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Judo: Short For "Just Do It"?

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I watched the early men's match and I can say I don't understand this sport at all.  The announcers did not help in the least.  So yay Russian guy.  Way to adjust  your  jacket and somehow win.   

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2 hours ago, Superpole2000 said:

One of the worst events in the Olympics. Apparently, it's all about the grip, and getting a good grip on your opponent so you can toss them. Personally, I'd rather watch them thumb wrestle...also in robes, of course.

It's basically about managing to throw your opponent to the ground while also preventing them from throwing you to the ground!  If you don't attack often enough then you can get penalized for 'passivity' which can cancel out a minor score.

Once you're on the ground, you can win by pinning them in a hold for 30 seconds, or by forcing them to surrender by putting them in a choke hold or an armlock. 

(I played it for a few years in University, was great fun!)

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7 hours ago, Muffyn said:

I have now learned more from @Ceindreadh's post than I did from watching the match.  Maybe you can announce the matches?

Heh! Well it's been many years since I took part, but I think the rules haven't changed all that much. 

The main score is an Ippon - 10 points. You get that for a good throw or for 30 second hold down.  If either fighter gets this, that's it, match over  

Next best score is a Wazari - 7 points - for a less good throw or a 25 second hold down.  2 Wazaris equal 1 Ippon which again ends the fight. 

The 'trouble' with judo at this level is that both fighters are so evenly matched that it's difficult enough to get a big score and a lot of matches are decided on small scores/penalties. 

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Rafaela Silva jumping into the crowd had me in tears.  Dammit!  Don't make me start caring.  It really diminishes my snark abilities.

The announcers did actually share some info on how the matches are scored and what the contestants were trying to do, so big improvement from the other day.

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There was an article on Rio in a recent issue of National Geographic and Rafaela Silva was interviewed in the article.  While reading it I remember thinking she probably didn't stand a chance at medaling so finding out she did, and seeing clips of it, made me cry along with her.  This could truly be a life changing event for someone who would benefit from it.

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Judo medalist gets mugged...



I told my wife and she said, "Judo only works when you have rules in place......." I have to agree.


That reminds me of a friend who to some martial arts classes then dropped out.

One Halloween he decided to wear his gi as a costume.

I laughed my ass off when he told me that he went to a party and had people walking up to him trying to pick a fight - he said that 'Every drunk mother effer was walking up to me telling me, "You think you can kick my ass?"

On ‎8‎/‎7‎/‎2016 at 11:12 AM, galaxygirl76 said:

As a Dutch woman, I love this sport because we are pretty good at it and it's regularly shown on the television there. I wish it got more attention in the US because it's a fascinating sport to watch.

We have a variation of the sport on Television, It's called "COPS".

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32 minutes ago, legaleagle53 said:

So judo is basically useless as a form of self-defense?  What's the point of taking it, then?

Not if someone suckers your punch. I guarantee it would have been a different story had he stepped up like a man?

That was chicken shit move by that punk.  I hope the catch him and the Policia dispense a little justice.

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41 minutes ago, Superpole2000 said:

And if everyone involved is wearing thick jackets tucked into belts.

Men's Wearhouse, You'll like the way you look.

Yes, No shirts, no shoes, Get your ass kicked by a guy in a bath robe.

No Thanks.

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Well Kayla Harrison is back to back gold medal winner.  Really good matches this afternoon, but the gap between Kayla and everyone else seemed pretty big.


Also really like the commentators on the live feed, especially the Kiwi (I assume based on the accent).  Really good at explaining the rules and penalties, etc   

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1 hour ago, Matt K said:

Well Kayla Harrison is back to back gold medal winner.  Really good matches this afternoon, but the gap between Kayla and everyone else seemed pretty big.


It's not nice to mention anything about a woman's weight.

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