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S06.E02: #AbortionRules

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And yet now she's behaving as though it's a huge, terrible burden that she's always resented, to the point where she says those things to her little sister's face.


I'm sure Fiona is conflicted about her responsibilities, but she stepped up to the plate just to make sure her siblings didn't wind up in foster care, not because she prides herself on being a parental figure. She certainly never "brags" about raising them, which is the statement from Debbie she was countering when she said it was forced on her. That's not to say she wouldn't still volunteer to be their legal guardian under the same circumstances, but it's far from ideal for her own life. 


Debbie's just being an idiot here. Fiona has never "bragged" about raising her siblings in all the six seasons this show has been on the air. She sees it as her lot in life and does love them but it should be a cautionary tale for someone like Debbie, not something to aspire to. Geez anyone with half a brain should be able to see that, Debbie,

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Fiona is most definitely conflicted about her responsibilities. When she took them on her life was on an upswing. She had JimmySteve. She had Lip. Ian hadn't self destructed. Carl and Debbie hadn't self destructed. She...hadn't self destructed.

Everything fell apart so quickly for her. Lip is essentially gone. Ian had a mental break. Debbie and Carl who always had borderline personalities are being their worst selves. Fiona's has just settled from a downward spiral in her own life. She had a good job at one point now she is working minimum wage.

It's easy to blame Fiona and say she chose this but what were her options really? Let her family disintegrate in the foster system. What would have happened to Ian, Carl and Debbie then?

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who is drug testing her? Doesn't Sean own the diner? If not, who does and when did they find out Sean made her assistant manager? Wouldn't they know Sean is a recovering drug addict and require mandatory testing for him too?


Sean said it was for insurance, given that she was now in a cash handing position. When I moved up in the company I work for I had to have a full physical, including a urine sample for insurance. The physical was only when I was put under the company policy, it was a one time thing, so Sean might not require any testing past the first physical.

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Sean did make a comment when the drug testing lady arrived that he had to get out of there, in case she wanted to test him too and this was right after he told Fiona he did the heroin, so, I guess there's always a chance he could be tested if he's around when the nurse is there?

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There was way too much Debbie in this episode for my tastes, but at this point I'm more frustrated with Derek (if that's how you spell his name) and/or his parents, because they should have let (or made) Derek talk to Debbie and tell her he didn't want this baby, or to get married, etc. As it is, they're letting her continue on in this delusion that she and Derek are being kept apart like Romeo and Juliet or something.

Debbie's boyfriend being sent away reminded me of one of the two girls who were pregnant in high school (who kept the babies and who I knew). Poor girl had weak knees and was on permanent crutches, and the guy had been her boyfriend for years, but when she became pregnant, his parents immediately sent him to some relative out of state.

The other girl married her boyfriend, they lived in a trailer and he was beating her (this was decades ago -- I think she got out and her parents helped her raise the child.)

Also, I remember in the pilot, Fiona went to the stadium to work the snack bar, and two guys were talking about banging her, and one said he'd need double condoms because "Southside girls keep their babies." Reminded me of Debbie -- why didn't Fiona ever drill into her head how stupid it would be for her to get pregnant? Parenting fail!

Oh, young love!

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