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  1. She would understand for sure, but we have such limited tIme together and I just can’t sit and watch tv, it would make me feel badly! lol imagine what your BIL would think of you (and all of us) if he had seen a zingbot episode i agree, tonight should be exciting, I hate to have to wait till tmw, the season has been so boring and predictable and finally tonight we don’t know what to expect! Any of the three scenarios will be fun in different ways
  2. Which one of you will please volunteer to tell my sister that although I love, cherish and adore her (I really do!) tonight is not the night to come visit and sleep over. She doesn’t watch BB she’s more of a survivor and project runway fan… I can’t just ignore her for two hours (can I?) I don’t see her enough, even though she’s only 1.5 hours away, but busy lives, and covid, it’s just been more difficult to get together. But tonight is literally the night we wait 3 months for…. But I’m excited, can’t wait for tomorrow to see what happened and what you guys have to say!
  3. I never bought into the thought that X was an amazing player, and I didn’t like his arrogance, then I liked him when Ky made those horrible comments when evicted; X held his temper but took no shit, and now I don’t like him again because he’s so clearly playing Azah. I mean I do believe you do what you have to do to win, as long as it’s legal, but playing on the emotions of a woman who told you like week 1 that she had a crush on you just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. These people will be seeing each other for years at BB events and many become friends. He should not toy with her because
  4. I’m nominating this entire post for the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting. But also for Comedy. This was great
  5. Thank you! how funny that he did not think that through. Why say you’re a bartender when that is so easily disproved? I agree, they would assume Joe Frazier’s son is rich, although we have heard that Derek and mom are decidedly not, and that he is like Joe’s 10th child with five women or something like that. Not judging whatsoever, just saying that the money is spread thinner.I know when they announced the cast and said he’s the son of Joe Frazier I assumed he was rich too, but Derek talks about winning the money the way I would, like it would make a difference in his life… I wond
  6. Thank you, very interesting…. And that’s a good point, if X seems like someone more mysterious with a high level clearance type of career and then he turns out just to be another lawyer! Nothing at all against lawyers, and I’m related to many, but it’s just so common now
  7. Hi live watchers, I don’t watch them but I’m grateful for this board and those of you who fill us in. I have a question that maybe you guys would have the answer to. I wonder if the others have found out yet that DerekF is the son of Joe Frazier? Or that X is an attorney? I haven’t seen any mention of these on the episodes but wonder if they mentioned it on the live feeds. That might affect the votes, which of course is why people start off with secrets. And sometimes spill on their own (my SISTER is Ariana GRANDE!)
  8. Girl this needed some kind of Not Safe For Breakfast tag. Maybe by tomorrow I’ll be able to eat again bc after looking at this I am done for today not only should he not win but he should be removed by the health officials and sent packing immediately
  9. Well until his wife refused to allow it, out of her greater medical knowledge than that of the hospital neurosurgeons. Although how she managed to be at the hospital when she wasn’t “allowed” to arrive at the scene of the burglary, because divorce and mean Tom and rules and stuff
  10. Boy, If I ever murder someone I hope you’re on my jury!
  11. I don’t watch the feeds I just read this board. I’m so upset to hear this! I felt bad for Claire for being a victim due to circumstances she has no control over, which is having lighter skin. Exactly how I felt when the darker skinned people were picked off one by one that season “in camp”. Thoroughly disgusting. I get why the CO was formed and the horrible unfairness that led them to do it. I still felt bad for the others as human beings. But Claire being so understanding and gracious about it shows her true human kindness. She never had a chance at the money, she just found that out,
  12. A tale as old as time…..with a BB twist
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