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  1. Just catching up with all chatter. I taped but haven’t watched the latest episode but I gotta write, this season is a shit show. Who would have thought all those years ago when the show started that this is where we are with this team? The whole shebang is a backstabbing mean girls club...the newest member? Victoria! And she fits right in! Glad I have put my efforts elsewhere this season. Total disappointment, especially in Kelli Finglass, who I had admired since 2007.
  2. Sorry but why are Kat and Meredith alternating performing? I’ve been off the board.
  3. The show reminds me a lot of Elementary but our protagonist is not as smooth as Johnnie Lee Miller. There is a lot of bad acting in the pilot. It feels forced. Not sure if I am going to stick around. Agreed about this casting. And she can’t act.
  4. I’m talking the Statue of Liberty size HD board. Thick legs, short and muscular, and lots of tummy flab. The girls were way better dancers and had more defined looks (you could actually tell who was who). That is what I meant.
  5. I’ve been obsessed with this show since I discovered it in Season 2. I went on all the chat boards, got VHS tapes of the 2 hour special and Season 1, and have watched ever since. I actually forgot it was on on Friday. I remembered sometime on Saturday, watched it on my DVR and couldn’t have been more bored. I can’t stand Victoria. And Kat is completely annoying. Kat, you are gorgeous and I suppose you have some talent but calm down. She’d be way more interesting if she wasn’t so manic. I’ll guess I’ll watch but I am no longer enchanted. The “400” ladies, the showboating for the cameras. I am so bored by the reality show of it all. IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER in the beginning. Too much money and perfection is boring. So many stars that made up the team would never have made it today. Sorry for the rant.
  6. I watched the first episode and as much as I love Zendaya, the show stressed me out. No can do.
  7. Judy wears the full coverage matte foundation and man, it really ages her. Gurl has got the hair but she needs to fix the makeup.
  8. Mackenzie could also dance. She learned the dances really fast and never made mistakes. And the whole team, vets included, LOVED HER.
  9. They have a new crew this year (or did they start last year)? Anyhoo, maybe they don’t know everyone returning? Silly guess.
  10. There was another girl, way back when the show started that tried out 8 or 9 times. She was interviewed during the 2hour special then they showed her the following year. Never saw her again after that. Crazy stuff.
  11. The second question was directed toward Kelli. But she didn’t answer so Maddie jumped in. That’s what I got from the interview.
  12. I have an opinion (not that anyone asked): -Okay, the new song/opening sucks - Love that Phil and Shelley were both given a full credit when they appeared - Kelli looked good. Good dress - Lexie’s wedding message was ridiculous - Once again, VK cannot stay in her space - Music was horrible...once again. That’s it. 😕
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