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S04.E13: Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again

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Just finished binge watching last night (late to the party), but wanted to toss my random thoughts around.

I liked season 1 & 2, thought season 3 dragged a bit, but this last season was very intense.  Even though some of it was hard to watch, I really like 'real' feeling shows, because they challenge my thoughts and feelings.    

The final scenes were very powerful.  I like the fact Daya ended up grabbing the gun.   Loved the sweeping shot of her holding the gun; while showing the different gangs of inmates in the hallways surrounding the guards and Judy King.    Really cool camera work, cinematography (or whatever the term is)

WOW, Piscatella is one scary horrendous monster.  If I were an inmate I'd be screaming daily, for O'Neil & whatshername to come back along with Bennett. 

 I wasn't a huge Poussey fan but I certainly liked her (who wouldn't ?)  and her death was heartbreaking.  

I LOVE RED.  My favorite by far.  From her passion for gardening and cooking; to her caring for her "daughters."  LOVE HER.   

Oh.  Wanted to give a shout out to Lorna.  I don't care how crazy she is; I will love her forever for what she did for Rosa.  Don't fear the Reaper, indeed. 

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Coming very late to the party here (probably won't even be seen), but after seeing a few episodes of Season 5, I believe it's safe to say it has not only jumped the shark, but done a double-twisting Yurchenko vault :(


But as for the "current" (in this thread) episode--I agree with all that Poussey was the character we were meant to love, and I can just see the writers coming up with her surprise death, by a likeable guard no less, as a "HAHAHA, they'll never see THAT coming!" moment. And they were right :(  No resolution would really satisfy us (though Season 5 has just gone into the trash can as far as logic and story consistency).


My thoughts on some questions brought up along the way:

As several have pointed out, yes, Poussey's night in Brooklyn really DID happen--it was the photo that served as a "portal" to it for us. (Side note, does anybody know if that cool club she went to actually exists?? I LOVE the screens giving instructions on what everyone is to do, what a way to get the crowd engaged!). I am undecided as to whether the end was actually where she got arrested or not, since dialogue evidence is inconsistent about what exactly she was in for and the circumstances. I have a hard time believing she had a huge "stash" with her right at that moment, so I choose to believe that this was literally just a flashback of a happy time, before her life took a turn (but not IMMEDIATELY before). Seems like in the telling of her arrest, the fact that those other guys were all there with her smoking would have come up. I think it was just giving us a fantasy night but also anchoring it on an actual photo to show that it really happened. I wouldn't be surprised if the video had been enhanced (brighter colors, etc) during that montage just to accentuate the "WOW" factor--and it worked. I saw the scene about a month ago and still think back on it and mean to watch it again.

RE: Was Judy King serious about helping Poussey later? I tend to think No. We saw what a manipulator she is and how ultimately everything she does is for her own benefit. I saw it as the equivalent of a woman giving a man a fake phone number saying "Please call me, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!" as a way to get rid of him without having to say No or face resistance; Passive-aggressiveness is a forte of people like Judy and I didn't really get the impression that she really cared that much for Poussey, nor would she want a reminder of her "prison stint" in her workforce--especially after the kiss, she might become celebrity gossip for "hiring her black girlfriend". It's not as if Poussey could do anything about the deception one way or another after she got out, and I suspect Judy is the type who forgets people the minute they are no longer useful to her. Anyway--good on them to give us thee questions and leave them open-ended, I guess! But I did find the ending with Poussey unsatisfying and unresolved.

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I'm totally brand new to this show as well gals, and this last episode totally gutted me. I am going to have to wait a while to binge watch season 5 and 6. Damn, this show is so gross, but sooooooooo good. By the Bye, I hate Piper too! Adore Red!

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