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S02.E04: Rule #605: You Can Go Home Again

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Abby and Jake decide to define their relationship by spending a weekend at home without work, friends, and the kids. Phoebe reconnects with friends from her modeling days when she is offered a new campaign. Delia and fiancé Gordon go house hunting, but discover that they both want different things. Jo's daughter returns home after a visit with her father and new wife.


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I actually liked both Jake and Abby during this.  But I could've warned them: Don't cram it all into one weekend, because OF COURSE, it'll blow up in your face.  

*grumbles*  "Divorce" is in the title so naturally they can't have a healthy reunion until, who knows, the last show of the series.


Julia! I thought of you last night & that post of yours re: Jo that I reposted in an ep thread.  Jo got her reality slap, though I couldn't read the texts from her daughter to the stepmom.  I was screaming at the TV during her celebration of what she presumed was her daughter's antipathy towards the New Wife.  Unbelievable.

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The best episode I've seen. The decision to end it seemed realistic and not forced. Really great acting and dialogue.

Agree. I actually cried at the end. I hope they continue to be on good terms for the sake of the kids. And the kid in me whose parents divorced when I was three hopes eventually they will get back for good and in a healthy way. On another Note, I forgot her name because my brain rejects her, but the bakery owner friend, she can just move out of town now. She is SO annoying. I wish JG never left.

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Now I want to see more of the Phoebe-model-friends angle. Well, they're not really friends. But it's interesting how the storyline keeps Phoebe drifting from project to project and revelation to revelation. Maybe she should be the writer instead of (or in spite of) Abby; her piece in the school paper could be the start.

Jake=monkey ragefest was painful even though I meanly agreed with the assessment because Jake and Abby are such a mismatch. But then the "We are just these people together" was worse. :( But yes, packing everything into one weekend and thinking that's the pivot point? Eesh.

And however mismatched Delia and Gordon are, Gord continues to impress with his wiles.

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I had never watched this show before, so I might be missing some context, but I thought the fight that started during the "dryer vent repair" was so idiotic, and the two of them lack even basic communication and negotiation skills, it just seemed like watching couple of petulant toddlers on the playground banging each other's heads in over who gets the swing or something. They should go to couples counseling because I fail to see how either of them could be successful in any relationship, if they are both so reactive and immature.


I tuned in because I like Retta and I heard she was on this show. Does she appear often? I was disappointed that she wasn't in this episode, since it was the first one I randomly sampled and that's why I did it.


I will say that I liked Lisa Edelstein as an actor a lot more here than I liked her in House, which was a surprise.

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