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S16.E10: Michael Keaton, Jamie Oliver, Victoria Wood, Sir Ian McKellen, One Direction

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Graham is joined by Batman star Michael Keaton, Oscar-tipped for new film Birdman; top chef Jamie Oliver; comedy favourite Victoria Wood; Gandalf himself, Sir Ian McKellen; and pop sensations One Direction, chatting and performing their new single Night Changes.


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Michael Keaton was great. He told fun stories, and he listened and laughed at other people's stories and jokes. 


I don't know Victoria Wood. I wish someone else had been on the couch. Her new movie, The Day We Sang, looks good. I wonder if we'll get it here in the States.


Generally I don't care for Jamie Oliver, but I enjoyed something he was talking about. I can't remember what. 


BTW, do Jamie and Victoria have some kind of relationship? I don't mean romantic, but they said a couple of things that made me think they were good friends or worked together a lot.


Ian McKellan and One Direction. There's a weird combo. Some of the flirting was kind of cute, but I care zilch about One Direction, whereas McKellan is wonderful.

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Splitting the hour like that between guests is something I hope Graham doesn't make a habit of. I could have done without all the One Direction nonsense, though McKellen's T-shirt was adorable. I just don't care one whit about boy bands.


Michael Keaton has become really foxy. And in his glasses? Rowr.

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Graham was wearing a different sport coat when he introduced the performance, but went right back to the pink plaid when it was over. So, they probably filmed 1D "singing" some other day. Careful with your continuity, show! Not that it matters all that much, they're all interchangeable, both boy bands and G's loud blazers... 


I really did enjoy Sir Ian admitting he had no idea what was going on in the movies until he saw the finished product.

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I enjoyed Michael Keaton ... and I have to say, he has aged very well. :) 


I really found the second half of the show, with Ian McKellen anD One direction to be very fun.  Sir Ian is an absolute wonder, and seemed to genuinely be enjoying himself. And as someone who is decidedly not One Direction's target demographic (I'm twice their age, if not more) and had not ever seen them in an interview and would have only heard their music unintentionally... I have to say I found them to be quite adorable.  It was quite an odd pairing (Sir Ian and One Direction) on paper, but it worked.  I'm sure that's in part due to Graham's unique abilities to bring out the best in his guests (for the most part). 


(As I've already stated my general age range above, I have to say that I was quite startled at how closely Harry Styles resembled a young John Taylor from Duran Duran.  THAT was MY boy-band crush growing up! LOL) 

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Even with McKellan the backne blokes of One Direction have all the charm of five Channing Tatums.  Or a half hour of listening to a Richard Gere anecdote.


In a perfect world.  Or just one where the booking agent for the show knows how to actually do the job, it would have been McKellan and Keaton and Oliver on the couch.  I found Oliver's over twee Friend of Oprah so annoying as fuck but when he isn't bleating about all the poor little fat kids in the world* he can be fun and gracious.


*I am an advocate for healthy eating and I do think on some level he is sincere.  He is also a huge famewhore at times which takes charge.  UK version of freeing kiddies from bad food was fine; the US version was so exploitative and manipulative it ended up undermining the message almost completely.

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