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RW: Ex-plosion (2014)

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This has been a better season than I expected, and I'm sorry to see it wrapping up so soon.

With the latest episode, I wasn't impressed with Cory and his pushing Brian's buttons after the club. Through the first half the drunken conversation, Brian was being jovial and friendly with Cory, and Cory took it a whole other level. Everyone knows that Brian is hurting about losing Jenny, so that Cory continues to shove it in Brian's face that Cory's slept with Jenny... it's rude.  I kind of hate him. 

And Tom? Hate Tom. He can hop on Jamie's back, and she can flap her elephant ears off this show. All of the OG roommates are so protective of one another and, I can understand that, but they all take it too far. Where did Tom get off storming out of the room to berate Brian for arguing with Jenny, when Tom and Hailey were screaming at one another only a couple of weeks ago? 

Still feel terrible for Jenna. 

Still dislike Arielle. Her and her GF are boooooooo-ringggg. 

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Agree 100% and I'm glad to see someone else feels like I do about Arielle and her gf (name??). They seem nice and all but definitely boring and when they're onscreen I get impatient. Can't wait for the cameras to get back to the others. Especially Brian, because my heart goes out to him on a lot of levels. And he's also very easy on my middle-aged eyes.

Cory is nice to look at too but man, he needs to knock his ego down a few notches. Liked him at first but no longer. Team Brian!

Tom and Jamie? Just no.

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Boring in this context means not being assholes like the other cast members.

Yeah not as entertaining to watch but probably not as difficult to being around.

Brian "I'm a deep dude" is a laugh riot, probably unintentionally so.

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I'm pretty sure we're not going to see Arielle and Ashley after the season ends. They're too normal for any Challenges. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast is a hot, unattractive mess. I'd say anything would be an improvement, but BMP are experts at finding the bottom of the barrel.

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Such an odd season. I liked it, but it never felt like The Real World

I felt bad for Brian. Perhaps he brought most of the shit on himself, but he took a lot of flack from everyone -- Cory, Jenny, Tom, etc. Was he dumb as rocks? Sure. Did he probably have some of it coming? Of course. But he never could catch a break, even when he wasn't in someone's face. My heart went out to him.

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I feel about Brian kinda the way Jenny said she felt when he was doing Olympic tumbling all over the furniture. (I fucking LOVED when he somersaulted into the luggage rack and just sort of owned it.) It's just embarrassing for him. But I get the feeling he was one of the bigger camera hoes in there, anyway, so I don't feel too bad. I'd like to see him on Challenge shows, but not if it's going to just be more relationship drama with Jenny. I got tired of all that with CT and Sad Cancer Girl years ago. I still like Brian more than all the houseguests this season, except for Arielle and Ashley. Those ladies both came off like interesting, likable people, and I envy their relationship. I'd definitely like to see more of them on Challenges. I bet Arielle is super-athletic/competitive.

But yeah, crazy season was actually crazy-good, IMO. Or, crazy-better than the crazy-shitty ones they usually show.

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Brian provided a lot of entertainment with the things he said.  Funny, probably not intentionally so.

The OGs weren't going to cut him a break.

"I'm a deep dude …"

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I feel for Brian, he's in a lot of pain, and yet he tried to keep it together and tried to remain calm and above it despite constantly being ostracized and picked on by the group. Last night he got drunk and it came out, which was not pleasant, I admit. Still I feel for him and I think the rest of the guys behaved a lot worse with far less provocation. I hope brian gets what he needed out of this experience, whether that means jenny, or another girl, or a life in reality tv, or peace of mind, whatever he is looking for I hope he found it.

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I pegged Cory as a big ol' douche at the beginning of the season, and at least he was consistent. I think Cory has the ability to be a good guy (when sober, I think Cory liked hanging out with Brian and wanted to look out for him), but after an evening of drinking, Cory was horrible. Not to mention the fact that he treated his pregnant ex-girlfriend with not an ounce of understanding or respect. 

I loved The Shit They Should've Shown, mostly for Jenna's segment focusing on her only eating chicken nuggets. At one point, Jamie was like, "You and those chicken nuggets," and Jenna, bless her heart, responded in the most sad, guilty way possible with, "...I know." It was cute. She may have the personality of a gnat (or, she wasn't interesting enough for the producers to focus on), but at that moment, I decided I loved her. And she's from Long Island, so she automatically gets some love from me.

Tom and Jamie? Won't miss them. 

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Watched through this over the weekend.  I haven't watched any RW since the season Frankie (2 punk rock 4 u) was on, and that was a one off after not watching for years.  Arielle seemed like a throwback to how the show started, when it didn't have a script of party every night, fight about it after.  I couldn't help thinking that Jamie and Tom were supposed to be Pam and Judd 2.0, the hero couple of the house, even though it sounds like they were a lot nastier than was shown.


The ex twist seemed a little disappointing.  I watched this because I caught a few episodes of Ex on the Beach - an MTV UK show that used a similar premise, but instead of dumping all the exes into the house in one shot, they added a new one every few days, and the house never knew who would be next or when they'd get a new one.  They'd also add exes of the exes, not just exes of the original hm's.  I was hoping for a little more disagreement between the couples.  Instead it was more like "people you were kind of still dating when you came to the house."  On the other show it was a mix of couples who wanted to work it out and couples who hated each other with fiery passion (not passive aggressive passion like Tom), and once they came into the house, they didn't all pair back off with exes, there was still cross dating - Cory and Jenny would've stayed together, and when Jay and Jenna hit trouble, some of the other guys would've tried to pick her up.


It sounds like a RW true to the original format wouldn't hold anyone's attention anymore, but I do wish they'd done more to break away from the drink, fight, screw cycle.

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I think I'm the only person who loved Tom and Jamie. I think Tom is hot, and Jamie is cute and they just work somehow despite being very different.  I hope they succeed as a couple. 


Brian is the most unintentionally hilarious person to ever be on television. When he was trying to be deep and speak with "big" words and Jenny just looked at him like "Wtf?" Comedy gold. 

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I just started watching the Real World again after a hiatus of what ... 20 years or something?  I think the last one I ever watched had Genesis on it.

I'm a huge Challenge fan, so I started with this season because it marked the debut of Ashley/Smashley Mitchell, who, though lasting a mere four episodes, did not disappoint (she never does).   This was also the first appearances of Corey "It Was Pasta!" Wharton, Tom, Jenna and Jay.   I've never warmed up to Corey but I had to laugh at those scenes where he's trying to be the badass boyfriend talking about how he's gonna get up in Brian's face if he has to -- while wearing a lei of plastic flowers.

Hate Jay.   He goes around like he's some swinging dick talking about VIP rooms and having to fight off girls ... conveniently ignoring the likelihood that if he's attracting barflies it's only because a film crew is following him around.   It kinda makes me vomit a little that he ever got within two feet of Jenna.   I found myself wondering how low was Jenna's self esteem back then ... but today she's with Zach, so ...

Brian is hilarious.   That moment when Jenny says "I love you" and two perfectly perched teardrops fall from his lashes was comic melodrama worthy of Joey Tribbiani.   He reminds me of Joey in many ways, like he's endearingly stupid and doesn't realize it.


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On 4/1/2022 at 12:39 PM, millennium said:

Hate Jay.   He goes around like he's some swinging dick talking about VIP rooms and having to fight off girls ... conveniently ignoring the likelihood that if he's attracting barflies it's only because a film crew is following him around.   It kinda makes me vomit a little that he ever got within two feet of Jenna.   I found myself wondering how low was Jenna's self esteem back then ...

Just started watching this. I saw Jay/Jenna on one of the challenges so I was aware of their backstory. I cannot fathom how Jay was such a Casanova and it seems like every other man to meet him on the show has the same question. That said, Jenna did date him before the cameras were on him so he must bring something to the table.

I did laugh so hard when Jay is lecturing Jamie on not starting drama (and Ashley is obnoxious but it really was none of Jamie's business who Ashley was dating/fucking and she was trying to start shit on their first night), while Jenny is loudly blowing her nose in the next room, and Jay keeps getting distracted. Finally he yells, you're killing my flow!

Something about Thomas is just so ew. Sorry ladies, I have high standards, in response to who he finds attractive in the house? Gross and unnecessary.

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