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  1. CaliCheeseSucks

    S07.E03: Pledge

    None of what they're doing with Jonah makes sense. It doesn't make sense he's running for President, it certainly doesn't make sense anyone who wasn't a bottom-dwelling desperado would go work for him, and turning him into an endless geyser of horrific vile insults doesn't make a lick of sense. As I said last week, in the Iannucci Era, the insults were part of a larger story being told; with Jonah, insults *are* the story. It's as if David Mandel thought it was enough to channel every terrible thing Trump has done/said through Jonah and have that suffice as an excuse to keep him around. But the context for why Trump 'got away with it' isn't at play with Jonah's character, and someone like that could *never* get away with it. Insults are not plot. I did like Richard and Selina's outburst at Catherine but a few good lines does not a good episode make.
  2. CaliCheeseSucks

    S07.E03: Pledge

    That was... not good.
  3. CaliCheeseSucks

    S05.E14: Life Is a Cabaret

    Definitely, something was missing in that spot. As soon as Stevie started crying at the front desk, I expected a 'Maybe This Time' moment - but it still did not disappoint. An outstanding season finale. It's a shame that the Television Academy fails to recognize the show, because that Best Actress In A Comedy Series trophy belongs in Catherine O'Hara's hands this year. Even Roland was amusing in this episode - that line about Jocelyn planning a funeral for under a hundred bucks gave me a good laugh.
  4. CaliCheeseSucks

    S07.E02: Discovery Weekend

    Holy cow, the creative collapse of this show is unreal. There's barely any plot anymore, just excuses for endless insults (whereas the insults used to be part of overriding storylines, and thus more satisfying). Everyone has been Congressman Furlong'd. None of the pacing of the plot points in the first two episodes makes a lick of sense and everyone - everyone - acts 100% stupider than they did in the Iannucci Era. Thank goodness there's only five more episodes. It's just cringeworthy-awful.
  5. In fairness to the point she very poorly tried to make... Of course, party and campaign loyalists are rewarded in every Administration. That is generally the rule, not the exception and it's not a Democratic/Republican thing. It's how D.C. works. What she failed to clarify, though, was to Bill's point: Never before has an Administration so front-loaded appointments, top to bottom, not just with loyalists but either: A) Utterly unqualified stooges who have no business running a dog walking business, never mind a major government bureaucracy/department, or B) Utterly compromised individuals who represent the industries/areas that are supposed to be under the oversight of said bureaucracy/department and instead, once installed, dismantle or gut said bureaucracy/department's mission statement with regard to those industries/areas.
  6. Enjoyed the interview with Julián Castro, though I parted ways with his take on Biden. My blood pressure absolutely went through the roof when Bill minimized Brett Kavanaugh's behavior as just "drunken teen stuff" (not his exact words but pretty much his exact sentiment). What in the hell? I wish they would revisit the two-person panels that were being experimented with last year. Last night would have been an excellent time to deploy it again and leave Danielle Pletka out of it.
  7. CaliCheeseSucks

    S05.E13: The Hike

    I expected the proposal as soon as Patrick parked by the side of the road but it was still very well done. There was an extra in the background of the hospital seen that, at least from a distance, looked like it was Amir and I kept expecting there to be some reveal with that (but am glad it wasn't). Always nice to see Twyla get a little more screentime.
  8. CaliCheeseSucks

    I'm Sorry

    I think it changes the point significantly. The difference between two weeks notice from renewal to production start time and a year is significant. Plus, you can flip the argument on its head: Most shows *find* their voice once they're past the awkward 'setting up' season and have enough episodes under their belts to know what (and who) works and what (and who) isn't working. Savage certainly had more time to prepare for season two of I'm Sorry than, say, Dan Harmon with Community, Michael Schur of Parks & Recreation and The Office or Tina Fey & 30 Rock. There's a long list of shows - including those previously mentioned, though many more beyond that - whose second seasons are considered at or near perfect after wobbly starts. In fact, Schur has rather famously said that (not the exact quote) after the first six episodes of a show are done, the real first season should start, because it takes about six episodes to really know how the show is going. I just don't buy that Savage had a sophomore slump or she was too pressed for time. What we saw this season is what she has when she does in fact have a very long lead time from renewal to shooting. In my opinion, it just wasn't very good.
  9. CaliCheeseSucks

    I'm Sorry

    That's a bit off - TruTV announced it was renewed in August 2017. Filming on season two began... oof, it wasn't until mid or late summer 2018. Can't remember when I started seeing her Tweets about it. But it was in the ballpark of a full year between renewal and production of season two.
  10. It was a surprisingly lethargic show, given all the news of the week and the breaking news of the day.
  11. Can't say I was familiar with Irshad Manji before (IMDB says she was last on in 2011) but I found her interesting and insightful.
  12. CaliCheeseSucks

    Documentary Now!

    According to the AV Club, 'Searching For Mr. Larson' was held over from last season, thus explaining Hader's writing credit during this season.
  13. CaliCheeseSucks

    Good Girls

    I was wondering if I had missed something between Ruby's asking her daughter about the dump and the girls ending up at a dumpster. What was the point of setting up the daughter's recitation of information about the dump only to, well, dump it for no reason? The showrunning is absolutely awful. It's as if no one is paying attention to the mess coming out of the writers room and demanding some quality control.
  14. CaliCheeseSucks

    Good Girls

    My eyes rolled right out of my head during that scene. Yeah, no. His lawyer is not taking a gang-banger client to her private club as her guest. It would be interesting to see Manny Montana in a role where he his being irresistibly charismatic and attractive to the opposite sex was believable. As a drug dealing killer? I'm not buying it. It's not the actor, it's absolutely the character. He's a horrible person.
  15. CaliCheeseSucks

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    Hae's diary was included with appeal filings, so it is a public record.