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  1. The only thing that would make this Theresa/Brady/Eve triangle interesting to me is if Brady actually stuck it out with Eve and choose her over Theresa because any other scenario would be painfully obvious. Otherwise, we will have to suffer through months of Brady trying to "struggle" with his feelings for Theresa, the two sisters becoming enemies and Brady ultimately ending up dropping Eve like a hot potato for Theresa. It's hard to get invested when the outcome is telegraphed from a mile away. Rarely does the ex coming back to town right as their former love is moving on result in that said love staying with their current partner. The only other viable outcome is if Theresa and Eve both realize that family is more important than any man and they both leave...lol I can't even finish that sentence. Who I am kidding? That would never happen.
  2. Eve has good reason to not trust Brady, but her insistence that he's still conning her despite all the evidence in the world being thrown in her face was getting on my nerves. Literally all of her complaints were shot down by Marlena and Claire and she was still going on and on. It started to become comical...Eve "well, you were drunk"...Marlena walks in "uh, no he wasn't. I have the test results right here"... Eve "well, he cheated on the contest"...Claire walks in "actually, I did it on my own"...Eve "whatever, you're still a liar"...what?
  3. Today was my first exposure to Ben and Theresa. OMG, Ben is hot! His scenes with Abby had me more engaged than any of her interactions with Stefan or Chad thus far. As for Theresa...meh. I laughed at how she was worried about her kid for all of 5 seconds before she was all about Brady. Why are soap characters always shocked to find out that their ex moved on after they left? Granted, she'll have a reason to be pissed once she finds out Brady is banging her sister, but did she really expect him to be celibate for the rest of his life? So dumb.
  4. I like Chloe, but the actress is so low energy in all of her scenes no matter what the circumstances are. The voice over while Lucas was reading her "goodbye" letter to him...she might as well have been reading the phone book. There was no inflection in her words. As much as I hate to say it, I'm glad a certain someone is being pulled into this kidnapping story because I don't think it would be nearly as interesting if it all revolved around Chloe.
  5. I wonder with Days big Emmy wins tonight if TPTB are just going to double down now rather than make a move to change things up since they just received validation for every decision that was made in the past year.
  6. Mecca

    Parking Wars

    I'm sad that I don't have cable anymore. I miss watching this show so much! It taught me to never leave my vehicle registration in my car just in case it ever gets towed. The hell people had to routinely go through to get access to their car. There were so many great moments, this one isn't even near the best one, but I will always remember one episode where this woman was trying to get her car back and all her paperwork had her maiden name on it. I guess the vehicle was registered in her husbands name. The clerk gave her so much grief for not taking her husbands last name because god forbid a woman might want to keep her own last name. I always went back and forth on who was the bigger ass in the situation in each episode. Most of the time I sided with the clerks because I could not deal with all those crazies everyday.
  7. Thank you to you both for the days family tree information. Boy, that is some muddy gene pools. Yikes. Not the biggest fan of soaps feeling the need to have every character instantly tied to a well established character by blood instead of, you know, just integrating them properly on to the canvas. Yes, I'm talking about Stefan. Pretty soon everyone will have to take a DNA test before they can go out on their first date. Although, that never stopped, Guiding Light.
  8. I came back to this show recently after having quit back in 2000-2001ish (still debating if I want to stick around now)? As much as people complain about characters stating the obvious about their familial connections on this show, it really does help when you have no idea how certain people are related. Especially when you're too lazy to do a google search. I'm still trying to figure out who Claire, Ciara and Tripp are related to. I know that Claire has to be related to Belle (or Sami) since she called Brady her uncle, but how is Victor her great grandfather? I know that Tripp's dad is Steve. When did John get another son? Apparently, Julie is related to Eli. Who are his parents? I guess, I'll keep watching for now so this great mystery can eventually be solved because again...lazy. Speaking of Claire, I like her, but it seems like quite a few people don't? Granted, I don't know any of her history besides breaking up Hope and Rafe's wedding so maybe she murdered a homeless guy in the past. I don't know. She's extremely self centered, but I'd take that any day over Ciara's constant need for validation. The girl isn't ugly by any means, but she constantly needs Tripp to tell her how beautiful she is (inside and out, bleh). I hope Wyatt sticks around so he can scheme with Claire. I chuckled when Claire called Wyatt an idiot for using his birthday as a password and he seemed really offended by it. It's kinda nice coming back to the show when you don't know all the details. I like Brady and Eve together because I've never seen Theresa or from what I gather, anyone else from the long list of great loves of Brady's life except for Chloe. I can enjoy the DID story because I have no investment in Chad and Abby as a couple having missed their love story. I only want Will and Sonny together so that Paul (the only one I do like in this triangle) can find someone better than those two. I just like to watch everyone crash and burn. No one is acting out of character for me because I don't know how they should be acting in the first place. It's great!
  9. Mecca


    This is the dumbest nitpick to have, but I used to watch DuckTales as a kid and I remember Scrooge having a more pronounced Scottish accent. I miss it in this reboot. :(
  10. Mecca

    Outside Llanview- The Cast in Other Roles

    I was just catching up on the second season of the Canadian show "Private Eyes" a show about...private eyes (yes, the show's theme song is Hall & Oates) and around the 6th episode, Bree Williamson shows up as Jason Priestley's love interest.
  11. Mecca


    Oh, ok that makes a little more sense. For some reason, I thought Raquel's brother was also half demon and I was confused as to why he was so oblivious to it all.
  12. Mecca


    It was a little annoying that Amy had two men chasing after her while Raquel was reduced to constant jokes about needing a vibrator. Not to mention, her only relationship turned out to be with a demon who was using her to open a portal to hell. There are so many ways I could read into why the writers chose to portray it that way... Did they explain why Raquel's brother can't demons or why Raquel and Amy are able to see the demon's true form only some of the time? That was the only time that I felt he was more than just a sidekick. He was actually terrifying. His inclusion in the group never made any sense to me. After he saw Raquel's father's dead body at the ice rink, you'd think he would have ran for the nearest exit.
  13. Mecca

    Stan Against Evil

    I've been struggling to remember the name of this show because even the title is reminiscent of that other show. So far, I haven't seen much of a difference between the two shows expect for what is on the surface level, Stan being the ex-sheriff, having a daughter, a little less of a cocky attitude, etc. If Ash didn't exist, I think I may have appreciated Stan more. For now, I'm watching because I have loved John C. McGinley since his days on "Scrubs", but I think I'll need to see a few more episodes before I can be really invested in its campiness without constantly comparing the two.
  14. Mecca

    All My Children

    I feel the same way. I watched OLTL, GH, ATWT and GL as well as AMC. AMC was always my favorite. Once all those shows were cancelled (except for GH, I just gave up on that one of my own volition because I couldn't stand Sonny), I just haven't been interested in seeking out any of the remaining shows. I'm pretty sure they will all be gone within the next 10 years anyway which is really sad to think about. I liked the early 2000 especially since one of my favorite couples got together during that time, but the writing definitely took a tumble by the end of AMC's run. Even my favs weren't enough to keep me engaged by that point, but I think the show still had a lot of life left in it. It just needed better writing and a network that was still willing to put some effort into supporting the genre. It annoys me that some of the old episode clips are being taken down on youtube. There's over 50 years of history for some of these shows and the networks for some reason refuse to share or allow others to share. I really don't understand the logic behind it. If you aren't going to sell episodes to the fans or set up some way for us to access old content, stop taking down what the fans have put up!
  15. Mecca

    All My Children

    I went down an AMC rabbit hole last night on youtube (was up until 2am...really, what would we do without youtube to archive all this old stuff?!). I stumbled on to this old clip from the early 90's with Jack and Brooke. I vaguely remember Jack and Brooke hooking up in the early, maybe mid-2000s, but I didn't recall anything from the 90's. I was around 10 or 11 at the time and even though I watched AMC with my mom, it was mostly during the summer and not every day. Anyway, the clip just made me laugh because it showed Brooke and Jack on the couch talking. After a brief kiss, Brooke gives Jack the "eye". Then she stands up and kind of pats down her pants to flatten out the wrinkles (why was that necessary if she was just going to take them off soon anyway?) and then saunters over to the bedroom. It was so slow and just not sexy at all. The next scene, they are in bed post-sex. I'm assuming there wasn't any love scene or maybe the person who uploaded it decided to cut it out. I would post a link to the clip, but I'm at work. It was literally the funniest thing I've seen in awhile. It just made think of how different it was compared to the modern day soap love scene where they would be ripping their clothes off and humping right there on the couch while some top 40 love song played in the background. The Brooke and Jack stuff turned into me watching Brooke and Edmund which turned into me watching Brooke and Tad. I'd forgotten how charming and handsome Michael Knight was. Woah!