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  1. You didn't mention ANYTHING about walking into an establishment and making crude remarks to the female staff? I find it oddly refreshing to blurt out comments about vaginas and the such, especially in an ultra-aggressive manner. The women LOVE it. It's better when a liberated gal like beffy pulls it off, It shows a certain panache that is uniquely hers. Imagine the fun that Pleather DooBrow would have had with this group? The would have ripped her "bow" off and let one of the dogs shit ON the cake?
  2. I have a really rude joke, but I'll pass on it. ----- There is a difference between being food driven (she probably Ubers to keep from cooking?) and polite? Carole may not like what she is eating, but for fuck's sake - act like an adult or tell someone you aren't 'into' Dim Sum. Go get a granola bar and a carrot or cucumber, Those are 'sexy' veggies? I have seen ten year olds with better manners and bearing than most of the haus ho's - Another funny side to the story? How much of a 'pal' is beffy if she doesn't know that carole's "food drive" ran off the road, fli
  3. Hahahahahaha, I bowed out like a gentleman, l thanked her for inviting me in to her home and for the work she did to prepare the meal. I think it would have been rude to have gone on about how the food sucked. Who am I to discount the work and thought she put into the meal? I could have made faces or talked about the Noodle Workers in Noodleonia who are being abused to put out more noodles - let's all look at the video on youtube - after the meal? Caarole and most of the rest of the cast DO NOT own one iota of common sense or manners. They are quick to judge - Isn't go
  4. And want people to be sniffing their buttholes as a way of introduction? It's the "DOG" in me, that is how I know all about that move.
  5. And when did that happen? I apologize if I gave the impression that I told anyone I like a dish when I hated it. Is it lying if you don't mention the fact that the food sucked?, ---- Or maybe I should have made faces and went on and on about something that put me off, like carole? Again, Bullshitting is telling tall tales and talking smack. Lying would be something like telling someone that they have a wonderful sense of humor, when in reality they are pretty bland and boring? Like beffy and scarehole, They are tons of funny, but if we were the butt of their
  6. My wife will cook a really good meal and then pick it apart..... "I didn't leave the veggies to cook long enough/I didn't put ------ into the dish/I was too bland." After about 50 meals, dissected that way, I told her to look for two things. If I don't clean my plate, It sucked If I go back for seconds, It didn't suck. -------- She make a chicken dim sum dish last night. I told her, Dim sum good food you cooked last night.
  7. No, there is a difference between "bullshitting" and honesty, truth and lying. Bullshitting is telling tall tales. Honesty is a virtue The truth will free you and Lying is anything from the mouth of the frankelstein monster.
  8. And you have a GOOD son. I was raised with a mom that told us what we were eating and if any noise was made about the meal, we were asked not to participate in the meal and to go to our rooms, I learned not to be too picky when I ate out, as a matter of fact, it pushed me to try other kinds of food/cuisine. --- My friend was Italian and when I went to his house before we went out on the town, his mom - Concetta - would start in with the, "sit down, eat, you are NOT leaving until you eat". "No, thank you, I just ate.....' "Whasdamatter? you doan like 'Talian?" Thre
  9. Wait a minute, You are innocent BEFORE you get a chance to get into court and prove you aren't as bad as the charges filed against you? I think the court of public opinion is just as flawed as the assholes that run it? ; )
  10. 100 Points for the Gordon Lightfoot parody, You have control of the board.
  11. LOLOL, Denial and then Acceptance. IT'S tough when you have to 'bury' a housewife you have known and loved.
  12. Thank you. It would have been TOO adult-like to make a statement like, "Lavender? I don't think I have ever tried it, I don't think I'd like it." Or instead of making a face - like those a two year old eating mashed peas or pulverized beef from a jar makes? ------ Basic food manners are simple, IF I invite, I will let you choose where we are going. IF you leave it to me? I hope that you will eat (or try to eat) what we went out for. IF you do not like it, I expect you NOT TO MAKE ME FEEL like an asshole, someone who is trying to poison you or make y
  13. Having manners, couth or the ability to choke down a little humility is beyond any of those chuckleheads. I can tell the planet is heading into times of better manners, etiquette and that people have halted making excuses for the lack of?
  14. Beauty is in the eye of the..... Wait a minute, I am going to gouge out my eyes with a melon baller........
  15. But probably thinks Russian Roulette is a casino game in A.C.? ----- IF I take someone out for a bite to eat (I am picking up the tab) I'll ask them what they want to do. I will save the 'new experiences' for someone I know I will have fun with. If we do go out to a new place/experience? I sure as shit hope my lunch date doesn't act like a three year old with an aversion to green beans, when we hit the Green Bean Café and Bistro. Food/meals are supposed to be a binding experience - Its kinda nice to sit down/order/sample food without someone making faces and commenting ab
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