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  1. Yeah, the chain gang, that is. And I can’t wait to see it!
  2. I see there are two opposite lines of thought here, and while I know jail cannot be fun, and I feel for you who have been there, I definitely don’t think what is happening now is OK. First of all my great-nieces dad was in prison for a few months and it’s devastating to the family members, who are innocent kids but pay a huge price for the misdeeds of their parents. So I feel that personally. Secondly, yes maybe some crimes are settled somehow just by the criminal serving time. But tell me how the electricians and contractors and landscapers who were never paid by Teresa and Joe are good
  3. I have no idea how sexual Tre is. What I remember, is her bragging that sexy times with Joe included her laying face down with her head hanging off the bed so her hair wasn’t rumpled. Sounds rather drab. I wish I could go back in time and not have read this, now I can picture them, ewww
  4. Don’t anybody tell me dreams can’t come true! Mine sure did
  5. Please don’t put that out into the universe. The only acceptable result is for them to be dead last.
  6. Hey @peachmangosteen I thought you love Kaycee bc she beat Tyler and anyone who was on those BB20 boards (like me) remembers how you felt about him lol
  7. To me, it seems she tries too hard to be cute for the cameras. In audition she was all about her nickname being MooMoo, while Katy sat there in a cow-print dress. Then they point out that she's from Arkansas and she says, yep she's Arkansassy . She was over the Top in her Duets segment with DeShawn. AND she has worn pink for every single performance. Everything she does is very calculated, as is every single curl on her head. I agree, it feels to me like she was put together by some marketing group, crafted to be the perfect idol contestant, one that can win the show and also be a bi
  8. I totally agree but can we add in SONS? I’m kind of an old lady at this point, but I definitely do enjoy looking at Frank Jr. on my screen!
  9. It’s appalling to me that single parents should ever have been seen as damaged goods or felt shame for the difficult situation they found themselves in. Years ago as I child I remember reading somewhere that single working mothers are the number one most stressed group of people. As I’ve grown I’ve seen it, it’s very true, the pressures on them are enormous. And yes, women more than men, because it’s just easier in life to be a man, and the money is generally better, and single dads are viewed as somewhat heroic whereas single moms are not. Thankfully as you said the sense of shame is gone.
  10. CT never listens to me. I was shouting at the TV last week for him to pick Kaycee. Kam may or may not be great, we still don’t know, but she is rooting for Leroy to win and not putting forth her best effort. Kaycee wants to win. She may like having Leroy as a partner but if she were partnered last night with CT she still would have been at his level trying 100% to win. Meanwhile Kam is refusing to eat and shouting out the math answers to Leroy.
  11. The thing is josh really truly believes he is a champ. I watch Big Brother and what happened is he was carried along to the end in the same way, as a complete layup, by the guy Paul who pretty much ran the game the whole season. (Think Bananas but without the charm) Paul played a far better game than josh but he was a mean and nasty jerk all season, plus he was handed several big breaks by production. It was expected Paul would win unanimously but in the end the hatred for Paul overrode the castmates’ emotions and josh won 5-4. He reacted in the most josh way possible and it’s hilarious.
  12. And don’t forget Jackie also has big “family money”. Whereas Teresa pretends it doesn’t bother her that the father of her four daughters sells sex toys for a living because her dear father would have approved of it bc “if you can make money then you should make money”
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