biz approach. Plus, I got a little misty over Marcus's new shirt, as it reminded me of a similar garment I inherited from my dad.

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Marcus is the nicest tourist ever!   haha  (He's really married to that blue jeans - white dress shirt - white shoes look, though, isn't he!)

I enjoyed the show, and liked seeing the craftsmanship that's starting to come out with the loosening of government controls, but I was hoping we'd get a heaping helping of "Marcus-graphics", showing the fundamental flaws in Communism and why Cuba is in the bad shape that it is.  I liked the way he took apart the pro-socialist farmer in such a nice way, pointing out that most of his successes were based on the money/connections that he has outside of Cuba.

How easy is it to leave Cuba and head for America now?  In the past, it was really tough, but Marcus noted that half of the restaurant's staff all left for the US one day.  Was this the new normal, or was it so full of drama and suspense that it could have been the focus of another TV show entirely?

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I've been looking forward to this since Marcus tweeted about it in the summer. Very interesting to see the tiny openings Cuba is allowing (and the massive restraints still in place).   It's really telling how big the differential is between the government salaries and what an individual can do, even for a business like driving a taxi.

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Really enjoyed this episode. We were surprised that the Cuban government allowed so much access.

We visited Cuba last July and heard a different, and I think more honest, telling of the realities of life in Cuba from Marcus. At one point we wondered if the Cuban govt. understood what The Profit is.

The show certainly worked for us on the tourist level. I wanna go back !

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On 11/16/2016 at 9:03 AM, Gregg247 said:

 (He's really married to that blue jeans - white dress shirt - white shoes look, though, isn't he!)

even though it was hot, he kept wearing a long sleeved shirt.


hmmmm,.....    a shortage of plastic bags.    and chocolate.

if legal, someone could start an importing-wholesale business, selling basic items to retail businesses.

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