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  1. PBSLover

    Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

    Jerry eats so much on the show. Or am I just used to no one eating on television???
  2. The shot of Hannah by the window is STUNNING.
  3. The report said that so many people were sick on the plane going home. A women spoke to the press said she was okay going home but got really sick once home. The scary part is they just don’t know what it is. No one else in Melissa’s family fell ill.
  4. Does anyone now if Alanna’s friend, who didn’t make it last year, came back?
  5. I thought the magazine did away with hard copies?
  6. You believe this has happened or is possible?????
  7. On the networks that air football games, half-time consists of going directly to the in-house team of talking heads waiting to discuss the game. Whatever is going on on the field is for the stadium attendees only. Except for Thanksgiving, I have never seen a network air a half-time performance when living in NY or Cali.
  8. You can buy your way on to the DCC? Such special snowflakes living in their own happy place.
  9. Ha! Well, fuck that. You put these dancers through hell. Give them a moment for all their hardwork and sacrifice. Kelli talked about how much the cheerleaders are on screen during home games while being interviewed for TrueTV's special on the opening of Cowboys Stadium in Dallas in 2010. Maybe she meant the big board but that was not what she said because she was referencing that it was Monday night football. Well I can tell you that when I watch a Cowboys game on tv, and this has always been the case, the cheerleaders are never/hardly ever shown on screen. Whatever network I’m watching, rarely does a camera go to a cheerleader. Just makes me mad.
  10. I’ve always thought this but never posted about. Why does the Cowboys organization play clips of the Cowboys during the Thunderstruck dance on the big board? I’m not sure if they still do it but why can’t they have their dance be on the board for the whole dance? To me it’s just more rudeness and unappreciation from the Cowboys organization towards the cheerleaders. Just my thoughts.
  11. @MrsEVH - Great letter. Why do I feel that there is no way these guys are going to have a meeting with these women? Never a backward glance, I assume is their motto. Actions speak louder than words. They DIDN’T value these women. Never did and never will. But the Pro Cheerleading Podcast should send this letter to every sportswriter, especially the women sportswriter’s and broadcasters, in the country. Because if these team owners/brass are doing this and getting away with it, than other teams may follow. Such a shame. **They should have used the writer’s name at The NYPost and not just the paper’s title. The writers at the paper are actually more respected than the newspaper they work for.