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S19.E09: Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Jodie Foster, Greg Davies, Tom Daley, Sir Elton John

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The guests on Graham's sofa are Hollywood stars Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, together in detective comedy the The Nice Guys; double Oscar winner Jodie Foster, promoting her directorial feature, Money Monster; comedian Greg Davies, in a new series of Man Down; and British diving star Tom Daley, preparing for the Rio Olympics. With music from Bright Light Bright Light with Sir Elton John, performing All In The Name.

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Greg Davies is a great guest on this show and other UK shows. I loved his stories here. I laughed even harder on the second watch knowing the many punchlines and watching Ryan Gosling cry with laughter.

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"Stella McCartney designed [the swimwear], but she apparently ran out of material and interest." Bwahahahaha!

Good couch all around. And I love how delighted Crowe is to flip the chair.

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I watched until Tom Daley started trying to answer Graham's question about "what if things change" while wearing the swimwear, at which point my sympathetic embarrassment anxiety response went into overdrive and I had to turn it off.  However, prior to that it was a great couch.

Although I can see how it might be considered creepy, I kind of loved Russell mocking himself as a "father figure" to Ryan's fans.  I particularly loved that they managed to make "a fecal Jackson Pollack" a running gag for the episode.  Graham and Greg really seem like friends -- when they were discussing the BBC party and the "disability lady" it was both awkward and really cute.  I mean, Graham is chummy with many guests but he and Greg really bounced off each other nicely.

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Oh, that was a fun group. Daley was out of his depth, but the rest just bounced marvelously off each other and everyone was really engaged in the conversation. It made me wish Jodie Foster did talk shows more, she was great.

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That was a great show. So funny. I loved seeing the rapport betw Gosling and Crowe. Davies was hysterical. The was cringing watching the clip from his show, but it was cracking me up too. Although I haven't heard good things about Money Monster, I might end up seeing it (but not in a theater). The Nice Guys looks fantastic.

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It really is. I was already going to see it based on previews, but this show convinced me to give Money Monster a watch since Foster appears to have something of consequence to say about the economy in it.

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