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Water Polo: That's Not A Horse...

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Well, it was either that or "Water Polo:  How Do They Keep the Horses from Drowning?"

Then again, your subtitle is appropriate, given that water polo is the most homoerotic sport in the universe.  In what other sport is it considered acceptable -- nay, even encouraged -- to manhandle your opponent's junk while simultaneously trying to tear his trunks off?

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As predicted here (in several other threads if not this one), the high levels of chlorine they had to put in the polo pool to solve the stupid algea problem has made the water polo players totally unable to see.

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I find Water Polo the worst viewing experience of the obscure Olympic team sports. It's just get the ball, swim to the other side. Tread water in an amorphous blob. Pass it around. Eventually someone shoots. No one cuts, there are no "plays" that I can discern. It's just that.

My rankings:

  1. Team Handball (Fast paced mashup of various other recognizable sports)
  2. Field Hockey (Obscure rules I don't comprehend, but interesting action)
  3. Rugby (Hard hitting. I kind of wish it was the wackier Aussie Rules Football.)
  4. Volleyball (I like the strategy of the indoor version, but man is it repetitive.)
  5. Water Polo (Way below the other four. A chore to watch, though they're certainly athletes.)

Didn't include Basketball, Soccer, or Baseball since those aren't obscure to most Americans and people have their opinions on those already.

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