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S02.E11: Pablo & Jessica Pre-Air Speculation and Live Chat

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We're supposed to believe that a woman as fierce as Luciana would be interested in Nick?  It's the zombie apocalypse, not the end of time.  I  had a hard enough time believing that an amazing woman like Michonne would give a lunatic like Rick a second thought but this is ridiculous.

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Okay, I'll try to get this in before the lockdown.

If water is such a rare commodity, why is everyone all bent about showering off the guts?  I'd have a thick and crusty dried undercoat going at all times.

Maybe it's the fly situation?

Ha, I guess this was just my episode to obsess on the walker "shield of protection"--meanwhile, Strand's crying and Nick's getting lucky and I'm missing it.  Oh, no!  I can't watch this ag

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