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S02.E16: The Wednesday Incident

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Wasn't the sex tape name just implying that Santiago is frigid?  I can see why she put her foot down, but why is that so incredibly risque?


Jake talking about Amy's box is a bit on the nose for the show, I think. It was less the cool air bit, more the fact that Jake openly referred to Amy's vagina.

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I really like Gina in general, but I loved how important it was that Kevin liked her and how upset she got when he went back to calling her Linetti. There was also a line that she's built relationships with all of the other Captains' assistants. It shows that her job is important to her.


Perhaps I misinterpreted her motivations but I was under the impression that the assistants' circle was less about friendships and more about a tight circle of gossips; they cultivate the 'relationships' in order to be kept in the loop on the latest dirt/scoop happening at the various precincts. Knowledge is power, and all that...

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I love Kevin. I love all the characters and how funny and cartoonish they can be, but I also appreciate a character like Kevin who feels remarkably realistic and grounded in comparison. Loved how much Gina cared that he liked her. Kevin and Holt's relationship is also really great - rare to see such a mature partnership in a sitcom (while still managing to be funny!).

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This episode was fantastic. I loved the girls falling for the old mans routine(it was nice seeing Garry Marshall). Terry dancing and destroying the sliver guy outside. Jake and Gina work well together. The line of the night: "I was lightly stabbed". Man Andre Braugher just keeps bringing it each episode. 

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And what a breakfast!  A glass of luke warm water and a hard boiled egg yolk.

Hope he tipped big.



Ha ha I love the running gag of Holt's ongoing desire for the blandest, most unappealing foods imaginable!

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The part that made me laugh the most is when Jake said he would write a song about himself and he ended the song with "sha la la la".  I'm assuming that was a reference to the theme song from Family Ties.

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What is the difference between a trinket and a knick knack? Scully and Hitchcock must stay. They make me giggle. Gina and Kevin must have good relationship. And Gina must be fairly normal if Kevin was pleased to see her at the door. I need to go buy a ball of bands.

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