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  1. Mission fucking accomplished. Like all upthread, I've been appalled by the lack of coverage. I got home last night eager to see "Breaking News" not Dateline. And this white bread wave the flag approach to what they consider news is beyond troubling. I was thrilled to hear RevAl this morning. Most of us find other sources but people tuning in for LockUp won't know anything is happening!!! Even if they cared. If they dismantle the evening lineup ... ... my had just spun.
  2. Ditto. I did not know that you could opt in for a week at a time. I'm too used to seeing year-long contracts. Could be fun.
  3. Pocky sticks w/o chocolate? Do you dip them in something? Corn sounds interesting. eta that pat of butter is kind of odd.
  4. Good grief. I might have to watch this hot mess tomorrow. If they didn't like DeVoss they're not going to be crazy about Pruitt. The worm has turned? damn you all !!
  5. These? Yum! High test. 9+% abv. Absolutely agree with @DeLurker. Give them a back-of the-fridge chance. Could be a treat or a splurge or a welcome offer.
  6. HuffPo reported it this way. Wonder how she'd react today. CNN could certainly be included in her "tirade". And MSNBC? Sad. I have not viewed the video but PoliticsUSA (?) also reports: 'On her MSNBC program tonight, Rachel Maddow explained that Keith Olbermann was suspended for breaking a rule that forbids hosts from making political donations without prior approval, but she urged that Olbermann be put back on the air. She thought Olbermann should be held to the rule, but “I also personally believe that the point has been made and we should have Keith back hosting Countdown.”'
  7. This is all so horrible. All the shit that's going on and "journalists" are relitigating Hillary's loss! Hey! Look at Hillary, pay no attention to the int'l. crazy that's raining down! Ooowee! That Hillary really blew it! With no mention about her close to 3million votes win. I've pretty much given up on Fox's newest iteration MSNBC. How much longer 'til Joy's besties with Greta? And Chris shares wine with KAC? Fuck them all! The same way they're fucking this entire country by refusing to actually, you know, REPORT SOMETHING!! ::deep breaths::
  8. And now, while MSNBC reconfigures itself as FauxFoxLite, CNN is about the last so-called liberal media outlet! And they seem intent on normalizing shit that's just not normal! And I bet we continue to hear the liberal-media-bias drumbeat. For barely reporting even vaguely negative GOP "news".
  9. Picked the wrong song. (You're) Having My Baby might have played better to the trumpsters. ::swoon:: I'm worried about TRMS. Too much, imho, cozying up to, I dunno, the other side? It's different and I don't like it. I don't want her to be friends with Greta. I don't want her to allow KAC to prevaricate. She's supposed to be a safety net, of sorts. And if I hear, The Liberal Media, one more time ...
  10. I would have never guessed that frozen bacon-wrapped scallops could be so good! I think I read here that Target has a tasty brand. I'ma get me a box.
  11. Who Joke talks over and belittles. Pompous ass knowitall. 20 years from now: Barnicle: Wow, those Sox! Joe, you know what the difficulties of being a member of Congr ... Joe: Mike, nobody knows the troubles I saw and managed while I was a member. Here. is. how. it. is. done. It's how we did it. Mika: Where's my truck? Roll Tide! ::gazes at Joe::
  12. I managed about 3 minutes of this mess this morning. I listened on radio so don't know who was talking but Joe was practically giddy that everyone can now relax and breathe a sigh of relief 'cuz Trump's appointees aren't Trump. Much chortling all around until some brave soul went against the tide and said that he wasn't all that unconcerned and relaxed because ..., and Joe interrupted and talked over him asking, "Would you rather have John Bolton nominated and answering quesions?". That was NOT what that person was trying to say but once Joe started bloviating I knew this guy's opini
  13. Double post because Greta? No way no fucking how. She just let Preibus get away with the lie that it was Trump's tweet that got the Repugs to reconsider their "ethics" reversal. No phone calls? Really? And the McCain tongue bath was, well, I thought I was watching Fox. I bet MJ has to change his panties.
  14. My mom similarly abused rice. The thought of her chicken rice soup still makes me gag. I'm reheating the navy bean, hambone soup I slow cooked last week. With a couple of slices of warmed rye bread and some slaw? Yum.
  15. Had MSNBC on this morning. After MJ. Is Steve Kornacke now playing a kind of pro-trump devil's advocate? I don't remember seeing this scenario before and saw it at least twice this morning. Apparently because Streep's speech did not change votes the panel's conclusion was, Why bother? Geesh, maybe to make a values statement? Is that worth nothing these days? And why is that now a rhetorical question? And the attempt at normalizing these surrogates and new right-wing hires by proclaiming, We're great friends!, is, imho, disgusting. And a horrible diversion from the debate.
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