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A Highly Subjective Ranking Of Animal Kingdom's Court In Order Of Hotness

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4 hours ago, sugarbaker design said:

1.  Craig (bod made for sin, swagger and long hair!)

Pretty and dim isn't usually my thing but between this show and Vikings he seems to have a thing for strong slightly crazy blondes with control issues so it just might work out for us:-)

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/tiny voice - I really like Craig a lot. He's kinda dumb and could definitely benefit from a few more showers and general hygiene, but I like what Ben Robson brings to the role, and he just made my heart hurt with his scene with Deran a few episodes back where he let Deran know that he knew Deran was in the closet, and it didn't matter to him what Deran was. J/Finn Cole just annoys the hell out of me. I also think Deran/Jake Weary is incredibly hot, and I've really enjoyed his portrayal. Baz/Speedman and Pope/Hatosy are fine, but not really working for me.

No one is more surprised about how I'm feeling because overly tattooed guys with long hair are generally not my jam. But there it is.

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2 hours ago, SeanBottai said:

I love you, but Patrick deserves a ranking on this list. xo

Both of us were at least a couple eps behind when we wrote these; wasn't clear he was going to recur. Otherwise we definitely would have included him!

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Dudes aren't usually my thing so my list consists of Smurf in number 1 J's teacher (whose name STILL escapes me) as #2.  She is more cute then hot but she has that save me, love me thing going for her.  #3 I guess I would pick  Deren something about him.... #4 is Craig  again the save me,  love me thing.  

Baz and J do nothing for me and Pope just freaks me out (and not in the good way)

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2 hours ago, Gabrielle Tracy said:

That article must've been written awhile back because I sure don't see Baz as an appealing father figure!  Although I can see that he seemed that way at first.

True, and yeah, the last 2-3 eps have not been good for that theory.

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I wholeheartedly agree with the top of the list. When I'd happily make out with someone without asking him to take off his werewolf prosthetics and fangs from his monster movie franchise first, that's pretty hard to beat. (OK, Rob Kazinsky could manage it, but not many others...)

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Obviously the ranking is this:

1. Baz. Scott Speedman has always been hot.

2. Craig. HOT HOT

3. Deran. Those eyes, seriously

4. Nicky's dad. Yes, I am old enough to remember C. Thomas Howell in his younger days. But now I think he is hot even as an older guy.

5. Pope - body not face.

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That dirty looking long hair does nothing for me!  And I do not mind long hair on men...but theirs seems dirty.  Scratch Deran and Craig...at least on this show.  Since  I am way too old for J, scratch him, too, though my attitude might be different if I were 17.  Every effort is being made here to make him seem young and boyish.  Forgetting about the roles they are playing, I Still rate Baz #1 and yes, Pope #2.

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