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Small Talk: Audrey's


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Here's your place for small talk and introductions!

If you (collectively) would like to change the name of the Small Talk thread jokey bit just figure it out amongst yourselves and then email david@previously.tv and he'll change it.

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Not a very talky group, it seems!  With Justified and Mad Men both ending this year, I'm in search of series to stream this summer.  I was planning to watch The Shield, but amazon.com just removed it from their Prime package.  Is it worth $18 to stream to watch each season of that show?  Other recommendations?

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I binged The Shield on Prime last year. I liked a lot about it, but after a while it was  Same, Same ,Same for me.  I felt like Michael Chiklis became very one note.  The creator of the show's Wife, plays his wife. and is an awful actress.  Chiklis' daughter plays his daughter, and she's painful to watch, too.

There is, of course the singular pleasure of seeing a pre-justified Walton Goggins, evolve throughout the show's run from a baby faced, goofy sidekick type, to a character who  will break your heart the last few seasons.  It's pretty great to see him "Pre-Boyd".

 I'm now trying to fill the void with Friday Night Lights, and  Mad Men, which  ( Escandalo!) I've never seen.

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I would definitely recommend the Shield! Great series and Walton Goggins is just SUPERB. I mean no surprise there, but I'd say anyone who is a fan of Justified would find The Shield very enjoyable. 

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I might start over from episode 6.1.  ;-)  I've already watched seasons 1 - 4 multiple times, and I don't particularly want to watch season 5 again.

Yes, that sounds like a plan.  I'm going to do the same but will definitely skip season 5.    

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We can start a Season Five Denier's Club, for those of us who like to pretend it never happened. 


Tonight, I will look down at my lonely remote control, and after a moment of silence, will weep.

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Because I already miss the show and am terribly sad it's over (and I only finished watching yesterday!), I am listening to Gangstagrass. I'm no fan of Hip-Hop or Rap (what exactly is the difference anyway?) and no fan of Bluegrass either but the combo is awesome!


Thank you, Justified, for introducing me to them.

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